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Avatar m tn Speaking was difficult for me, especially on bad days, so I got used to thinking and practicing things that I needed to communicate beforehand and using a dictionary or thesaurus when unable to pull a word or definition out of the fog of my mind. The aforementioned notes I took also helped to keep practicing the vocabulary and sentence structures I am used to using while speaking, but unable to use because of the condition. I also communicated a lot more in writing.
Avatar f tn that people speak of, or much fatigue either, but during the end, I would sometimes have a problem finding the word I was looking for, but nothing a thesaurus couldn't help with, etc. I feel like the Interferon made me feel very sentimental, and I would cry if I heard a sad or nostalgic song, but I didn't see it as "depression"..and besides, once I got a lab test that showed me my Hep C virus was Undetected, I felt great, and so will you!
Avatar f tn Hello to all of you wonderful forum people! I just found an interesting link while surfing. I just could not believe my eyes when I read ALL the symptoms that having anxiety can make a person feel! I am not saying that I agree with it, whatsoever, but it just made me realize that because of so-called "lists" like these, it's no wonder a lot of us LimboLanders are labelled as "anxious", or "crazy" or "stress", etc....
612876 tn?1355518095 Yes, Dr. Blair Grubb is here in Ohio. Actually, it's a bit skewed to give Grubb credit for most of the POTS research. He has done a tremendous amount of syncope research, and did some of the early research on POTS, but significant breakthroughs on POTS have come from several sources: Dr. Low et. al. at Mayo, the late Dr. Streeten ( ), Dr. Robertson/Dr. Raj et. al. at Vanderbilt, Dr. Mathias et. al.
740516 tn?1360946086 I'm happy to hear your stories Apple all the antics make me giggle. It will soon be spring here and already Sami is getting anxious to get outside, so soon I will need to get his harness and leash out again, I get nothing done during the good months...he likes to sit outside all day!! take care to you and the furry ones.