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Avatar n tn i've had normal holter results and normal echo. I'm so tired of walking around with my finger stuck in my neck, taking my pulse. My kids think I'm going crazy! At bedtime the pause after an ectopic seems longer than usual producing an uncomfortable adrenaline sensation in my chest- almost a bit painful! Is this normal? Also is a bit of dizziness or lightheadedness normal at times?
Avatar n tn Now it's May 28th and I still don't have my period. My breasts hurt a bit, but that's all the period-like symptoms I have right now. Should I be worried? I usually get my period on the 24-27 of months. I'M REALLY FREAKING OUT. Is it normal to spot in the middle of your cycle? Could I be pregnant because of pre-ejaculate even though I used a condom? What are the odds? Should I take a pregnancy test? Thank you.
Avatar n tn I felt NUMB and completely unlike myself, everyday would consist of me compulsively taking every 'are you gay?' quiz online. I was never hospitalized because my parents told me that they would refuse to let me go to college if I continued acting the way I was. I somehow was able to pull myself out of It's been almost two years since my senior year of hs and I 've been able to carry on a relationship with a man whom I've loved voraciously for 2 years.
Avatar n tn heres one for you all, please help me understand this, i gave birth 7 months ago, had period when baby was 8 weeks old, skipped a load o periods (Probably hormones) then had period 6th july, due for another this week, but ive had constant tummy cramps for a week, and it feels like just before a period starts but ive had no bleeding and my breasts are leaking milk although i never breast fed and it dried up within weeks of giving birth its started again, did a pregnancy test today but negative al
328927 tn?1227765440 Well, life is what it is and we are dealt what we are dealt. I am choosing to accept my circumstance, rejoice in what I've been given, believe the future holds good things that will fulfill me. Helen72, bbt is not a very reliable way to track ovulation so don't worry about the temp rising. I think it sounds like you got your o' covered. Also, you weren't being self-involved at all!! This post of mine, well yea it is and I'm sorry about it. Just having a tough day.
162948 tn?1205256292 after the marina IUD for 5 years I am having it taken out tomorrow and really want to have baby #4 i have always get pregnant fast with all my baby's and i get morning sickness so badly i know i will know when i am pregnant but since my IUD was up in march and it is may i wonder if in theses few months if the hormones are all out of my system and if i can conceive right away?
Avatar n tn Good to know other people are experiencing this "orange tongue' thing. I called my doctor and he said he had never heard of such a thing and didn't seem too worried. I am paranoid that I have stinky breath as a result. My husband says I don't but my 2 and 4 year are forever telling me "Mommy, your breath stinks!" Has any one else experienced bad breath or a bad taste in your mouth with this disorder?
Avatar n tn i hope i'm not offending u but what if there is no discharge. i have absolutely problem is the itching, especially on my right side of my "lip". it feels as if bugs are scurrying under my skin.
Avatar n tn I don't think I'm compulsive about porn and jerking off any more, but I still haven't managed to meld my sexuality with my normal life. When girls start talking about their sexuality or how much they enjoy sex, honestly it scares the sh*t out of me, and I'm like thrown completely off balance. Cause porn is compartmentalization. You take your sexuality and you put it off in this world of complete fantasy, where it doesn't connect with any of your normal reactions.