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6856826 tn?1385450416 Hello, I have been on the birth control pill Marvelon for a year now with no problems or side effects. This month my pharmacist suggested I switch to the generic brand Apri, saying its the same thing and will cost me less. I have used this for a month and have extremely sore breast on the sides, causing it to hurt when wearing a bra. I want to know if this could be because I have switched brands. I have never had this with Marvelon. They say its the same but the ingredients are not completely.
1033523 tn?1258038682 Hi! :) Sorry you're going through such. I to had to go on birth control to control bleeding and extreme pain. Due to see a specialists on the 5th of April but the birth control they put me on was called " Apri .15/.03mg" I think Apri is the generic form of Desogen. Anyways the only side effect I had was a little bit of a headache off and on for about 2 weeks. That was it.
Avatar n tn I had some really odd symptoms with Yasmin and begged my dr to take me off of it, since then I was on Apri, which is just generic desogen. Initally did much better on this one so I'm not sure how yaz/yasmin works but I can say my withdrawal bleed "period" got way longer on it- I used to only bleed for 4 days on Aleese, then gradually this increased and due to weight gain and water retention switched to Yasmin...
Avatar n tn I was wondering if anyone has gotten pregnant on the birth control Desogen or the generic brand Apri? I have been on that pill for 2 weeks and had unprotected sex. Its a low dosage pill and i got it prescribed to me for my bad cramping and irregular periods. i was wondering if there is any risk for getting pregnant on this pill.
Avatar f tn What type of pill are you on? When I was taking a generic version of Ortho Tri Cyclen, I was a Sunday start-so started my active pills on Sunday after my period. Active pills went on for 21 days, with the last one being on a Saturday. I nearly always started my period on the Wendesday following my last active pill (though a could of times I started Tuesday instead)...so my period began on the 3rd or 4th day of my non-active pills.
470885 tn?1326332637 Once I stopped breastfeeding, my doctor switched me to a combination pill - he prescribed Marvelon, but the pharmacy gave me the generic version, Apri. I've taken all of the active pills and am now on day 3 of the placebos....and, although I've had some spotting, my flow hasn't started "for real" yet. I've been experiencing headaches, loss of appetite and a bit of nausea from the pill, so the doctor is switching me to Alesse.
Avatar m tn Dear Dr, I have been on Apri 28-day birth control pills for over a year. I take the pill on time, as directed, every month. Last Sunday I began taking Sulfamethoxazole-TMP (generic Bactrim DS) to treat a urinary tract infection. I have continued to take my birth control pills every day on schedule, but I was advised to use a back up method of birth control, as is standard. The day that I began taking the antibiotics was day 16 of my cycle (using the first day of my last period as cycle day 1).
Avatar m tn Treatment is recommended for adults with CHB who do not have clinical evidence of cirrhosis (or based on APRI score ≤2 in adults), but are aged more than 30 years (in particular), and have persistently abnormal ALT levels and evidence of highlevel HBV replication (HBV DNA >20 000 IU/mL), regardless of HBeAg status.
470885 tn?1326332637 As I continued to BF until my son was 11 months old, I couldn't switch to a combination pill until then - at which time my doctor prescribed Marvelon (the pharmacy gave me the generic version of it, though: Apri). I had been on Marvelon for 5 or so years before I conceived my first son and never had any problems. At first, the Apri seemed fine....but as I neared the end of the pack (I had about a week's worth of the active pills left), I started experiencing a lot of nausea and spotting.
Avatar f tn I had my baby Dec of 2009. I did not start taking my bcp's (combination low dose "Apri" pill) until March 14 2009. I was on them for about 5 days and got off due to thinking I had an allergic reaction (highly sensitive and sneezing and red rash on arms and feeling bad.) I was not suppossed to start a real period for another 2 weeks but about 17 days after I stopped I bled a lot and then it suddenly went away totally by itself (this was 3/31 to 4/1).
Avatar f tn Also, I have tried the BCP method, was on Apri (generic brand of TriCyclen) and bled through non-stop. I have a Lap booked May 28th, where they will hopefully determine 100% that it is Endo, but it is highly suspected. Saw my doc after my bout in Emerg yesterday and we are giving Visanne a shot until my surgery to see if it provides any relief from the bleeding and symptoms.
1035252 tn?1427231433 but seeing as I recently stopped BFing, I've switched to a combo pill (Apri - generic form of Marvelon), have just about finished my first pack of it. I didn't start my period until 11 months PP - and I'd been taking the minpill since 6 weeks PP. I was still on it when my period came back and I was having my usual "o" cramping - so I figure I was still ovulating...but DH and I were using condoms as well so I wasn't evern concerned about it.
Avatar f tn There is no news yet as to when less expensive Vemildy generic will be available. -- Various available documentation indicates that for HBeAg Negative patients, treatment should be started if ALT>2x Upper Level of Normal (ULN) *and* HBV DNA Viral load > 20,000. (My dr. has said ALT criteria of > 2xULN is too high.
475555 tn?1469307939 Too much chance involved. I just found a test called ASt-to-platelet ratio (APRI) in the scientific litterature. Seems to be almost as good as biopsy and Fibroscan for discriminating between early-stage and late-stage fibrosis (although maybe not so good at the in-between stages). It's easy to do, I just pick the data out of my blood analyses and plug them in. And it does give results similar to all the other tests (that is, went from F1 to F3/F4 in 18 months).
Avatar f tn I began tracking when the itching started, what triggered it, when it was the worst, and I realized it correlated with my birth control - for the past few years I have been switching my birth control and my itching was worse when I took Ocella, better when I took Apri. I also noted that I took my birth control at night and that's when I had the worst itching. Although I brought this up with my gyno, she dismissed it. But I wanted to try going off birth control to see what would happen.
Avatar n tn I was origanally on a generic type of birth control when i first got married called apri. i liked that and felt great emotionally but i felt like a fat cow all the time. i went to the doctor and she recommended yaz so im like ok what do i have to loose.
Avatar n tn Diagnosed about 9 months ago as being allergic to scents/fragrances, so I use fragrance free soap, tampons/pads, fragrance and glycerin free lubrication (brand is Pink, its the ONLY one which hasn't irritated me) Monogamous relationship for past year +, both tested for STDs, both negative. On Apri birth control. Do not use condoms. I started trying to think WHY this is happening, when this has not happened in past relationships.