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Avatar m tn ve had two colonscopies since age 50, my first colonoscopy found a pre-cancerous polyp (had a more dangerous figure, I was told) along with other benign polyps that was which was removed (had no side effects after) I did a follow up colonscopy the year after and another pre-cancerous polyp (except to a lesser degree) was found and removed along with other benign polyps around the same area, the 2nd colonoscopy from a different surgeon I had a lot of stomach pain after.
Avatar f tn Mammo, or anyone else out there, have you heard that sessile serrated adenoma are more dangerous than plain adenoma polyps?? I searched the literature but did not come up with anything. Thanks so much and I hope all is well with you.
Avatar m tn t have the surgery, i will get cancer. i guess they are worried that some of my polyps are already 10 yrs old, they just kept multiplying i guess because they were not all being taken out 10 yrs ago. fast forward to 2011, saw a surgeon just last week and had a sigmoidoscopy two months after colonoscopy ugggh, anyhow he said that there are a few polyps in rectal area, most of them are in the transverse, hepatic flexure, and ascending colon.
Avatar f tn Normally they want to see you every 2-3 years once you have had polyps removed, because chances are you will develop more and want to stay on top of this. I'm assuming that Dr. Oz was told to return in 3 "months?" If so, his case is different, and his polyp may have progressed further. If you haven't had another colonoscopy, you should. The polyps as you know, can easily be removed during the scope. Timing is everything with this.
Avatar n tn Hi, you did not mention the diameter of your polyps. Small polyps can be missed in the first colonoscopy. Also, it depends on whether you've been eating healthy (red meat and low vitamin D speed the growth). Finally, you might ask your doctor to do a genetic testing if they keep growing in large numbers. You also didn't mention where the polyps were found.
Avatar f tn Have 3 large polyps on right side of colon got to have surgery is there any concerns?
Avatar m tn Welcome to the gastroenterology community! I would recommend getting another colonoscopy like your doctor recommonded. Sometimes a doctor can get further on one colonoscopy than on another. The only other way to remove the polyps would be through abdominal surgery, which would not be worth the risks of this.
Avatar n tn removed 5 polyps, one which was abnormally large. They were sent for bioyopsy. What kind of risk am I for colon cancer? I have severe constipation, bleeding rectally and in stools, bloating most of the time, extremely gasy, and suffer from acid reflux.
Avatar f tn My youngest son was diagnosed at 12 had his colon removed and is 39 now. He has several polyps in his duodenum which they have been watching for years. They normally don't become malignant in this area but can. My grandson was diagnosed at 10, and we lost him last year at the age of 18, also to a Desmoid. You are fortunate in that you have the attenuated form of FAP, where once polyps start developing there are few and can be removed via colonoscopy in the beginning.
577395 tn?1277401364 What worried me is FLAT polyp involving 50 - 60% of circumference in the Hepatic Flexure area. I read that flat polyps most likely are malignant - is that true? Do you think he will need a surgery? Thanks again! You are soooo helpfull!!!
Avatar m tn I was really hoping to wake up to good news and a clean bill of health. Instead, he found 20 small polyps. My heart sank. 16 of these were in the ascending colon. I was still groggy, and I need to have a follow up visit after the biopsies come back, but he said it’s possible I may have to have that part of the colon removed somewhere down the line. Has anyone else had a problem with polyps like this? I am at the very beginning of researching this.
Avatar n tn 1. Why polyps have been grown so fast in my colon, particularly why the polyps found in the last two years all had moderate dysplasia? Does it mean that there are some demons in my digest system or in my body that have been making these pre-cancerous conditions in my colon? 2. Do I need do some further exam, such as CT, ultrasound scans or CA19-9, CEA blood tests to exlude some potential bad causes in my digest sysytem or other related part of my body?
1506428 tn?1290113504 They found three small polyps in my cecum (1-2mm) and one mid-sized polyp in my mid ascending colon (6-8mm). Also, there were large discontinuous areas of inflammation in my ascending and descending colon with large amounts of adherent mucus. They removed all of the polyps and took tissue samples for histology and virology (they are testing for C.
Avatar n tn Polyps are not an allergic reaction. Polyps are very common in people over 50 and should be removed as they are found. In AFP polyps can develop very quickly, keep going for your scans. When polyps are caught early they are very rarely cancerous and can be removed. AFP is not always hereditary.
Avatar f tn Basically you are one that needs frequent colonoscopy's. I am not sure on how long it takes for neoplasms to grow, if you have health insurance from your work or what not you may be able to request them yearly. Being worried is human, but at least you were able to find out about the polyps while they were easily extracted. You might be able to talk to your PCP too see what he or she thinks.
Avatar n tn Well, the doctor called back and said that they found a lot of polyps in his colon and still, a lot of stool so now we are having to go further. The doctor said this could be serious. I just want a second opinion into what could be going on. Thanks for any information!
Avatar f tn do all polyps turn into cancer? and are there different types of colon polyps?
Avatar n tn I have a half brother that died from colon cancer. My family has a history of polyps, thus I had my first colonoscopy at 37 (2 polyps) then at 46 (2 polyps) All benign thankfully. I've had complete annual physicals for the past 5 years and all good thankfully. I am due for a colonoscopy and am stressing about more polyps. Also have anxiety and that's flaring up because of the colonoscopy. Should I be concerned? Thank you!
612551 tn?1450022175 You, with this history of multiple polyps, really do want to keep having them to stay ahead of the polyps.
Avatar f tn Familial Adenomatous Polyposis is an hereditary colon disease. It usually presents with polyps in the colon starting at the age of 10, and depending on the type of FAP the polyps do turn cancerous either in the 30's or late 40's. It's extremely rare to develop colon cancer at your age even when this disease is in the family. The three of you need to meet with a Gastroenterologist to determine if this is what is in your family.
Avatar n tn a new study shows that eating three servings of fish per week appears to cut the risk of developing colon polyps that could lead to cancer. Researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health and Vanderbilt University in Tennessee surveyed more than 5,300 individuals about their eating habits. All of those surveyed also had colonoscopies.
Avatar n tn I had my colonoscopy today and he said he found 2 polyps in the sigmoid colon and biopsy a thickened fold in the sigmoid colon. Also said I have Diverticulosis of the sigmoid colon. Does anyone know what this means?
Avatar m tn After reading online about polyps, we are trying to understand whether bigger ones like this are usually cancerous or what odds are that it is something more dangerous. Even though most polyps generally are not. Pathology won't be back for 2 weeks. Meanwhile we are kind of freaked out. Any insight is helpful. Thank you.
Avatar f tn Only my grandma, nobody else even polyps. My parents who are over 50 both got colonoscapes, neither one of them had any polyps. Diet. Colon cancer and rectal cancer may be associated with a diet low in fiber and high in fat and calories: Probably A sedentary lifestyle: Yeah, but do try to get at least a little bit of exercise each day. Diabetes: Nope Obesity: I'm only 135 pounds Smoking. I don't smoke Alcohol: I don't drink Growth hormone disorder: I don't think so.
Avatar f tn There are many dangerous diseases are lurking around the corner and colon cancer and colon cancer are among the most dangerous. If you are not taking remedial action from now through the inclusion of a column, the power colonic cleansing in your diet.
974371 tn?1424653129 I now have one every three years (I think that is a limit set by Medicare for screening) and every year polyps are removed, none have been large or cancerous. So, does this experience suggest an answer? It would be my guess tumors can always be removed if the removal itself doesn't damage something else so badly that that damage is worse than the tumor - cure worse than the disease. Just to revisit my story, a large upper colon polyp in my case took three surgeries to remove it safely.