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Avatar n tn com/digestive-disorders/digestive-diseases-appendicitis The above website explains different symptoms that could accompany appendicitis. If you are having any symptoms, you should probably go see your doctor if you have a family doctor, or go to the ER if you are having severe pain/think you may have appendicitis.
272729 tn?1194280557 My question is- has anyone had appendicitis-- and what were your symptoms? I don't want surgery, but I don't particularly want my appendix bursting at any moment either.
Avatar f tn I have all if the appendicitis symptoms ( bloating, diarrhea, constipation, severe abdominal pain followed by vomiting) but aren't these all pregnancy things to? I'm 41/2 weeks.
Avatar n tn My son is 9 years old was suffering from bouts of severe diarrhea coupled with stomach cramps and hardly ate anything. We did a stool sample and nothing came back, then no symptoms for a couple of months. About six weeks ago the symptoms returned and his pediatrician prescribed prevacid and didn't help. A couple of days later, the symptoms returned and the doctor prescribed 20mg twice a day - 40 mg total. I was surprised that the dosage was twice the adult dosage but it has been a miracle.
Avatar n tn Chrone's disease and ulcerative colitis causes that type of pain. Do you have other symptoms like diarrhea, nausea, cramping, gas etc. with the pain? Check it out before agreeing to appendix removal. That surgeon told me that over 40% of appendix removed end up not being appendicitis.
Avatar f tn I am an anxious person in general so I have been researching all my symptoms, and it always comes back to appendicitis. I have an appointment with my doctor in two days, but I am just so afraid something really bad is happening to me. I tried to tell her that but she just said sorry, I will see you when I can. I have had acid reflux for about three years now and i have felt a lot of stomach pain but nothing like this.
Avatar n tn Have had diarrhea for 3 weeks now with right side lower pain. The right side pain started back in Dec. I went for an ultrasound and the gyn said I had a small cyst, but stated it would not be causing the pain I had been experiencing. A few weeks later, we went on a cruise. I started to have diarrhea 3 days into the cruise. We didn't visit any other country, we stayed in the U.S. I have had stool cultures done, only showed white blood cells. Had blood work which was o.k.
Avatar f tn 45am when my alarm went off. my symptoms are Diarrhea and fatigue. However, I read symptoms from wedmd and I do not have nausea or vomiting. Urination is not painful but more frequent and the pain is near my belly button too. I don't think my stomach is swelling but I am supposed to get my period on Monday so I don't know.
Avatar m tn hi im really worried i have appendicitis, i had diarrhea for 3 days, and now after all of that my lower right and lower left sides have a dull, tenderness to them, its not severe pain but im worried it might become severe. the more i think and read abut it the more it hurts. above my belly button hurt when touched as well, i do not have a fever, and i have not been vomiting, but once in a while my stomach feels like there s a dull kick in those three areas.
Avatar n tn This past Sunday, I was sent home from the ER with a diagnosis of early appendicitis. I'd been suffering from a fever, lower/midline abdominal pain on my right side, and severe diarrhea for several days, and was told by my doctor to go to the ER to rule out appendicitis. Besides my signs/symptoms, the only abnormal finding was a slightly enlarged appendix in the ultrasound and CT.
Avatar f tn 8cm which barely qualifies as a cyst and couldn't be causing me my pain. She said my symptoms sounded like appendicitis and sent me to the hospital for a CT scan. The scan came back normal. The following day the pain increased and I went to the ER. They also saw the cyst on ultrasound and admitted me for further tests. Spent 4 days in that hospital with a colonoscopy done (also normal). I told them it may be a hernia and they called a gen surgeon to examine me.
148354 tn?1211237506 What I learned from all of this, is if you have any kind of acute pain anywhere in the abdomen, and you don't fit any of the classic symptoms of an appendicitis, it still could be an appendicitis. Find a doctor you can trust and takes you serious. So yes, as diagnosed from the post op lab report, there is such as thing as chronic appendicitis.
Avatar m tn The common symptoms are abdominal cramps,fever,chills,nausea,vomiting,diarrhea etc.In acute appendicitis periumbilical pain is followed by pain in right iliac fossa.There is nausea, vomiting, anorexia, vomiting , fever and diarrhea. There may be localized tenderness in right iliac fossa.Both these conditions have several symptoms in common. A clinical examination and tests like ultrasound/CT scan are necessary for determining the exact cause. Treatment will depend on the underlying cause.
Avatar n tn The doctor I have been seeing is talking a lot about IBS, which I question since I appear to have none of the major symptoms (no cramps, no diarrhea, no constipation). What I do have are the symptoms I mentioned above, which have been worsening steadily of the course of the past few years, with periods of remission. I have also had episodes of severe pain in a U-shape below my bellybutton for several years, but never experienced the 'typical' migration of the pain to the RLQ until now.
405614 tn?1329147714 What makes a person decide that it might really be appendicitis and to go to the doctor? If I throw up, get a fever, what? Thanks for any ideas, thoughts, input of any kind.
148354 tn?1211237506 I've posted on symptoms forums about chronic abdominal for last 7 months,(upper and low abdominal )pelvic,rectal and back pain,lost almost 60lbs,hair loss,no appetite,nausea,fever,and just am a mess from this pain.
Avatar n tn I don't want to scare you, but have you been checked for an appendicitis. Just over a year ago I was having some of the same symptoms : diarhea, burning cramps below my navel that later moved to my right side and would come and go, and fatigue. I went to the doctor several times and was misdiagnosed three times b/c my white blood cell count was not very elevated. A laproscopy finally revealed that my appendix was swollen to 5 times its normal size and needed to be removed.
Avatar n tn Hello, Going by your symptoms four possibilities are coming to my mind. Firstly, as you are having diarrhea along with the pain, possibility of irritable bowel syndrome is there. Diagnosis is made on basis of clinical evaluation. Secondly, appendicitis has to be ruled out. This possibility is rare as pain of appendicitis is severe and is associated with vomitings and fever. Thirdly, Crohn’s disease can be the cause of this pain.
Avatar n tn i also have severe diarrhea almost everyday and had blood in my stool for about 2 week but it just went away. i went to see a GI and they put me on polyethylene glycol claiming that i'm constipated and "blocked up in side" i take 6 teaspoon of this daily but it seems to give me more diarrhea(i've been taking this for about 3 months).
Avatar m tn Last Thursday (9 days ago) I had an extreme bout of diarrhea. The next day I got very nauseous and had some cramping in my abdomen. Since then I have had dull abdominal pain that moves all over (lasts anywhere from a minute to about ten, not constant) , for the most part but some days is in one spot. I went to the health center at my college campus, and they diagnosed me with constipation (they said it is higher up in my tract) and put me on miralax.
Avatar n tn I didn't have a lot of the normal symptoms either. Actually, what started it was I had Appendicitis 3 years ago and when they did a Cat Scan at that time they noticed I had a small mass in my small intestine (in the terminal ileum). They went ahead and took my appendix out and decided to just keep an eye on this mass since we didn't really know what it was. So I had Cat Scans periodically to check on it and it never grew that next year so we stopped checking on it.
Avatar n tn After having appendicitis-type symptoms 4 years ago, I had an emergency partial small intestine resection (where the large and small intestines join). The pathologist said it was Chrons although I am hesitant to accept this since I have no other symptoms at all. I recovered quickly but have had chronic diarrhea ever since. The doctor perscribed Cholestyramine which even in low doses (1 scoop per day) alleviates the diarrhea.
Avatar n tn I saw the doc who checked for appendicitis. I also had had a fatty meal earlier that day. Assuming a gall bladder problem, I decided to avoid fats. Took several days for the nausea to go away. Generalized sensation of heat across the my abdomen occured a few times. Trying especially oily things brings a mild version on again. But on top of it, my Hemacult just came back showing some blood in the stool -- in two of the six windows. I've also felt somewhat constipated ever since.
Avatar n tn I never had morning sickness with the first and with this one, still not too morning sickness but for the third time now I have had vomiting and diarrhea at the same time happening. I thought it had to do with what I was eating, because the first 2 times it happened after having fast food (which I rarely do anyways), but this last time it happened shortly after eating eggs, toast and fruit.
Avatar m tn Would appreciate any ideas as to where I could go with this or if my symptoms (or lack of symptoms) can rule out things like crohn's or ulceritive colitis. Thanks.
Avatar n tn ) type symptoms for HOURS until they subside...sometimes hycosamine will work...sometimes 4 tums...and once and a while nothing but time cures it.....I have been told IBS....and intestinal intussusuption (found on two CT scans)diverticulitis...then I started to read up on Sphinter of Oddi syndrome...and it was like I was reading stories NOT from others suffering from it...but like I had written them myself....
Avatar n tn Chronic diarrhea, although seem to have slow intestinal motility Weight loss Abd pain (VERY localized - just to the left of the navel) Large pulsations in abdomen, esp after eating Abd distension Excessive fatigue Chest pain Swollen and frequently painful lymph nodes and glands (especially under arms and in neck) Occasional migraines Low blood sugar Fainting spells (twice since Nov 07) Eye and mouth dryness Excessively thirsty for no reason (but not all the time) Pelvic pain Skin rashes, Arthri
Avatar n tn 23 year old male In May, I returned from stay in Ireland with a fever, moderate diarrhea, and abdominal pains, vaguely located on my far right side, slightly above the line of my belly button. My urine also appeared a bit more concentrated--not dark, but it looked like it wasn't mixing uniformly with the water in the toilet. Doctor did bloodwork for liver functions Hepatitis, and ordered a CT scan (looking for appendicitis).
Avatar n tn I have been suffering from (sometimes) severe nausea and occasional vomiting, diarrhea/constipation and abdominal pain for almost three months now. Originally, my physician thought it was a Stomach Flu and provided me with Zofran to control the nausea but stated that everything else would have to run its course. I have seen him three additional times and all tests..Ct scan to check for Appendicitis, Ultrasound to check Gallbladder..have come back normal.
Avatar n tn I had a daughter at the age of 17 and ever since, I have had major stomach pain and episodes of diarrhea and vomiting. Sometimes I would almost pass out during a bowel movement. If I feel like I have to go and it is going to be an episode of a lot of pain I have to take a pillow into the bathroom with me and hold it over my stomach. I also have family history of back problems and already, I feel like I am in my 50's. I get tired very easily and my joints hurt, especially my back.