Appendicitis or gas pain

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Avatar m tn It could be a combo of period and gas! Gas is terrible painful at times, but combining menstrual cramping with gas is super painful! I've had it. I'd eat some bland foods (if that helps) and get a hot water bottle to ease the cramps.
Avatar f tn For the last five days I have been having pains in my back, kidneys, right side, right side abdominal pain, pain near my belly button, pelvic pain, pain right next to my hip bone, headaches, and nausea. I'm still able to pass gas, and eat, walk and jump without pain, and when my stomach is pushed on there is no pain. I have been to the doctor multiple times for pains like these, I seem to get them each month.
Avatar f tn See a doctor. That pain and shortness of breath sounds a lot like angina, which occurs when a cardiac arterry becomes partly blocked and some heart muscle isn't getting enough oxygen. If it is that, you're headed for a heart attack if it isn't fixed. With the heart, anything that even might be a problem needs to be checked.
Avatar m tn Flank pain (where the kidney is), if that is what you are describing, above the hip bone on the side, would make me think you might want to check on the right kidney, maybe get a urine test. Or, if below the kidney, again, it might be gas pain, which can come and go as the pockets of gas move along. Pain in the upper right abdomen- could be gallbladder or bile duct, liver, gas in the transverse colon (common place for it to collect), costochondritis (if in the rib cage area up there).
Avatar f tn I am still not convinced. Although I have no pain in my abdomen or any symptoms of appendicitis, I have a psychological block now. I can't not think about appendicitis. While placebo can resolve illnesses, the thought of having a problem can sometimes make you feel that you have a problem. I have these psychological feelings of uneasiness in my abdomen. How do I know it is psychological? I only feel the uneasiness when I think about appendicitis.
Avatar n tn Chrone's disease and ulcerative colitis causes that type of pain. Do you have other symptoms like diarrhea, nausea, cramping, gas etc. with the pain? Check it out before agreeing to appendix removal. That surgeon told me that over 40% of appendix removed end up not being appendicitis.
Avatar m tn Some of the symptoms are lower right quadrant pain, sometimes it's sharp, sometimes it dull, bloating mucus in stool, pain with or after intercourse, trapped gas or stool in the appendix area will double you over. WBC's will be somewhere from 9-11, not high enough to indicate an acute form of appendicitis but a chronic form of it.
Avatar f tn I have no fever or anything like that, nor am I having the typical rebound pain or any pain in my right lower stomach. It seems that the pain moves when I change position if that makes sense. Usually when I sit it moves in the lower area of my belly button, and when I lay down it moves to the upper area of my belly button. My stomach is constantly making gurgling noises and it feels like there are gas bubbles inside of me. I am really, really scared that something serious is going on with me.
727090 tn?1268842948 When i experience this sharp pain, few min later i pass some (gross again) smelly gas. Pain subsides but returns later again. I have been diagnosed w/ibs. The pain i generally feel when its not sharp is like a small bee sting. I do off and on have nausea. Couple weeks ago i was seen in the er for upper right abdominal pain. Got brushed off as if it was nothing. Couple days later went back cause was getting worse and my dr. wasnt available and they ran blood work and ct scan. All normal.
9068836 tn?1401935720 i havent lost my appetite , my back hurts so much too its ridiculous , or i expirinence bellybutton pain when im super constipated , or i also get chest pain my breast hurts like it feels like really bad trapped gas , i also expirience pain under bellybutton like where the anus is located , i sometimes get pain on my appendix area & i worry last time i was constipated trying to have a bowlment & only gas came out with mucus ! can this be maybe ibs or appendix attacks ?
Avatar m tn I made my self throw up and I only threw up bitter, yellow, stomach acid, because I hadn't eaten yet. I threw up off and on pretty hard for about 3 hours, the stomach pain just felt like extreme gas. After that I started feeling better and could keep food and some meds down. After that I just relaxed for the rest of the day, the only problem was I still had the extreme gas feeling. I started burping and passing gas a lot after the first 5 hours and felt better.
148354 tn?1211237506 I was told that in April for another er visit,put on antibotics,pain never left.The pain mimics appendicitis,but with having lap in Aug,dr said it looked normal.Is it possible for bacterial infection of vagina to be this painful and spread? I have not been sexually active (not in this pain..last thing on my mind is sex haha) and I'am std free.Could repeated vaginitis infections without treatment lead to pid and be source of lower abdominal pain? it travels down to my hip and thighs.
Avatar m tn Does this sound possible based on the continuing pain? Or could the pain from the previous virus I had STILL be present after all this time? Or could it be a food allergy? Thanks.
10527507 tn?1444456981 I went to the ER Friday morning due to extreme pain, after about 9 hours in the ER the MRI results came back that I had appendicitis and had to get rushed to the OR. Does anyone have any advice on how to get rid of the bloating, they said I need to 'pass gas' because they filled my stomach with air but no luck... already in pain, bloating and baby kicking isn't helping very much.
148354 tn?1211237506 She gave me the option of staying a day or two for pain control. I left that night still in pain and frustrated because I didn't have any answers. After another two weeks of pain I went to my OBGYN who had done a surgery on a ovarian cyst before. She said that she would do a laproscopy even though she didnt think she would find anything. I said I wanted to wait and see if the pain went away. The pain got progressively worse.
Avatar n tn I have been suffering from abdominal pain, bloating, gas for approx. 3 wks. At times, pain travels to my lower back. Also sharp pain when I press on my right side about 1 inch from the navel. A bit constipated but no diarreah, bloody stools, fever, nor weight loss. Had flex sigmoidoscopy 2 years ago - normal. Dr. scheduled me for U/S. I believe (and hope) it may be IBS/IBD and hoping its not related to any colon issue. Appendicitis? Any thoughts?
405614 tn?1329147714 I had trouble sleeping last night because of lower right quadrant pain on the right side. The pain localized to where I've read the appendix is, and I've been having trouble with gas for the last couple days. I thought at first it might be gas, but passing gas didn't relieve it. Having a bowel movement didn't, either, though it hurt more when I tried to push at all. I don't have a fever, but I really don't feel well.
Avatar n tn it ussually starts with really bad gas pain, my stomach will distend and I will be almost imobilized by the pain, this lasts about a day. after that I will have very bad constipation, I will feel like I need to use the bathroom but nothing will come out this last anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. its like having diareah(sorry about the spelling) but with no relief. after that I do get diareah that will last about five days.
Avatar f tn It could have possibly gas or menstural cramps so I paid no attention. After we left the game it felt worse so I looked up appendicitis. The symptoms were similar to mine but maybe it's just me imagining it. I told myself if I throw up I'm going to the hospital.
Avatar f tn Hi, the symptoms you described could be due to appendicitis, that’s when you have pain on the right side just above the pelvis and you may also have referred pain around the umbilicus (belly button). The other symptoms for Appendicitis are fever, nausea, vomiting and malaise. The other causes for pain could be urinary tract infection, pelvic infections, renal colic and sometimes bowel infections.
Avatar n tn Since it is your right side if the pain is severe or gets worse go to ER. Right side pain is an indication of appendicitis. other than that the pain could be from a back problem, pulled muscle, ect.
Avatar n tn HI, The pains can be because of gas and bloating and can pass of on its own or with antacids. If it does not subside then other possibilities need to be excluded like intestinal infection or pelvic infection or appendicitis. Consult your Doctor for an examination. Take care and good luck.
Avatar f tn Around 12am this morning I got this weird sharp pain right below and a little to the right of my naval. I wound get the pain every time I moved weird or stretched across the table. Then through out the night my stomach looked like it was a little bit swollen. I felt uncomfortable, as if i couldn't move as quick because i might get that pain again. The swell and pressure has gone down a little, re-risen, and then gone down a little again.
1552748 tn?1294215376 it could be gas pains or round ligament pains too. I know sometime I get both of these so bad I'm in tears just trying to move. My dr also told me that sometimes your pubic bone gets inflamed and that causes some awful pain as well. I'm sorry you're going though this...pain during pregnancy is no fun.
Avatar n tn the other one said it was nothing serious and prescribed antibiotics for ten days, So I took them for ten days, now I feel much better. I don't have pain in the lower side of the abdomen but I still have pain on the anterior surface of the right thigh and it extends to knee and ankle. Especially it hurts at night. pain gets worse when I palpate this area and it takes me several hours to go to sleep, What's your advice? What should I do?
Avatar f tn I am a 17 year old girl and recently I have been feeling a bit under the weather. I have been experiencing nausea, gas, loss of appetite, and a deep pain in my stomach. Basically here's what has happened over the psst few days; Day 1: I went out to the movies and when I came home I noticed I was really tired and I also had a headache. I ate dinner as usual (I'm a growing girl!) and noticed a pain in my stomach, however I just assumed I had eaten too much and didn't think very much of it.