Are my breasts too small

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Avatar f tn I am small too - and have had ample supply for my kids. It's really a 'supply and demand' issue. I have always had plenty for my kids - have been in a ton of pain when the babies go longer between feedings b/c my body still makes so much milk and I get pretty 'full' if that makes sense! I've been able to pump and have plenty in the freezer for when I've had to work. No worries!
Avatar f tn Hi Tuuka. Almost every teenage woman I hear from is worried about some part of her body. Either their breasts are too big, or too small, or their stomach is too big. You get the picture. We're all so worried about our bodies because we see these images on television that are supposed to depict some "ideal" woman. Of course, there's no such thing. Your breasts may or may not grow, depending on many factors, including your weight, your genetics, and so on.
Avatar f tn I'm 8 + 1 and mine are sore too...I'm usually a smallish B cup now my B cups are tight! A really well fitted bra does help! Kinda holds them in place so they move less!
Avatar n tn My balls are always tight but measure about 1 1/4 each. Are they small compared to other men she might have been with and her reason my saying that to me?
Avatar m tn t stress! Small breasts are not a bad thing.
Avatar n tn My breasts are small as well. With my first they didn't grow or hurt but after i started breast feeding my breasts were engorged, but ended up going back to normal maybe just a bit bigger after stopping breastfeeding. You will produce milk without your breasts growing. So don't worry. I'm on my second pregnancy now, and they maybe grown a little.
Avatar f tn so i'm a pale girl, but my breasts have been hurting the past few days and i checked them and there are dark blue veins going all over them. ive been able to see small veins before but this is a lot of veins and they're large. any ideas?
Avatar n tn I was where you were- well, actually, I was 5'5", 112 lb, and a small C cup (but proportionally speaking, we probably looked similar- skinny/small boned). Since you are SO small, a 32B probably looks bigger on you than it would on your C cup friends. There's a reason nobody notices huge boobs on very overweight women- because everything is huge! same thing with tiny girls. If everything is tiny, 32B boobs look totally normal.
Avatar n tn My fiance has very small breasts. i love her and her small breasts. But i heard that a lady with small breasts has low fertility. I am very very eager to have children.
Avatar f tn Im sry dear :-( I always feel like bp one understands. But you do! I started this pregnancy being my second at a 34DD. And by 9 weeks was up to a.36G. I am 4'10. Its ridiculous! Im 24+5 and ive gained 10lbs and I swear 4 of it is in my breasts. Then rest *** and belly lol. My back amd shoulders are killing me! If you plan to breastfeed I found an amazing bra. Its a medela underwire soft cup. Supportive super.
Avatar m tn I am 60 yr old and all of a sudden my breasts are growing .
Avatar m tn no an injury to your breasts is not likely to hamper development, the size of your boobs is determined mostly by genetics and your diet can play a big role as well, so if your mother or your dad's side of the family has small breasts chances are you will too, and if your really skinny your body might not have enough fat to accumulate in the first place, keep on a healthy but not limited diet and ask your doctor what a healthy weight for you should be because chances are if it's not a gen
Avatar n tn but there are advantages to having small one can help what they are given .do you really want the attention that some big breasted women get ...
Avatar f tn I was a full C cup while nursing my daughter for 16 months. After I weaned her I went back to my normal B cup. My mother constantly told me I needed to give my baby formula because small boobs won't produce enough. I had an over abundance and was able to store milk. Your body will meet the demands of your baby. I'm now almost 12 weeks with my second baby and I've had a lot of breastfeeding growth.
552853 tn?1278405903 Your sinus infection would not cause a problem with your cycle however that is a very common symptom of pg due to the increased amount of hormones. Gas is a high side affect too. Why are you waiting until wed to test? I would take a reg hpt and a dig too. I wish you the best. I hope you feel better soon. Let me know what happens!
Avatar f tn My boys are 17 14 and 6 and I too feel like its just as exciting as my first , without giving u too much info I breast fed all after my second I lost weight and my blobs were just flat and empty then they seemed to improve after bfeeding my youngest but this time they seem enormous I can't imagine how they'll be when my milk comes lol I too thought that I wasn't having anymore my other half is ill and in treatment for it he's finding it tough and a nightmare to live with at the m
Avatar f tn I’m a 17 year old female and ever since I was 13 or so I started noticing my nipples were cracked. The cracks are very deep, not just on the surface of the skin, and are on both breasts. They divide my nipples into several little sections and the sections are hard and dry and brown. I never really had much breast growth as they are still quite small, and I wonder if they’re growth was stunted due to an underlying issue like breast cancer.
Avatar f tn Hello moms to be...please put me at ease there any one experiencing leaking breasts already... my breasts are dripping an off-white liquid which I beleive is shouldn't it wait for my baby? Am 31+6 weeks!
Avatar m tn t received any of my regular period symptoms (sore breasts, cramps) which I normally receive the week before my period. It's currently the day I'm projected to have my period and still nothing. I've heard that changes in routine or nutrition can lead to late periods or odd cycles and recently I've been under a bit more stress than usual and I've start college courses once again.
Avatar f tn Not necessarily my nipples but the tops of my breasts are flatter than they used to be. I dont know whats happening but I want them to go back to how they were.
7612493 tn?1393737078 d be surprised what you can squeeze out of that thing. Most people tear because they are pushing too hard and too fast for their body to stretch correctly. If your used perinatal massage and you push slowly, you more than likely won't tear, no matter the size of baby.
Avatar f tn keep praying that you are able to accept whatever comes your way. I will be praying for you too. What you said about continually miscarrying sounds exactly the way I feel. I've raised two children who are now 15 and 17 and would feel very fulfilled with just them. So, when I do get pregnant, I always feel like: Oh gosh, please don't let me suffer again! I know how hard this is. I'll be thinking of you lots!
Avatar f tn Hi I have always measured really small too, with my previous pregnancy I was sent for a scan as they were worried about my size, she was 6lb 15, with this 1, I'm measuring a week and six days behind, I'm 30 wks. I'm 5'5" and slim. I feel like most of the weight has gone to my hips and back! Lol. I guess some of us are just good at hiding it! With my previous 2 I was 10 days late so I don't think being small necessarily means your baby will be premature.
Avatar f tn I dont think any of your babies are going to be under 6 pounds which not too small. My first was 6 and 1/2 pounds, 2nd was six.
Avatar f tn My fiancee and I have been together for 3+ years. We are both women, who love each other very much. Recently we have been trying out strap-ons. I discovered that a finger can fit inside me comfortably but nothing larger. It hurts to use the strap-on or a vibrator. I really want to be closer to her but I'm not sure how to get around the pain of penetration. Am I just small or is there some other problem?
1138687 tn?1548643978 I have been insecure about having a small penis my whole life. I have only been with one young woman who said "it isn't that small". But sex with her`felt difficult to perform misionary style because my penis kept falling out. I know that I was completely inexpereineced also! But my penis hard is about 5 inches tops and the diameter just barely fits a condom. Is it still possible to have pleasurable sex/love with a woman at this size, through vaginal orgasm.