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Avatar n tn Should Aricept 10mg and Exelon patch be used together? Is this safe? Also taking Namenda XR.
Avatar n tn Exelon patch is on back order from the manufacturer until October 24. What alternatives are there?
Avatar n tn When my father gets out of the doughnut hole his costs for the Exelon Patch is $262/ mo . Are there any alternative medications that are effective ?
Avatar n tn There are a variety of medications to treat tardive dyskinesia which I have in advanced forms. Specifically helpful to me are Zofran, Clonidine in patch form and the natural remedy rhodiola (from clinical study). Also used are Tetrabenzene (but this can cause depression in some people so I was ruled out for it), Aricept, Bachlophen, Mirapex and Requip (though I could not specifically tolerate those but for many people they are useful). Botox shots are used for specific focal dystonia.
Avatar n tn So wherever you chose to go, they might not be aware of these two treatments as the others I tried (Aricept, Baclophen, Requip, Mirapex) were not as helpful as they should be but they are for some people. The Clonidine patch I use is good for controlling dystonic spasms. Ask a neurologist about all this but if you want some names pm me but the ones I know are in N.Y.C. and I would say there are facilities that study movement disorders around the country. In N.Y.C.
Avatar n tn In November, he changed doctors, and she changed the Aricept to a patch that he applied daily. When he made this change, he started having hallucinations and did not sleep. So the doctor re-prescribed the aricept and added metformin. After starting the metformin, he slept all day and would not sleep at night. She took him off the metformin, but kept him on the Aricept. The sleeplessness and hallucinations have remained unchanged.
Avatar m tn Tardive dyskinesia is generally treated with Mirapex, Bachlophen, Requip, Aricept and Botox injections for focal dystonia. Zofran has been shown to work experimentally as well as the natural remedy rhodiola (when taken under the supervision of a neurologist). Clonidine is patch form is markedly helpful for me as well as a person with advanced tardive dyskinesia in addition to some of the other treatments mentioned. But have a neurologist who is a movement disorders specialist confirm it first.
Avatar f tn In April he had an MRI and went to see a Nuerologist, who put him on Aricept as a precaution, and starting running tests for Alzhiemer. He also went back to the NeuroPsyc for a second evalution which showed his memory had improved but his cognition was only at 30% now. Since then we have had a PET Scan which showed syptoms of Early Onset Alzhiemers. He lost 30 lbs. on the Aricept with no change in his mental state. He is having severe headaches, hand tremors.
559509 tn?1216184046 Tardive dyskinesia is not reversible but is treatable. The medications Zofran, the Catapres application patch and the natural remedy rhodiola (only under the supervision of a neurologist, this is in use) are lesser known but work. Standard treatments include Tetrabenzene, Aricept, Bachlophen, Requip and Mirapex. Botox shots work on focal dystonia. You should see a movement disorders specialist for treatment and ask about these options.
1109293 tn?1258333223 However, there are many other clinically approved options though for tardive that are far more effective. The standard ones being Aricept, Baclofen, Requip and Mirapex. I use the Clonidine patch application for tardive which is quite helpful. Tenex which is in the same class of medications is helpful as well. Botox shots are used for tardive dystonia that is specifc to one area (such as facial tics).
Avatar n tn The headaches continue and the pain puts him in bed for days. We did have a blood patch for leakage. Blood work and CT scans and MRI and MRA all fine. The neurologist said it was a post exurcision migrane. But why do they never end and keep coming back. What can we do to get this very active 16 year old back to normal. The doctor mention infussion for the pain if the imetrex does not work. He has missed almost a month of school on and off. Any suggestions to help us.
Avatar n tn She is already on the following medicines-Aggrenox 200/25 2 times a day-anticoagulant, Aricept 10mg once a day for ahlzheimers, Cosopt for eyes, Duragesic patch 50mg for pain, Humulin R injectable for diabetes, Lantus injectable for diabetes, Lexapro 20mg once a day for depression, Lovenox once a day-anticoagulant, Namenda 5mg twice a day for ahlzheimers, Neurontin 200mg once a day for nerve pain and seizures, Nexium 40mg twice a day for stomach, Nitroquick as needed, Potassium Chloride 20mg on