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Avatar n tn I feel anxious and nervous around big crowds. People often tell me that i look like im lost or confused...What is wrong with me??
Avatar m tn Symptoms of anxiety/panic can vary greatly from person to person, but below is a list of some of the more common (and accepted) manifestations: Overwhelming fear of impending doom Chest pains Shortness of breath or feeling smothered Palpitations or increased heart rate Trembling/shaking Sweating A sensation of choking Nausea/stomache/diarrhea Feelings of "unreality," strangeness or detachment from the environment Numbness/tingling in hands or feet, or around mouth Chills or flushing F
Avatar m tn make notes for yourself, try to stay focused, write things down, avoid really complicated projects that require concentration, have reminders around (ie like alarms to remember to take the pills), put all appointments on a calandar, keep an eye on whatt you are doing to be sure you are doing it correctly, and so forth. You are not alone in having these symptoms. Personally, I gave up on trying to read a book, write narratives, work on geneology, do research, tackle big projects, etc.
Avatar m tn Please seek some therapy for your irrational thoughts,nurses don't go around infecting people with HIV.That type of thinking is totally absurd.
431685 tn?1324341198 Just looking at the clock makes me anxious cause I know that's around the time when I'm going to get it. I really am considering medication if this keeps up. I'm 18 and I'm starting my 2nd year in college. I really don't want to mess my 3.7 gpa.. but I feel like anxiety is already trying to ruin that.. Can't even concentrate in class sometimes.
1449909 tn?1289448459 hi u, what are u anxious about? not sure if its the same but i feel realy wierd around younger and fit healthy people, -kind of inferiour -now i dont go into Mcdonalds -just go through the drivethrough and sit in the carpark to eat. this week i forced myself to go inside and thought everyone was looking at me. (yes i eat way too much takeaway...) does this relate to u? or did i miss the point? -stand tall, chin up...
Avatar f tn The positive thing is you know what triggers it- large groups of people, but this also means that when you know that you have to be in a large group of people you probably get worked up and anxious because you feel like you're going to get upset. Basically, distraction is a great method when this is happening. Make sure you're distracted before and during times where you have to be around people.
Avatar n tn If you have these allergens on your cloths and such speaking is small vibrations in your chest that might push these allergens off your clothes and when you talk you are directing air flow in their direction that could pick up and carry the allergens that were just knocked off in their direction if in fact this is really happening.
Avatar f tn I can't wait to be done with the first trimester so I can be a little more calm. I had a miscarriage late August at around 6 weeks, so we're praying for a healthy baby and for everything to go well this time.
Avatar f tn hey everyone, around three weeks ago i had a fling with a stranger (don't know his HIV status). we had protected vaginal sex & oral sex (made him wear a condom when i have him a blow job), but twice i allowed him to ejaculate on my stomach & chest. shortly after he cam i noticed a small cut near my breast, not sure if it was completely healed, and also that some of his cum had landed on my freshly shaved pubic region.
Avatar n tn After foreplay, her vagina was wet, even on the outside. When putting on the condom, I accidentally momentarily touched the head of my penis near the surface of the vagina, wet with vaginal fluids for around one second. I realized and quickly moved my penis and slipped on the condom. 1) What are your thoughts about my PND problem and first situation? 2) I plan to get tested for HIV next week, but given the new encounter, should I just wait for another month and get tested for both situations?
Avatar n tn Dr. I was at a strip club in Europe and sucked on the strippers nipples a few times over the course of two nights. I am concerned that I tasted breastmilk and was exposed to HIV ( She said she had a young baby ). I took a DNA by PCR at 26 days ( Negative ) for HIV I and another DNA by PCR at 30 days ( Negative ) For HIV II. Starting at around 24 days I began having a sore throat and swollen lymph nodes in my armpit, neck and a little around the groin.
Avatar f tn Helo people here.. i would like to ask some question here. I know my sex activity maybe would not put me on a high risk of hiv infection, but i have this 'scary' question to ask. I went to this csw place at her room where the light was so dim. She put me on with a condom & do the handjob & oral sex to me. What bothering me is what if she use a reuse condom from previous customer who maybe have hiv & other std to me? What are my risk here?
Avatar m tn Are you saying that you think you might have had a herpes outbreak around the anus when you had sex with him? Do you think the abrasion could be a herpes outbreak?
Avatar n tn We told everyone with our first the moment we found out (2 years of trying excitement) but it was hard to tell people when we miscarried. With our now almost 2 year old we told people we would want with us if we lost if right away and made everyone else wait till 10ish weeek. With our current one we made everyone wait (besides my best friend) till our first 16 weeks besides immediate family who was told at 10 weeks again.
Avatar n tn She's like the unhappy elephant in the room that everyone tiptoes around. When you talk about yourself, she gets anxious, her eyes dart and she rushes the conversation. Of course, it's always "you" and never her. You can't ask much of her and you have to be carefull so that she doesn't feel put out and victimized. I hate to say this, but she's better after a drink or two, when she calms down. Then she can be enjoyable. She really can't "give of herself".
Avatar n tn I was tested July 11th by the doctor for IgG and IgM for both HSV1 and HSV2 but I am worried those tests were done too soon anyway. How long should I wait before getting tested again? I am really anxious and have a mirror with me at all times and it is ruining my whole trip. I can't eat from the stress of not knowing what to expect. Please help shed some light.
2011837 tn?1343801128 Most people find out around 20 weeks but it depends on when your dr does your anatomy scan and if the baby cooperates.
Avatar n tn Last year I had two major surgeries. One was a back surgery that lasted 6 & a half hrs the other was for multiple prolapses, that was 7hrs.. I had very little help or support from people. I have been a nurse for 35years, now retired. Now it seems I don't trust others and feel a great deal of resentment as I have been helpful . I find myself very uncomfortable & anxious in social situations and avoid people like the plague.
470885 tn?1326332637 0) Actually they're all funny. I just hate it when people tell me when I'm anywhere from 6-9 months that they just "KNOW that I'll be having that baby sometime this week". I get big really fast, and then my growing somewhat tapers off at the end. I've never had a baby come early! Another one when I got pregnant with my third only 5 months after I had my second. You can imagine the remarks I got. "Do you and your husband not have televesion?
Avatar f tn I don't think it was an external trigger, but an internal one because nothing around me changed. Also I have no reason to be stressed, anxious and/or depressed. I have 3 months of relaxing with at least two holidays. No work or school or commitments. Then I have the best university offer I could ever have hoped for. So everything in my world would be rosy, were it not for having to be around people.
Avatar f tn Any of you have anxiety when there are people behind you or to may people around you?
2001101 tn?1331498340 I'll tell you to calm down. Remember, anxious people dont like to be put into situations like this. It is understandable that you feel like you are going crazy. Just stay calm. The "Pot" thing around the kids really concerns me though. people should have enough sense to keep that away from children. They will most certainly get a contact high from being around it.
Avatar f tn tightness around the head tingling in the hands and feet electric shock feeling on the skin that tend to feel cold a feeling that a certain part of my body is cold/tingling bulging eyes numbness/weakness in limbs my concern is that these things arent anxiety because i get them when im not having a panic attack. i mean i worry about it when i feel it but i dont hyperventilate or anything.
Avatar f tn I feel and look huge and am just tired of lugging around this huge belly swaying from side to side when I walk. Its some what painful to walk around, bend over, get up from sitting, and its difficult to wipe after using the bathroom. I've been cramping a lot the last 4ish days and been having a lot of braxton hix contractions. With a few that take my breath away here and there.
Avatar n tn This is not uncommon, the feeling of guilt and being unnatural around people you would normally feel comfortable around. Do you go to school? If so, the school probably offers free counseling and I urge you to take advantage of the service. When you go to the counselor be sure to be completely 100% honest with them so they can help work out this issue. If you do not go to school, I would suggest that it is imparitive to see a counselor or psychologist about your feelings on this issue.
Avatar f tn I seem to get mildly depressed and anxious every spring around this time. I really don't understand it since this is my favorite time of year. I love spring flowers and trees and try to get out on walks and drives to see them. So I've been looking forward to this time of year since last Fall, but here I am down and stressed again. I had my first major depression in the May after my favorite Grandfather died and over the years I find that I feel anxious and down in May a lot.
Avatar m tn It will be negative buddy, when you get you result, believe it and move on. When they say 12 / 13 week test, it's not a switch that happens at 11 wks 6 days / 12 wks 6 days, the reason people discuss 3 months is many people cannot remember when the "encounter" took place, many new tests are way more accurate, I have heard of them picking HIV up at 11 days. Your test will be negative, no doubt..