Appendicitis and blood pressure

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Avatar f tn I have felt nothing abnormal in my abdomen since then. The hospital still claims that I had appendicitis and that my body (and perhaps the antibiotic) helped get resolve the appendicitis. The doctor says that I probably have smoldering appendicitis. I did some more research online to match my symptoms. 1. My symptoms appear to best match Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis. Peritonitis, yes, I had that. Spontaneous, due to what? I do not know.
Avatar f tn Went to the ER to have it checked out. They did a blood test and a urine test. Nothing unusual they said. Proceeded to do a CT scan, in which they said the results were normal. Nurse followed up by telling me to take miraLAX because I was just backed up. I had 3 bowel movements between 6pm Thursday and Friday at 5am when I woke up (the day I visited the ER). And have gone frequently since. Now over 30 hours later I have diarrhea. Could it still be appendicitis?
148354 tn?1211237506 I had chronic appendicitis for YEARS when I was a teenager (I'm 33 now). I would have these attacks of abdominal pain every once in a while. The doctors couldn't find anything wrong with me. I don't think I had most of the symptoms you described, but I had LOTS of abdominal pain. Anyway, they did exploratory surgery and took out my appendix and said it was "acute" (meaning, I think, ready to burst).
Avatar f tn So i tried it out and after just one month my blood pressure dropped, and by the time i was done with the second bottle and on my third bottle my doctor and i could both see a significant improvement in my BP levels. So if you have a problem with either high blood pressure or high cholesterol i really recommend that you try L-arginine plus at least once and see what it can do for you so check it out--bit.
148354 tn?1211237506 ended up being bad Chron's disease with a fistula on bowel....feces was leaking from bowel into bladder and blood stream. Took MANY colonoscopies and other tests to diagnose but since surgery he is much better. They had to remove a foot of bowel. I have a lot of your symptoms too but docs say IBS and gas. The pain in leg is worth looking at ovarian cancer website just to rule everything out!
Avatar n tn i have been feeling so much pressure in my pelvic area,and my right side has been in so much pain,the same side where i feel like there is something under my rib cage.i am scheduled for a lapro on dec.6 ,but the pain is worse,and i have been feeling really weak and at times shaky.and when i have a bowel movement,it hurts so much afterwards.does this relate to anyone else? i am unsure what i should do.should ijust let it go til dec.?
Avatar m tn The gas has since subsided, but the abdominal pressure and thin stools still persist (for about 2 weeks now) And I also notice my stomach gurgling a lot throughout the day and while in bed at night. I'm trying my best to not to get freaked out thinking its colon cancer, but I do notice I have alot of the symptoms. Any help / advice would be greatly appreciated!
Avatar m tn My stool is consistently soft and bowel movements seem to be regular (2-3 movements a day). Passing gas and bowel movements seem to relieve the pressure temporarily, but it soon returns. The pressure has become more consistent over the past 2 months and the dull ache sensations are slightly more frequent.
Avatar n tn For a month, I had very very low energy (beyond the effect of not getting enough sleep) and was constantly monitoring my blood pressure and temperature. Then, about 4 weeks after delivery, I had searing pain, and after all the testing, they determined it was acute appendicitis (not ruptured) and I had my appendectomy. The question is: was the appendicitis likely building during the pregnancy (I had nausea for the entire time, and on-and-off mild abdominal pain)?
Avatar f tn It has taken away most of the pain but I still get the slow flow and pressure plus bladder awareness. Infections can get into the bladder wall and then stay in the cells covered in a biofilm Not many Drs are educated as to this form of infection. Unfortunately the infection doesnt always show up in urine as the bugs dont always come out into the urine. I found out by having a flexible cystoscopy where the inflammation etc could be seen in my bladder wall.
1927233 tn?1326673987 I was in the hospital the past couple of days because they thought I might have appendicitis, but ultrasounds and CT scans were normal except some free flluid so they said I had a virus in my intestines (???). I had something similar a year ago when I was in Bolivia, they said it should pass on its own but to report back if things got worse.
Avatar n tn I have not ever been this big other than when I am pregnant. I have pressure in my abdomen that comes and goes and the lower back pain that comes and goes. I am very tired and grouchy. I just don't feel like myself. I have three kids that I have to keep up with and It is just not working. I don't know what to do either. I feel like I am going crazy.
Avatar n tn Another doctor at the same hospital felt that since I was able to walk and wasn't in extreme pain (the stomach pain had largely gone by midday), and fact that my blood pressure and temp were normal seemed to indicate that I was OK. Since Thursday, I've eaten normally and been able to hold down food and water. My mother (who is an RN) listened to my bowels and I have normal bowel sounds; my stomach is not hard but slightly tender in the lower right groin area.
Avatar n tn I had my last period on 23rd June now its more than 6 weeks i didn't have any. I had my hpt couple of times and guess what.. Was negative and today doctor take my blood test and is negative too. But i'm feeling all kind of symptoms Bloating, cramps in my abdomen and leg cramps, difficulty in sitting, nausea, breast tenderness, all my veins being visible, dizziness, some headache..but the doctor asked me to take pills so that i could have my period..i said no. I want to wait till i'm sure.
Avatar n tn Common symptoms include anxiety, insomnia, rapid weight loss, diarrhea, high heart rate, high blood pressure, eye sensitivity/bulging and vision disturbances, and many other concerns.
Avatar m tn Appendicitis goes with nausea, vomiting and raised leukocytes in the blood. Appendicitis is painfull at any time you press on area. Bouncing sign is present: lye down on the back and press deeply sopmewhere on your lower LEFT abdomen, then release the pressure quickly. In peritonitis or appendicitis you should feel a sharp pain on the LRQ area. Peritonitis would also show marked inflammation in the blood.
148354 tn?1211237506 ,not to mention what feels like bowel pressure and trapped gas,been living on laxatives once a week, and still feel constipated,constant urge and rectal pressure for bm,so bloated I cant stand to wear jeans or pants! so I'm thinking it must be the cyst causing this havoc! I had laparscopy in Aug to check for endometriosis ,the oby/gyn didnt see any,but my best friend had endometrosis and her 1st laparscopy didnt reveal it.
Avatar f tn First time, her right arm stiffened up fingers curled in (feeling of pins and needles), abdomen swollen and it was thought to be she had appendicitis (removed during the first stay), Second time, she was not able to hold down food throwing up on an empty stomach (green and yellow) they found she had an infection in her intestine right along with other blood work being done for chrons Disease and IBS, all showed up negative.
Avatar n tn Not urinating every 8 hours, dry/cracked lips and dry mouth, press on her nail beds, and they should turn white with pressure but should immediately "pink up" when you release the pressure. The main thing is the urinating. If she hasn't urinated w/in 8 hours, she is dehydrated. They need to check for things like appendicitis, however, it is a great sign that the other kids have been throwing up. That's a good indication that its a virus.
684604 tn?1293481326 Swimming is a particularly great sport during pregnancy--it is low impact, aerobic and exercises the whole body. It seems to keep the blood pressure and swelling down for a lot of my patients too. There are lots of good yoga programs and aerobic programs if you want to exercise at home, and often your obstetrician will know of any local facilities offering classes.
Avatar n tn I had the same problem it to me felt like something really really big was coming out of my rectum, like lots and lots of pressure build up and all you can do it sit or lie in the same place because it hurts to bad to move. well let me tell you they found out it was endometriosis go to your obgyn and let them know tell them you want to have a laproscopy and hystoscopy and d n c this will let them know if you have it or not.
1600646 tn?1297899472 It could be as simple as a pulled muscle which can be very painful especially in the intercostal regions of the ribs, but it could be anything from pulled muscle, spleen, Kidney issues (kidney stones, kidney infection, kidney calcification or even kidney failure being absolute worst case scenario) so dont be alarmed at thes but you should look for signs and symptoms like, low grade to high fever 99-101+, how many days has this been going on, does it hurt more if you press down or let go, Does it
Avatar f tn I guess once I have the 3rd blood test, I will worry less. I did another hpt today and it is still positive, but I guess it will until all of hcg is out of my system, if I miscarried. I praying I have not. My breasts are slightly sore and I am very fatigue. Hopefully, all is well.
Avatar n tn My 14 year old sister is experiencing Sharp shooting pains that shot into her lower back. We brought her to the doctor and had tests done. All the blood work came back fine and they also did ultrasounds to check her appendicitis which was fine. When pressure was applied to her back around where her kidneys are you could tell it really hurt. But according to the blood work her kidneys are fine. Also a while back they found that she had a cyst on her ovaries.
Avatar n tn (Was having pretty severe pain on right lower abdomen, weird bladder pains/pressure, felt nauseous and had an awful migraine, etc.) They ran blood tests, urine and stool tests, and did a pelvic exam and couldn't find any diseases, infections, problems, issues, etc. besides what seemed to be an "unhappy" GI tract. They sent me home and advised me to see a Gynecologist, to be tested and examined further for cysts, or other things.
Avatar m tn Pancreatitis is another entity diagnosed by blood tests and ultrasound. Renal stones can cause vomiting and pain. The stones may be too small to be picked up by an ultrasound. Inflammatory bowel diseases and gall bladder diseases can also be the culprits. Discuss these options with your doctor when you happen to meet him. In the meantime take oral fluids like soups and broth as tolerated to keep you hydrated. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn about a month into this, i started getting pains in my abdomen. it was like pressure all around the center of my belly. my stomach always looks and feels swollen and the pain is like dull and constant but sometimes sharp like a knife. sometimes i can feel the pain wrap around to my back. i also feel tired and drained all the time. the first doctor i saw thought maybe my aorta was on the wrong side of my body so he ordered an ultrasound.
Avatar f tn Crohn’s disease, diverticulitis, inflammatory bowel disease, infection in kidney, kidney stones, constipation, ovary involvement (cysts, hemorrhage, tumor, torsion—torsion is a medical emergency and a long standing pain is not due to this), ectopic pregnancy in women, mesentry (a thin tissue that carries the blood, nerves and lymphatics for the intestine) involvement low blood supply, and enlarged lymphnodes, along with inguinal hernia are the various causes of pain.
Avatar m tn Pranayama exercises induce a rapid circulation of blood. Moreover the blood is rich in oxygen and reaches the nerve endings faster. The action of rhythmic breathing stimulates the nerves around the spinal column and the synaptic nerves inducing a rich blood flow to the brain inducing clearer thought. 5. Pranayama Aids the Endrocine Functioning: The endocrine glands work in cohesion with the nervous system to ensure that nerve impulse are transmitted quickly.