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3137343 tn?1350832760 What are the chances of being told your having a girl or a boy then all of a sudden i when baby comes its the total opposite? That's crazy but I'm hoping my baby comes out a girl otherwise there a lot of clothes I'd have to be exchanging or pink that a boy will have to be wearing for a while.
Avatar n tn So anxious on finding out if I'm having boys or girls or maybe one n one...
Avatar f tn (. Anyone had this problem? Im really anxious as to what happens from here.
Avatar f tn I have a 7 year old daughter who seems to be very mildly anxious, i have had 2 teachers now talk to me about her anxiety and over sensitivity. They both have told me it is very mild, and just try talking to her about it at home. I have done that, but it seems to have gotten worse in the last month. She has now started putting her clothes and hair in her mouth all the time.
Avatar n tn Or that something that only gets verified if they publish an article on their patient data? Some of what this surgeon says makes some sense -- although much of it the opposite of what we heard from everyone else before going to him -- but the very existence of such arrogance compounds any ability to tease apart competence from arrogance and feel trust.
Avatar f tn Does anyone else have a boyfriend/husband/partner who has a highly stressed and anxious personality? Thankfully, I am naturally a pretty low stress person and have a good system to keep from worrying about things. I try very, very hard to do everything I can to minimize stresses in his life. Unfortunately, I'm finding that that means not talking about stressful topics. I handle them myself and then talk to him about it after I've decided on a solution or resolved the problem.
248167 tn?1220367290 Getting crazy anxious. If these meds are suppose to help why do they seem to have the opposite effect as a side effect?
Avatar f tn i just really wana make sure everything is ready and his room is finished but i am anxious to meet my lil man :-)
Avatar n tn he finds sharing difficult and hates his possessions being touched but will happily abuse them himself. He is not finicky about cleanliness in fact quiet the opposite. He did go through a phase of feces drawing and still resorts to soiling his underwear when extremely upset or angry. He is exceptionally difficult when excited.
Avatar m tn The best thing would be genera opposite feeling. Every morning remember him and menially argue that this person is not bad, he has no bad intention against me. we are friends. In short create opposite feeling. This will help you to be free the fear fear of this man but it will help you to be free from all things you fear now. This is mental,and spiritual technique.. We all have some nagging fear of something for which we may not be aware. This fear sends trigger to some muscles to contract.
Avatar n tn (we have to spar with the nearest of nearest opposite proximity in the Dojo).At a marshal arts display at the Japanese embassy yesterday (Sat).i went about my business greeting every one ..however when i came to the girl in question and greeted her and the guy who I now believe is the boy friend they ignored me completely of the senior students with them then was courteous enough to respond even though I had greeted him earlier.
Avatar m tn I often say something but am thinking the opposite or something similar. I have no idea that I'm saying the wrong thing until someone points it out. At that moment, I feel kind of a jolt in my head realizing that my brain and speech aren't in sync. For ex., I might tell someone about something that happened on a Tuesday. I say Thursday through out the conversation and have no idea that I'm not saying Tuesday. The other person may say, "Don't you mean Tuesday?
Avatar n tn Benzos don't work for everyone, but they do for most. The quick up and downs with Zanax may be too much for you. There are longer acting benzos like Klonopin and Valium. If you are nervous and just need to calm down, valium may work well for you. It's not so great for severe anxiety or panic attacks. I find that Klonopin works well for me and keeps me from working into a panic state. Are you taking any thing else?
Avatar f tn It's the complete opposite of what we are used to and totally out of our comfort zone. Are you going to the meeting alone?
Avatar f tn i've been reading this site for the past hour and understand the only way you can know if you're + is with a test. however i'm anxious. and i guess part of me wants people to speculate that i didn't have a high risk encounter and that i'll be fine. i want to be fine. i know the truth is the most important thing though, and maybe i'm not fine. 3 weeks ago now, i was coming back from a concert on my own.
Avatar f tn I've been really anxious to know the gender of my baby. Lol I've had 4 boys and with all I've had morning sickness and started showing at about 4 months with them and had morning sickness with all of them and was glowing. now with this one I've had no morning sickness I'm lazy and pale, dizzy, lightheaded, dry skin and not even showing yet. I'm goimg on 16 weeks and going to find out the gender next week but just want to know nooooww Lil had anyone felt a a certain way with a girl?
Avatar m tn or is there something else going on? we also have a son who is 20 months old, and he's quite the opposite. very physical and outgoing with all the adults around him.
Avatar f tn i don't have high blood pressure, exactly the opposite. i had inderal because 2yrs ago i had too much thyroid hormone in my system and they gave me 1 pill every day for a week until the new meds were regulated in system. i don't know why it happened honestly. i took another dose of my medicine last night and nothing happened. so maybe it was anxiety??? If it was my heart wldn't i have it more often than just once??
1425157 tn?1311655279 on the other hand, often goes the opposite way (overcorrecting) and may provide wrong results at high heart rates. New research may indicate that Cipralex may slightly prolong QT, but that doesn't happen in everyone. You could possibly ask your doctor but do NOT change medications without asking him!
928085 tn?1364786192 Unless you partied your semesters away like bbxx said, they should not be angry. It should be just the opposite. They should be proud of the fact that you wanted to graduate as fast as you could. My daughter has to take an additional semester due to the fact that she couldn't get her classes. No biggie. Don't be so hard on yourself and definately don't wish your life away by trying to go faster than you can handle. Enjoy being young. Exercise helps with stress. Even walking.
Avatar f tn My biggest problem is approaching people. I have such a hard time doing this. I usually get really anxious and don't even want to make eye contact even if I'm walking right by a coworker. I never know what to say or do if this comes up. I feel like I'm such an awkward person to be around and I don't want to be like that. I want to be approachable towards my coworkers and I also want to be able to approach them with ease, but there's always some nervousness.
218701 tn?1248229855 I must admit, I'm feeling a little bit of everything but mostly anxious to meet my baby girl already. Physically I've started to slow down a bit, I take a nap once a day now but I feel great overall. I'm really trying to prepare myself mentally for labor and what can happen. I can't wait! So how are the rest of you feeling? And what are you doing to keep your mind off the big day or to pass the time? Can't wait to hear from you all and hope you're all feeling wonderful. Take care ladies.
Avatar m tn Hello, I am very worried, anxious, depressed and scared. I'm a gay man. Almost 2 months ago, February 12th I stayed out late and to my own misfortune got very drunk and came home with a guy. I did use a condom with him however, at some point it came off and that is the bit I cannot remember. Ever since i suspected I may have contracted HIV. I never had symptoms for the first 6 weeks. I went to get a test, rapit test and ELISA test which both came back negative.
Avatar f tn Its 50/50 and even an ultrasound is not 100% just enjoy the mystery for now momma dnt rush any experiences bc the fasted you force things in this pregnancy it will be done before you know and this baby will never be this close to you (physically, being connected) again :) birth is the only 100%
1107883 tn?1259500589 Before you go, make sure you have enough gas, check the oil in your car, and walk around the car looking at your tires to see that they look normal and not flat or damaged. If you get over-anxious in class, tell the teacher that you must go get something from your car, and step out for a moment to calm down, and to show yourself that you are not locked into the building. When you go on a date, meet your date somewhere public. That way, you have your own car so you can leave anytime.
Avatar m tn This week I have a X-ray computed tomography for the abdominal pelvic part of my body and i'm a lot anxious because they use iodinated contrast agents and I canno't chose to have a low osmolality iodinated agents with less adverses effects!!! They use one of the older product cause of the low cost and I read that it can give a lot of side-effects, mainly cardiovascular side-effects... vagal reaction who can lead to low blood pressure and syncope...
Avatar m tn I find I get pretty anxious in situations when I have nothing really to do. Tonight, my family was over, and we didn't really have anything planned, just kind of hanging out, drinking wine, relaxing, but since there wasn't anything to do, I had to retreat. When I get like this, I feel the need to retreat to my bed, where I will watch tv, play video games or surf the net. It usually puts me at ease. Does anyone else get this? I'm going to try taking St. John's Wort.
Avatar f tn So I did my cousins all 3 daughters on the Chinese gender chart it got 2 right and one wrong how accurate is it and also how accurate is your gut feeling because I feel iam having a girl but is it the opposite?