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Avatar n tn Those are standard anti-depressents. However, I personally know about Aricept because I tried it for tardive dyskinesia and had a pretty poor response. My grandfather was prescribed Aricept for age related memory loss after a cardiovascular impairment. He couldn't tolerate it either. That doesn't mean at all its the wrong medication generally. Its just it has a fair amount of side effects for some people.
1289458 tn?1271976063 As a person with advanced tardive dystonia I would confirm that tardive dyskinesia although not reversible is treatable. You need to see a neurologist who is a movement disorders specialist. Recent studies have shown that vitamin e is of limited help. Known treatments include Bachlofen, Requip, Aricept and Mirapex. Botox injections are often used for specific focal dystonic spasms. More experimental treatments include tetrobenzine and Zofran.
Avatar m tn What he may have is tardive akathesia and tardive dystonia as well as other rare variants as I do. What helps for me is the medication Zofran, the Catapres application (though the first two might not be able to be taken together for some as they both lower blood pressure) and the natural remedy rhodiola (as identified in clinical studies). Tetrabenzene has been FDA approved but that can sometimes cause depression or temporary movement disorders. However, for some people it can effective.
Avatar f tn Actually I obtained very valuable information here as regards treatment for tardive dyskinesia. If you have tardive dyskinesia Zofran has been of help for me. Clonidine as well as the natural remedy rhodiola. Tetrabenzene which was FDA approved since that post of mine can be of use as can Botox shots (if the dystonia is contained) as well as Bachlophen, Requip, Aricept and Mirapex.
1030383 tn?1338464385 I have been experiencing worsening Tardive Dyskinesia from many years of antipsychotics. I have chewing and other mouth motions, plus torso rocking, sometimes grimacing, and it hurts my mouth; it seems to be getting worse and worse lately. It's worse when I'm tired or stressed.
Avatar f tn And there are a fair number of stomach medications of a specific class such as Reglan to avoid as well (this is medically confirmed).
Avatar n tn What may work for someone may not work for you. Also, sometimes a combination therapy works best for tardive dyskinesia. Hence, it is best to consult your neurologist. Also, along with medication, you will need to eat healthy, drink water and practice activities that relieve anxiety and stress. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you.
Avatar n tn Yes I have advanced tardive dystonia and have been tried on all available treatments and many in clinical study. More commonly used treatments include Bachlophen. Aricept, Requip, Symmetryl and Mirapex. I was not tried on Xenazine which can be used due to the risk of depression but that has shown to be helpful. Botox injections can be used depending if the spasmic activity is localized. I am on the Catapres application which has shown to be helpful.
1109293 tn?1258333223 Clozaril is the only currently available antipsychotic that won't cause tardive dyskinesia. I acquired tardive dyskinesia from Lamictal but that is statistically rare. If you have tardive dyskinesia any medication that causes it will mask it will worsening it. Cymbalta and Wellbutrin can cause it on occassion.
585414 tn?1288944902 I would appreciate a link to a medical website that is current that has all medications that are being used or in study for tardive dyskinesia or psychosis from Parkinsons' (since the Zofran is being studied for that and was helpful in me on what is being tentatively called tardive psychosis, its likely others will be).
Avatar n tn What you probably mean is "Parkinsonianism". That is another clinical term for what I have which is tardive dyskinesia. I cut and pasted this list of medications from a website and I believe it to be factual. There are treatments for it as well which I'll discuss in the next post as to avoid confusing the two. What medication did you take that you believe caused this to happen.
Avatar f tn Now, I've recently found out that I have Tardive Dyskinesia, which is fine, I don't really care. but what bugs me out is that I'm haveing the same symptoms as my uncle who is severely bipolar and schizophrenic.
Avatar m tn There can be withdrawal dyskinesia after stopping Ability but after two months if it has not gone away tardive dyskinesia should be ruled out. Tardive dyskinesia is generally treated with Mirapex, Bachlophen, Requip, Aricept and Botox injections for focal dystonia. Zofran has been shown to work experimentally as well as the natural remedy rhodiola (when taken under the supervision of a neurologist).
Avatar m tn I have responded to the anti-convulsant Vimpat for tardive dystonia but that's a literal first used so it won't be known if other people respond in the same manner until they study that further. You could discuss all this with a movement disorders specialist if tardive dyskinesia, tardive dystonia or one of its many variants is diagnosed. If at any point you did require a neuraleptic if tardive dyskinesia were diagnosed Clozaril would still be an option.
585414 tn?1288944902 I am well recovered from my schizoaffective with an experimental treatment in Phase II study glycine (I was unable to tolerate Clozaril and that did not help the tardive) so there's no need to post in the mental health forum. But the tardive dyskinesia has been hard to treat. I have been prescribed all the standard anti-Parkinson's medications (Requip, Aricept, Bachlopen, Mirapex) and they caused psychosis and extreme sedation and made some aspects of the movement disorders worse.
Avatar n tn However, Zofran is an approved medication for nauseau from chemotherapy but is used experimentally for Parkinson's as well as tardive dyskinesia in addition to treating the psychosis from Parkinsons's (and in myself the criteria being officially researched tardive psychosis). I find it very helpful and the side effects of nausau can be dealt with through eating food with it, sedation through a minor nap and blood pressure drop through a period of sitting.
Avatar n tn That medication can cause tardive dyskinesia which is a long term movement disorder See a neurologist who is a trained movement disorders specialist. There are a variety of medications to treat tardive dyskinesia which I have in advanced forms. Specifically helpful to me are Zofran, Clonidine in patch form and the natural remedy rhodiola (from clinical study).
Avatar m tn Its good that you are still enjoying life and excercising. Tardive dyskinesia is not reversible but is treatable. Klonopin is helpful on tardive dyskinesia. I take it as well. But some of the other treatments are more effective on myoclonic spasms and might have less side effects. I would definitely suggest seeing a neurologist who is a trained movement disorders specialist so they could see what exactly happenned and what could help you most.
Avatar n tn Tardive dyskinesia is a long term movement disorder that appears similar but is long term. Tardive akathesia is one variant of tardive dyskinesia. I have tardive dyskinesia in advanced form. However it is treatable and there are an increasing number of options, some in clinical study but FDA approved and could be prescribed off label if standard treatment options don't work.
Avatar f tn mild muscle twitches and dry eye. I am terrified that I now have benign essential blepharospasm or tardive dyskinesia. If so, are they reversible & not permanent? I am 59 and have always had more than normal blinking, however not with pain around the eyes. I have since read that antihistamines can trigger BEB, and that antidepressants & anti-pyschotics can cause tardive dyskinesia. I also take 50 mg. of Trazadone at bedtime for sleep.
Avatar n tn Sorry one more post needed. If you took Reglan they should rule out tardive dyskinesia. Google "Patient Education Tardive Dyskinesia". All of the treatments I mentioned are used (with the exception of carbo-dopa, levo-dopa because that can worsen tardive dyskinesia) and also Clonidine has been markedly helpful for me. Botox shots are used for focal dystonia. This can occur at any age and is a long term side effect of some medications Reglan among them.
Avatar n tn Obviously the first step is to see a neurologist and sometimes a neurologist who is a movement disorders specialist is of even more help. I have tardive dyskinesia which is clinically similar to Parkinson's (and I've been to a Parkinson's Support group) among the underused medications for it are Zofran and the natural remedy rhodiola (in clinical study).
Avatar n tn Adjunct medications include Mirapex, Symmetrel, Bachlophen, Requip and Aricept. I have tardive dyskinesia which is clinically similar to Parkinsons's and Zofran which is used experimentally in Parkinson's has been of great help as well the natural remedy rhodiola (this comes from clinical studies but must only be administered by a neurologist) as well and also helps on depression from Parkinsons's.
Avatar n tn Well as a person who has tardive dyskinesia (which is clinically similar to Parkinson's) I have seen many qualified movement disorders specialists but they are all in New York City. They do have specific knowledge of Parkinson's though. If you pm me I'll give you their names and you can see if they are seeing patients (which they probably are).
Avatar f tn If the movement disorders don't go away after a while ask your neurologist about tardive dyskinesia. If you are diagnosed the treatments I am on for it are very helpful. A trained movement disorders specialist could make a diagnosis. Google "Patient Education Tardive Dyskinesia" but don't scare yourself. It could easily be something temporary such as akathesia and go away. But one important thing to realize is that you do need medication.
Avatar n tn I have tardive dyskinesia which is clinically similar to Parkinson's and I have tardive akathesia which is similar to restless legs syndrome but it would depend on the cause of it. If its clinically similar to Parkinson's, I did not find Bachlophen, Mirapex, Aricept and Requip to be of help but many people do. I was ruled out for Tetrabenzene and Namenda but those have shown to be of help.
230948 tn?1235847929 I have tardive dyskinesia and tardive psychosis (which is in study) and I could not tolerate Requip at all. The same with Aricept, Bachlophen, and Mirapex. In fact the Requip made the movement disorder aspect (temporarily) worse. I have found Zofran to be quite tolerable and effective but if what you are trying to control is something different than either Parkinson's or a Parkinsonian condition (what tardive dyskinesia is) than my advice would not apply. What is your disability?
559509 tn?1216184046 As for FDA approved antipsychotics if you need one Clozaril does not cause tardive dyskinesia. Tardive dyskinesia is not reversible but is treatable. The medications Zofran, the Catapres application patch and the natural remedy rhodiola (only under the supervision of a neurologist, this is in use) are lesser known but work. Standard treatments include Tetrabenzene, Aricept, Bachlophen, Requip and Mirapex. Botox shots work on focal dystonia.
Avatar n tn Klonopin is better as a benzo because its longer laster and has less of a potential for addiction. I have tardive dyskinesia which is clinically similar to Parkinson's (its not what you describe, its a long term side effect of some medications) and among the less commonly used medications that were helpful for me are Zofran and the natural remedy rhodiola (from clinical studies, many on Parkinson's).