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Avatar n tn ) Interestingly, several children at the same school last year had social workers sit with them in class (not for attachment disorders but other issues). It's very matter-of-fact, and NYC has a comprehensive program available for families whose children qualify. Services are free. I do think a letter is in order. Maybe, as you suggest, the teacher needs back-up from parents. At least an extra set of hands in the classroom might help the them reach all the students.
Avatar f tn It can become a dangerous power struggle between a patient and health providers. Sounds like bpd. Sounds like you have attachment issues. Have you tried getting a second opinion or an independent opinion? If you're under an mhs they should fund you to see one. Ask again about the diagnosis and if you're not happy with the assessment you're given get another advice. A correct diagnosis can go a long way towards receiving appropriate care and treatment. Good luck.
Avatar n tn The treatment and prognosis of coronary stent infection Intravenous antibiotics are the mainstay of therapy in patients with coronary stent infections. However, given that foreign body infections are extremely resistant to antibiotics and host defence mechanisms, surgery with debridement and/or stent removal may be required.
Avatar f tn I have had some negative experiences with dbt and can still be resistant. I bought a copy of the skills training manual several years ago but after my last therapist and her asking me not to read stuff and to allow her to treat me I have been reluctant to take anything in. I was trying to read Otto Kernberg's book on T-F-P. I thought it was helpful but it can be hard to treat yourself. I did buy one of Jon Kabit-Zinn's mindfulness meditation cd's. I have been using it in my brothers car.
181575 tn?1250202386 In a 2006 study of 673 patients using monotherapy of entecavir 3% showed virologic rebound in 96 weeks of which 3 patients had lamivudine-resistant virus at start of treatment. A 2007 study indicated that the cumulative probability of virologic breakthrough associated with entecavir resistance was 0.8% over 4 years. 4.
363110 tn?1340924019 However when first starting out, it is best to use it more frequently as the muscle tissue is more resistant at first but over time the muscle tissue becomes more compliant and doesn't knot back up so quickly. If you do decide to try it, let me know how it goes! :) Oh, and it is also great for deep massage of the feet and arms and legs too! And, it works wonders at loosening tight shoulders and the muscle tissue on the sides of the lower part of the neck.
472570 tn?1274689487 The dust things just need vacuumed. I know, seems impossible. But it helps. I take the brush attachment on my vacuum and go over everything with it. Often. The best thing I've found for laundry is biokleen detergent and biokleen bleach with vinegar in rinse cycle. It's not perfect, but close. Check your clothes in dryer by turning off lights and shining flashlight inside. If you see floaties and "dust" your detergent isn't working.
Avatar n tn I still get a little concerned ( better then anxious or nervous) because my immune system was knocked the hell out of when I was crazed with anxiety. I trecently took a long run of antibiotics from 3 different docs because they could not figure out what else to do and it gave me a terrible yeast ( oral thrush) problem that I now cannot seem to get rid of. It seems any answer people post here which was right for them maybe right for you but it may not and I guess we have to still keep looking.
Avatar n tn My first thing for Civsgirl would be to wait for three months on the DHEA before using up limited financial resources if it is not too late. As anxious as we all are to get results most of the information I have seen states that three months is the earliest that the researchers have started stimulations.
1647691 tn?1363727302 However, there is another procedure called 'assisted hatching'. This is done when the 'shell' of the embryo is too thick for attachment to the endometrium. Hopefully I answered your questions.
Avatar n tn when should I experience the symptoms, if any? What about implantation bleeding? Im on my 2ww but Im already so anxious to find symptoms! Thanks!
162948 tn?1205256292 I just recently had a baby girl on 20 November 07, I go in for my 6wk postpardom (sp?) checkup next week. I'm trying to decide what type of birth control method to use and I'm considering the IUD but I just want to make sure its possible to get pregnant afterwards and how long it takes. I was on ortho tricyclen for 7years straight and the month I got off and started ttc I got pregnant so we were pretty excited.
Avatar f tn I have pain around them still, but I was chalking that up to how off my bite is because of his poor surgery, but now Im more concerned that its direct inflammation and bone damage that is continuing. I am anxious to know how your visit with the oral surgeon goes. I tend to agree with you, if I am understanding your point on that many people who work in the field are either not aware of, or wont admit to the problems with Ti.