Are my breasts too small

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Avatar n tn There were different places my surgeon could hava cut to gain acces to my breasts, but we chose my nipple and underneath my breat so that it would not be very noticible. All in all,the surgeries were not as painful as I had anticipated, and my breasts look a lot better, which made me feel better about myself. Although it is very costly to have this procedure done, there are many places that do financing, or you could just save up the money.
Avatar f tn I am 4'10. Its ridiculous! Im 24+5 and ive gained 10lbs and I swear 4 of it is in my breasts. Then rest *** and belly lol. My back amd shoulders are killing me! If you plan to breastfeed I found an amazing bra. Its a medela underwire soft cup. Supportive super.Comfortable the spft cup os designed to expand and conform as breasts increase amd decrease throughout the day. Got it.
Avatar f tn I am small too - and have had ample supply for my kids. It's really a 'supply and demand' issue. I have always had plenty for my kids - have been in a ton of pain when the babies go longer between feedings b/c my body still makes so much milk and I get pretty 'full' if that makes sense! I've been able to pump and have plenty in the freezer for when I've had to work. No worries!
Avatar n tn The attempt to do a steriotopic biopsy failed because my breasts are too small. I have an excisional biopsy scheduled for Thursday. The area of concern is one of 4 clusters of microcalcifications. The radiologist and the breast surgeon concurred that since they were going in surgically, they might as well biopsy a second cluster that was going to be watched with 6 month mammograms. How much tissue is removed? I'm only a 32A. I fear I will be left with nothing!
Avatar n tn my surgeon said the pocket on the right is smaller (breasts done by two different surgeons). Even if my current surgeon goes in and enlarge the pocket upward, will it close or shrink again? How can I make the right breast more soft? Many thanks for your opinion in advance.
Avatar m tn i am just turned 14 like two months ago, i got of my period just today and when i woke up i saw a small red bump near my nipple area (the dark spot). it is like a bug bite a small one on your arm and feels that way too. it is flat but circular. it is probably 1-2 cm. i did not go to the doctor since i just found this out today and i didn't tell my mom. not until i know this is normal or at least normal for my age or normal once in a while. i don't take sports much.
Avatar f tn However, when calcifications are clustered and small, the concern arises as to whether they are forming around an abnormality.If you are having yearly mammograms and the results are the same,then you have nothing to worry about.If these calcifications become suspicious then a biopsy is usually recommended...Just keep the follow-up recommendation and try not to worry too much. Best wishes...
Avatar n tn ) anyhow, I apparently, like many other women, get small cysts in my boobs from too much caffeine. It causes my boob, sometimes my underarm, back to hurt. I've also been told cancer doesnt hurt. They can give you tests for it. I wish I remembered the name, but there were other things that can trigger it, (foods) but its mainly from caffeine.
Avatar f tn I was a full C cup while nursing my daughter for 16 months. After I weaned her I went back to my normal B cup. My mother constantly told me I needed to give my baby formula because small boobs won't produce enough. I had an over abundance and was able to store milk. Your body will meet the demands of your baby. I'm now almost 12 weeks with my second baby and I've had a lot of breastfeeding growth. I was almost an A cup, due to weight loss, and I'm now a C cup and I haven't gained any weight.
Avatar f tn I am 5 dpo and my breasts have been pretty sore and my nipples are VERY tender. Could this indicate pregnancy? Or is it too soon to have any symptoms?
Avatar f tn So I'm 5 months pregnant and I noticed this morning when I was taking off my bra that I had small wet spots where my nipples are.... Is this normal? Has this happened to any of you ladies? Isn't it early for this to be happening?
Avatar f tn I will be 6 weeks tomorrow and my breasts are super swollen and sore to the point that my bras are not even fitting
Avatar f tn As you have only had your period for about 12 months and small breasts I would put the pain down to hormones and the possibility that your breasts will still be growing. My breasts got rather tender when I was going through puberty (long time ago) and they were growing. If you are still concerned or the pain becomes unbearable go see your doctor.
Avatar n tn Hi I'm 29 weeks and on and off my breasts have been leaking a tiny bit at night since I was 16 weeks. I'm I n the bath and noticed a little bit so I squeezed them and more and more came out. The colour Was a cloudy white but then yellow coming out after. Do u need to be worried or does this mean I could be Preparing for labour sooner than my due date? She is a big baby and have back ache and so tired all the time And I'm small framed. Can anyone advise?
Avatar n tn Is that supposed to happen??? My second question is, My breasts are really sore. This happens sometimes with me when im about to start my period but im not due to start for another week and a half?? I dont think im pregnant cause my last period was on August 3rd and I have an IUD. Why would my breasts be so sore when its not time for my period?????
Avatar f tn Its really embarrassing but I'm a double g cup size so I don't own any padded bras and it seems like the second a small breeze comes around my nipples poke out. I had to buy nursing pads to hide it. When I sleep its worse. I can't sleep in a bra so I'm constantly squishing and pinching them under my body when I don't mean to because they are so sensitive. Please help!
Avatar n tn I dont want a perky or tight breasts. Small but sagged one will do. Tired of having heavy breasts and with uneven breats my back is aching and mynposture is gone so bad. Neckbpain is too much. Sorry for the ramble but this is affecting my confidence.
Avatar f tn ) I ask because it is already hard to find my size as it is because my ribcage is small. If my boobs grow I fear it will be even harder.
Avatar n tn but no woman anywhere has ever been documented to have perfectly even breasts, so dont be too upset about it. my sister is now 16 and wears heavily padded wonderbras or something, because she still hasnt really gotten boobs and is self conscious about it. but give it time, see what happens.
Avatar n tn my breasts are sore and i just had my period on 7/4 and ended 7/9. usually they get sore before my period but they just started hurting again. i took a home pregnancy test but it was negative. i'm only an a cup and a young adult what should i think about my situation?
Avatar f tn Is it possible after having a baby 5 years ago and after losing 20 kgs in the last 18 months, that my breasts look saggy and floppy? My husband says they have looked like that since I had the baby 5 years ago. Especially when I lay down they look saggy and floppy skin. I have done all the self exam tests for dimples and they look fine, there is no lumps. I am being paranoid. Any comments would be appreciated.
Avatar m tn Do you know why your breasts are itchy? Is it your bra? Are your breasts still growing - this can make the skin itch? One thing you may help is to moisturise them ie sorbolene or even some other body lotion and it may help not to use soap on them - used a body wash instead as this isn't as drying on your skin. Also sweat can make them itch so hygiene is important.
Avatar f tn My breasts have been gradually more and more sore over the past 2 weeks. I actually can see that my left girl is significantly larger, more swollen, than my right girl. I'm not currently sexually active, yet have been on the Depo Provera shot for about 3 years. I am 19 years old and in my first semester of college, so Hello, freshman 15! Besides a slight, slight weight gain, (I am about 5'7 and 130 lbs.), I have had no other changes.
366779 tn?1291346996 i got plenty of stretch marks too. now im not sure but i think my breasts are smaller than they were before my first! like they shriveled or something! its very depressing. haha sorry that wasnt very uplifting.
Avatar n tn I have very small breasts (I think my ribcage is larger!) I am scheduled for a stereotactic mammatome biopsy this week for new calcifications. I am told you lay on a table with an opening for your breast. What if I have very little to "hang down"! Will this be a problem?
Avatar n tn I'm currently 20 years old and in February i discovered a small lump at the side of my left breast which hurts when pressure is applied. But it disappeared after my period and now just 2 days ago i noticed another lump slightly below my left nipple and hurts when pressure is applied. I'm getting very worried and read on the net that fibrosystic lumps can be caused by birth control pills.