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Avatar f tn It's so annoying because alcohol never effected me like that before. I'm afraid to go out I'm even getting anxious about being anxious. Can alcohol have affect even with just one skipped dose? Or are my meds just not working. I'm the most outgoing person ever and I hate feeling lik this.had to take a week off work because it got that bad.
286686 tn?1416015940 I was curious to know if anyone here is resistant to medication for OCD. He is on 300mg of Anafranil since December and started Luvox at the end of December and doctor has been increasing the luvox, so he is now on 300mg of luvox as of two days ago. This is the strange part.....
Avatar f tn All of that really destroyed me wheres before I was seriously depressed and anxious. This stuff flicked me into being suicidal/homical. They paid to move us to another city because of that and I've never been back. Or worked since. On the other hand mate I was also a Personnale Manager there the agency often gave me people like me to try and help get back into work. Some survived but they were never accepted, respected or productive.
Avatar n tn People think I have AIDS or that I am a meth addict. Even the dr in Florida blamed me, saying I was anxious. Well, if your face looked like this you would be "anxious" too, you Ahole. Nothing I tried helped. Thousands of dollars in topical meds. A virtual laundry list of stuff failed. IPL treatments Hydrogen peroxide baths, antifungals, antibiotics, Protopic, Aczone, all the rosacea meds, ivermectin, various steroid creams, Barmicil from Mexico, apple cider vinegar (OUCH!
901137 tn?1267629789 I have treatment resistant moderate depression. (My doctor characterizes it as "moderate" as I am able to function on a daily basis. While saying this he acknowledges that it doesn't feel moderate to me) I tend to keep the hurt to myself. I was wondering if there are others who are experiencing the same situation.
Avatar n tn Whatever she has, almost certainly it has nothing to do with your massage parlor event 7 months ago, and it is unlikely she caught anything from you. Some yeast infections are resistant to Monistat, so that could still be the diagnosis; but in any case, you are correct that she needs to see a provider for a professional diagnosis. Let that provider make the decision about evaluating for herpes or other things; but I see no reason to raise your massage parlor exposure at this time.
19413498 tn?1477673341 I have treated it with Ketaconazole creme, hydrocortisone creme, Fluconazole tablets, and now terbinafine HCL tablets and nothing has worked... I have read types of yeast infections (candida Glabrata) can be resistant to many of these drugs..The rash does not bother me a ton, I can live with it, its the ability to potentially pass it on that scares me and is causing me bad anxiety. My question is: after all these treatments, what kind of doctor can i see?
Avatar m tn This past year I’ve been withdrawing from anti-anxiety medication (Xanax) and have therefore been feeling very anxious indeed, in fact, feeling worse than before I started Xanax 4 years ago. I've been having a tough time with panic attacks and periods of high anxiety. I think this is why my outbreaks have become more frequent recently. I also caught a cold a few weeks ago. Yet, I also had a cold at the beginning of the year during my withdrawal from tranquillizers and had no outbreaks.
Avatar n tn Is he anxious to go to preschool? Most will not let him come until he is completely trained, that can be huge incentive. Unless he has special needs, he should be trainable at 3.5 years. Perhaps he is scared? My daughter thought a bm was her insides coming out and was very scared.
Avatar n tn You have seen several providers who didn't come up with anything; in that situation, no online source can come up with new answers. You have already been overtreated, at your own insistance more than as a result of any diagnosis (and seemingly against your providers' best judgment), for symptoms that really do not suggest any STD and almost certainly are emotional in origin. You can be 100% confident you have nothing that will ever threaten your health or that of future sex partners.
Avatar n tn Unfortunately I lapsed and I was soon waking up choking on acid vomit. Nasty! I now take omeprazole gastro resistant 20 mg. This has cleared the bloating and reflux. However, if I eat bread or any other wheat based foods, I get bloated. I know that I have had a lot of surgery and that I cannot extect things to be the same as before. It is likely that I will be taking omeprazole for life, but if it keeps working, then so be it.
Avatar n tn Could this be a Mycoplasma and ureaplasma infect; Whether I was still infected by some resistant bacteria such as Mycoplasma or other? What should I do now? Could the infection is inside my urethra by virus (such as hsv or HPV)? Or is there any posibility for my bladder and prostate infection? Otherwise why doctor can not find anything wrong, But I fell not good. In addition, Last friday, I feel a little itchy and painful for my anus.
Avatar f tn Last month I was diagnosed with pnuemonia and localized branchiectasis in my right lower lobe. I went to the Dr. b/c I was suddenly experiencing (what I thought were) exercise-induced asthma symptoms during my regular runs. I am 29 yrs old, non-smoker, normal weight.
1451936 tn?1294902315 Dear Joggen, friends I find myself anxious after a 84 day test (4th generation hiv test for Hiv 1/2 antibody and Hiv 1 antigen). My risk is deep kissing and saliva exchange. I had symptoms at some 7 days after exposure (rash) and diarrhea + oral ulcers all within the first 2-3 weeks following exposure. I subsequently tested at 25 days, 42 days, 56 days and 84 days, all AG/AB 4th Generation tests, with a negative result.
Avatar m tn This week I have a X-ray computed tomography for the abdominal pelvic part of my body and i'm a lot anxious because they use iodinated contrast agents and I canno't chose to have a low osmolality iodinated agents with less adverses effects!!! They use one of the older product cause of the low cost and I read that it can give a lot of side-effects, mainly cardiovascular side-effects... vagal reaction who can lead to low blood pressure and syncope...
Avatar f tn been takin my effexor, it's been good to me, i don't get depressed or really anxious anymore. i saw my therapist today, and since i've been doing well, not goin to see him on a regular basis anymore. only thing that's been bothering me is my relationship. i don't even know what he's thinking right now. whatever, i'm goin home next week, and i'll figure it out then.
Avatar n tn Discharged from hospital tonight. Happy at first but then very anxious and resistant to starting PHP tomorrow. Crying and despairing at bedtime and pushing me away. When she was a bit calmer, I approached her again to see if there was anything I could do. Suggested a warm rag - no. Suggested Vicks and she accepted. I then offered to try joint compression, which I had just seen a video on, and she agreed. We were joking around as I did it, and she seemed to calm down.
Avatar n tn wellbutrin made me more anxious which in turn exacerbated my depression. But that went away when i went off of it. Of course this is anecdotal and antidepressants are really finicky.
Avatar m tn They have now put me on cephalexin antibiotics and running a new battery of tests including for STI's Still exhibiting discomfort at the point of urethra but no burning sensation, with only localized discomfort. I'm now anxious as I have never had an STI and have been with the same guy for 9 months with no symptoms like what I have been experiencing the last few weeks. I have had not had any other partners and my last yearly exam everything was negative.
605458 tn?1539232408 I have no idea if how I am going to end up doing things will be the right way, if I will end up regretting it, but I will never find out if an independent life is something I can have unless I try. It is all scary and I was resistant because of the high level of uncertaintly, but knowing that my mom is anxious for me to get settled so she can make some decision in regards to her own life, this makes me want to moved ahead, with or without my lame-*** caseworker.
393685 tn?1425816122 Ironically, while the insulin-resistant woman is gaining weight, her cells are actually “starved” for glucose, so she feels exhausted and tends to eat carbohydrate-heavy foods in search of energy. These extra fat cells are also little estrogen factories. So weight gain contributes to the estrogen dominance that causes so many symptoms during the early stages of peri menopause.
Avatar m tn Have i contracted some form of Chlamydia or Gonorrhea that is completely resilient or resistant to treatment? Or is this just a complication of my previous condition? On a side note, I have noticed that there is more discharge when i get an erection. Also getting erections have become significantly painful. So much so that sometimes the pain manages to wake me when i'm asleep. I really am getting a bit worried (the understatement of the year!
653618 tn?1260607243 She told me that, after reviewing my surgical report, path report and latest CT Scan I am probably resistant to the platinum drugs but in order to qualify for any clinical trials, I need to finish the carbo/taxol treatments. (I've only had 3 treatments of carbo/taxol but my ca125 stopped going down after the 1st treatment). She said that the changes in my CT scan that indicated a small amount of growth in 2 lymph nodes could be from the surgery.
1990530 tn?1333482443 All I can hear echoing in my brain is the TX nurse telling me not o screw up taking this med or you can become resistant. So after I caught my breath I called the nurse and passed the phone to the Pharmasist. They managed to get things straightened out and I can p/u my meds in the morning just taking them a couple of hrs late. I was so burned out by that I went home and passed out doing some deep breathing. It's all good now, took my meds and back on track.
Avatar f tn hi to all ,just had my first appointment with an encroligest dr after waiting 6 months i met a lovely lady that seem to be interested she asked about the painfull peroids and weight that is going on since childhood so she took bloods and she is going to test for pcos ,i am very anxious about this as wheni had my operation i was told my chances of getting pregent with one ovary is 50 per cent but if i have pcos with one ovary i wont conceive this to me is devasting 24yrs single with no family ,si
381616 tn?1204341934 When do you treat a person w/ insulin resistance & how do you diagnosis it? The symtoms (sx) of diabetes are very similar to sx of depression so I look for it a lot in my pts. The family practice & internal medicine doctors do not seem anxious to treat insulin resisamce or to diagnose (dx) diabetes. When I get insulin levels that are high along with sx of depression/DM (fatigue, wt gain, sleep & appetite disturbance, mood sx, etc) I would like them treated for insulin resistence.
484508 tn?1290014144 I started taking St Johns Wort about 12 days ago and things seemed to get more anxious for me once I was on that herb. Stopped 2 days ago and then had that "acid feeling" on the second day? Could that be a part of it?
Avatar m tn I have taken a two week course of doxycycline and a week of metronidazole (not at the same time). My symptoms neither improved, nor subsided with these antibiotics. I am very anxious about both what is causing this symptoms and if I will be able to get rid of them. Not having a diagnosis is also very frustrating, as I don't know what can be done to move forward. On top of this the symptoms are very uncomfortable. Do you have an idea as to what could be going on?
Avatar f tn Any food makes me nauseous and I'm having huge fluctuations in bowel movement. I'm currently on gastro resistant tablets, and I have coeliac disease, but this has never raised an issue before. My doctor continuously puts it to stress & my anxiety but it's getting worse by the day. Any suggestions?