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Avatar m tn Few other conditions that mimic appendicitis are Meckel's diverticulitis, PID, inflammatory diseases of the right upper abdomen like perforated duodenal ulcer, gall baldder disease, liver abscess etc.Right-sided diverticulitis and kidney diseases also present with similar symptoms.. A physical examination and ultrasound may be necessary for correct diagnosis and management. See a doctor. Treatment will depend on the underlying cause. Best luck and regards!
Avatar m tn It subsides after a couple of hours and there are no residual symptoms. No fever, etc. only very localized LRQ pain. It hurts to walk and I must sit down with great care, I have performed some of the tests for appendicitis such as lying supine with my right leg bent and pushing over to the left...this results in much pain. Having been an EMT for many years I understand this could be appendicitis, however, I am confused about the pain free lapses.
Avatar f tn I am still not convinced. Although I have no pain in my abdomen or any symptoms of appendicitis, I have a psychological block now. I can't not think about appendicitis. While placebo can resolve illnesses, the thought of having a problem can sometimes make you feel that you have a problem. I have these psychological feelings of uneasiness in my abdomen. How do I know it is psychological? I only feel the uneasiness when I think about appendicitis.
Avatar m tn There is no test to prove chronic appendicitis. Some of the symptoms are lower right quadrant pain, sometimes it's sharp, sometimes it dull, bloating mucus in stool, pain with or after intercourse, trapped gas or stool in the appendix area will double you over. WBC's will be somewhere from 9-11, not high enough to indicate an acute form of appendicitis but a chronic form of it.
Avatar n tn Also, headaches, vomiting, lower back pains may point towards a kidney infection. A pain in the right upper quadrant of your abdomen may also point to a gallsbladder stone .In your case, other abdominal problems like a ureteral stone should also be excluded. Keep us posted.
Avatar n tn I had such horrendous pain! They did a CAT scan for appendicitis and kidney stones, but came to find out I had a cyst that already ruptured and another still there. The did surgery the next morning. This can be extremely painful. GOOD LUCK!
148354 tn?1211237506 Dr said he had good look and appendix said it looked fine.Since then symptoms and pain are worse,no infection from surgery. I've talked to few ppl who had chronic,dr said appendix look fine,only to find few days,weeks,months later was getting ready to rupture.Scary eh ? Its alway lower right side,appendix area,sometimes radiates to left,never goes away or eases up,its really weird! and frustrating..7 months like this is taking its toll!
148354 tn?1211237506 I was told that in April for another er visit,put on antibotics,pain never left.The pain mimics appendicitis,but with having lap in Aug,dr said it looked normal.Is it possible for bacterial infection of vagina to be this painful and spread? I have not been sexually active (not in this pain..last thing on my mind is sex haha) and I'am std free.Could repeated vaginitis infections without treatment lead to pid and be source of lower abdominal pain? it travels down to my hip and thighs.
Avatar m tn Your symptoms are similar to what I had... turned out to be kidney stones!
Avatar n tn RLQ pain, rectal bleeding, weight loss and general weakness. The doctor I have been seeing is talking a lot about IBS, which I question since I appear to have none of the major symptoms (no cramps, no diarrhea, no constipation). What I do have are the symptoms I mentioned above, which have been worsening steadily of the course of the past few years, with periods of remission.
Avatar f tn Glad you ha it checked out but sorry you still have the pain. Appendicitis is the first thing you think of and I've had an ovarian cyst and they are painful as well but you say it's on the other side. Hm. Does make you wonder, right? Other things associated with right sided abdominal pain are kidney infections/ UTI's (you'd have other symptoms unless it is just starting), any issues with constipation?
Avatar n tn For low back pain and abdominal pain, conditions like kidney infections, urinary tract stones, appendicitis, spine disorders have to be ruled out. Seek consult with your primary physician for a complete assessment and diagnostic tests.A warm compress over the area and OTC analgesics may be able to help temporarily. Do keep us posted.
Avatar m tn He felt around for my hernia, took note of my symptoms, and said that my hernia was basically healed and that he thought that I could have appendicitis. This came as a surprise. He said that if the pain got any worse within the next day or two, or if the pain didn't go away at all, then we should go into the ER. The pain got slightly worse and a lot more frequent within the next 2 days so we decided not to risk it and go into the ER.
897773 tn?1256735820 Further tests were done and it was discovered that my right kidney was very small, scarred and only working 11%, it also contained numerous small stones. So it was suggested that this may be the cause of my pain, my kidney was removed 6 weeks ago laparascopicaly and surprise surprise the pain is still there. I'm not sure where to go from here...I'm beginning to think my doctors think I'm faking it!!!
Avatar f tn Depending where the pain is, it could also be from the kidney area. It may be a good idea when you are in severe pain, to seek medical attention immediately, as sometimes when the symptoms are settled, it is harder to pin point to the exact position. Keep going to see the doctors if you still get these pains. When my daughter was young and used to get severe stomach pains, it took a long time for the medical profession to find out that it was mesenteric adenitis.
Monkey Cause of pelvic pain could be due to kidney stones, pelvic infections, urine infections, twisted ovarian cyst or rupture of ovarian cyst, appendicitis or any other referred pain due to other organ infections. Most of them may not show up on ultrasound. So get all these causes evaluated from a gynecologist to confirm the diagnosis. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar n tn This message is to majic Have your doctor speak to you about the possibilty of kidney stones. I was just diagnosed w/kidney stones and have been dealing with the pain on and off for 10 years. It really is hard to get some doctors to actually listen, take you seriously and put the ENTIRE picture into perspective.
Avatar n tn Hi there, Without a complete evaluation it may not be possible to detect the exact cause of your symptoms. The common causes of pain in right upper quadrant are duodenal ulcer, gallstones, appendicitis, kidney stones, panacreatitis; Crohn’s disease etc.Each of these conditions has other associated symptoms which may help in determining the cause of your illness. Consult a primary care physician. He may further refer you to a specialist based on clinical findings. Do write to me again.
Avatar n tn I'm not a doctor, and I guess it could be kidney; or it might be an appendicitis. You should get checked out. Good luck.
Avatar n tn My 15 year old daughter had a CT scan to check for kidney stones. The doctor told me the results showed stones in both kidneys...more in the right than in the left. Also showed a 4cm by 4cm cyst on the right ovary. She put her on birth control pills for a couple of cycles to see if the cyst goes away. So we are starting month 1 with the birth control pills, and waiting for an ultrasound in a month or two. As for the kidney stones...
Avatar n tn Does anyone have any experience with a virus that seems to effect the colon with symptoms that would suggest kidney stones? Symptoms include lower left back pain also noted in the front left lower abdomen. Diarreha noted at onset but no fever or vomiting. Pain reoccurs for minutes to hours but is not debilitating. My family dr. suggested a type of dysentary that manifests itself in the colon trough. I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience with this type of ailment.
Avatar f tn chronic involvement of appendix (many a times ultrasound misses this as the appendix in such cases is hidden behind loops of intestine and typical symptoms of appendicitis are absent), involvement of kidney and inflammation of your intestine. Crohn’s disease, diverticulitis, infection in kidney, kidney stones, constipation, and an abscess in rectus abdominis muscle or psoas muscle can all cause lower right abdomen pain. An ultrasound or CT scan of abdomen is definitely required.
Avatar f tn I am 37yr old female. Had lower left abdominal pain evaluated last year-pelvic US, ab/pelvic CT & rectal exam-all normal. This year, saw ENT for sinus & GERD (diagnosed w/GERD & hiatal hernia 4 ys ago) Switched PPIs & still have some symptoms (occasional regurg. (esp. w/pressure on belly), pressure in chest after swallowing, and slow swallowing in esophagus (about 2x this summer, when eating dry chicken), but morning hoarseness resolved.
Avatar n tn Diagnosis is made on basis of clinical evaluation. Thirdly, appendicitis has to be ruled out. This possibility is rare as pain of appendicitis is severe and is associated with vomitings and fever. Fourthly, Crohn’s disease can be the cause of this pain. Crohn's disease most commonly affects the last part of the small intestine, usually located in the right lower abdomen. Diagnosed by barium enemas and colonoscopy. Lastly,it can be due to UTI or kidney infections.
Avatar n tn I have been getting a severe pain in the my right lower stomach.I have had it three days now an it getting worse.Im not sure if its a kidney stone or if its from weights i've been lifting.:(.Or wat it is..
Avatar f tn Hello, The various possibilities which present with such pain in the right abdomen are appendicitis, Crohn’s disease, bowel obstruction, ovarian cysts and pelvic inflammatory disease, irritable bowel syndrome, kidney obstruction or pyelonephritis or gall bladder disease causing referred pain. Investigations like ultrasound abdomen, CT abdomen and colonoscopy are required to confirm a diagnosis. My advice is to consult a gastroenterologist and discuss these possibilities with him.
Avatar f tn I don't know for sure what your problem is but you need to get some blood work done such as a complete blood count, BUN, creatinine and chemistry panel and cardiac and liver enzymes and scans done such as a gallbladder, liver,kidney ultrasound . I don't think the IBS has anything to do with the other symptoms. Pain from the kidneys can be deferred to the front such as under your ribs. Congestive heart failure is usually when your are older but I'm not sure if it is always the case.
Avatar n tn Hi Thanks for writing to the forum! Lower right abdomen pain is commonly due to appendicitis. The pain, can at times come and go and not give the classic picture. Crohn’s disease, diverticulitis, infection in kidney, kidney stones, constipation, and an abscess in rectus abdominis muscle or psoas muscle can all cause lower right abdomen pain. Ectopic pregnancy, cysts of the ovary, extra uterine endometriosis too should be looked into.
Avatar f tn If the pain is in lower back then it can be a muscle pull, a kidney stone, referred pain of appendicitis or colitis. It could be any other condition as well. Please consult a doctor who can examine you. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you. The advice may not be completely correct for you as the doctor cannot examine you and does not know your complete medical history.
Avatar f tn So many things can cause abdominal pain-- bowel obstruction, kidney stones... even disc herniation can cause abdominal pain if it is a certain location. I wish I could be of more help; I can't even say with certainty that he should see a doctor or should wait. In general, I would recommend seeing a doctor if such a condition interferes with function, if it continues for a long period of time, or if 'constitutional symptoms' appear-- like fever, nausea and vomiting, or diarrhea.