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Avatar m tn if i have HSV 2 will my immune system be adequate, meaning will have have to take meds for a life time 5 is HSV 2 life threatening when i get old please help please please
Avatar m tn Another thing to note about ARS is that the symptoms come and go at the SAME TIME. Meaning fever/diarrhea/sorethroat/pain/rash comes at the same time and goes at the same time.
Avatar f tn Okay I have been on the same dose of Xanax for nine years now and my doctor doesn't want to up it because he doesn't want me taking more than that. But I feel anxious all the time and usually double up on it and always run out of my script ten or twelve days early. Does anyone have any suggestion on what I could take along with the Xanax or something different all together. Should I try a different doctor maybe a psychiatrist . Do you think they could understand this better.
Avatar f tn there may not be time to treat succesfully if you wait to lose then as the disease does not progress in a linear fashion. Meaning it may take 30 years to get to stage 3 and only 2 more years to go to stage 4, where success rates go way down. However, even if this turns out to be your case you can help yourself greatly by learning to control caroloes and eliminating sugars.
Avatar m tn In 2009 from CDC statistics there were 23,846 new infections. Of those 76 fell into the other category...other meaning "hemophilia, blood transfusion, perinatal exposure, and risk not reported or not identified." These 76 cases represent 0.318 percent of the total infections. Less than half a percent. Those 76 cases repesent 4 different transmission ways..... Do you see why I believe this did not happen to you? Here is the website where I got the data: http://www.cdc.
Avatar f tn I am extremely concerned and anxious at the minute and not sure how ill make it to my appt in 6 weeks.
Avatar n tn no need for testing. HIV is a freaky thing....but you never put yourself at risk...meaning....YOU ARE FINE!!!
Avatar f tn I understand what an anxious time you are going through, and the waiting is the worst part for most people. All I can advise is what applies to most areas of life: "Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst." You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Please keep us posted....
Avatar f tn They also said that everything was normal in my blood-meaning no sign of infections. Could I still be pregnant with just that one time? and was it too early for the blood test to tell? Or am I just going to have a painful heavy menstruation? Any answers appreciated! Thank you.
Avatar n tn The man who I met has told me repeatedly that he is clean, but has since refused to return my contact because I've been such an anxious mess and asked him multiple times to reassure me. In terms of dealing with what happened, I feel like I can't tell anyone I know because it is so out-of-character (I'm a well-educated, heterosexual, professional who has never been in such a situation before).
Avatar m tn These were people who actually had risks. ARS symptoms are very generalized, meaning they would be present for a million other reasons (flus, other viral infections, colds, allergic reactions, even anxiety). They are not specific to HIV. It's not like a specific symptom that would point to an illness/condition, like the bullseye marking in Lyme's disease. ARS symptoms just are not reliable, and they could be present in a person for SO many other reasons.
1185072 tn?1264887372 Prior to taking anything I would ask your Dr because my Dr wont allow anything to be taken unless it's written by him. Do you know what your FSH level is? I hear anything under 9 is good meaning still producing/ovulating. I have just read recently that just because one has regular period does not always mean they are ovulating. I just had a m/c & will have to go thru having the HSG test again. UGH!! (not very fond of the test) Keep us updated on how yours goes.
Avatar f tn I've been feeling very anxious! My heart beats fast and I'm paranoid that they can tell I'm pregnant! What should I do to calm down?
Avatar m tn So I'm probably being overly anxious (and I already know myself as an anxious person and a bit of a hypochondriac so no need to diagnose me there. Yes I get therapy for these things.) So the first weekend of October, I performed oral sex on a guy without a condom (no anal/vaginal sex occurred). Someone I've known for a few years, and who has been with a few partners, but assured me afterwards he always uses condoms when having sex and is clean of STDs.
Avatar m tn After my initial symptoms, I have become increasingly anxious as well. I have seen ENT and Gastro and checked out normal. My neuro believes the symptoms are anxiety related. At my urging, we conducted an MRI which came back with the following results: "Brian MRI without and with intravenous contrast using 20ml of Magnevist. FINDINGS: Subtle linear increased signal on the FLAIR sequences is within the right frontal white matter and is visible on image 14 of series 13.
Avatar f tn Yes because she wants to have sex, but I been making excuses to not have sex with her because I'm scared of having hsv2 and infecting her with it. I haven't even thought about herpes medicine because I don't know if I'm infected with it. I haven't had no outbreak. Just itchiness and it's been 18 days from the broken condom incident and 14 days from the protected sex with her. It's really killing me to know my status on hsv2 with a accurate test result.
1504778 tn?1321398245 The veins them self ain't affecting my life to badly at te moment they just feel pretty disgusting and make me feel faint every time I think about them my doctor said I should wait and get the operation door them when I'm in my 20s but they seemed to have got quite bigger in the month or ap of me noticing them its makig me wonder of they would even last me that long?
1370323 tn?1309997746 I am following my daily methadone taper plan, and BOY am I anxious to move forward! Today being Mon, I have till Friday, which makes the 2 week mark when I can then move on to about 5 mg of methadone! I just want this to be OVER! I am super anxious, but I know slow & steady is the key to make this as bearable as possible. I am proud of myself for being where I am! Just this morning I was thinking....
Avatar f tn We have only done mutual masturbation and oral three or four times with no previous partners so I am aware the risk of STDs is literally nothing. I am overly anxious often and despite prior knowledge that there is no risk (along with my own mother being a health teacher) I was still getting quite anxious.
Avatar f tn I am an English education major so I am really worried because I am forgetting how to spell simple words and forget the meaning of words that I have known or have to look up the definitions just to make sure they are right. I often can't remember what I did the day before, or even earlier that same day. I even remember things completely wrong. I spent 20 minutes arguing with my boyfriend yesterday about where the road I live on jogs.
Avatar f tn There is no fun left for me and I don't know how to address it. If i was just an anxious person would i not be anxious about every other situation in my life? I'm really confused by the fact it's only him I stress about. I hate it. I love him so much and I am so lucky to have him because I have been a nightmare for so long now. Thanks again, I really appreciate being able to be open and honest. My friends would just think i was ridiculous.
Avatar m tn I've always been anxious about everything. I snap on people, I loose composture in one second. If a person tells me that one little word, I snap. I become a demon. And its funny because my parents tell me I'm a demon or something like it. and then it makes me think im some kind of voodo person, but im not. Anwayys, I sometimes dont eat well, and I dont even notice it. I feel this thing that goes throuh my veins and i feel them in my arms and right between my chest.
Avatar m tn Or the waxing lady might have HIV, or the guest before me might have HIV. I am just really anxious about this now. Should I go to local health department to do a HIV test? What if the waxing store I went to is a national chain company that has a good reputation. Thank you so much for helping me on this.
Avatar f tn I feel in my heart everything is OK ..... my first us they did see the yolk and that my tubes were clear meaning baby must have been in the right spot....... my hcg levels r low but with each blood test it has went up a little at a time not doubled but it has went up...... please if y'all will pray that what ever God has planed that in the end everything will be as he wants it to be. And to give me the strength to handle it.
Avatar m tn I understand EXACTLY what you have been describing. And, I'm no spring chicken (in my late 50s)! I don't believe this has anything to do with age and to attribute it to being a victim of he electronic age is doing you a disservice. (With all due respect, greenlydia.) I remember very clearly being about 10 or so and I was ironing the gowns my father (a doctor) used in his office. (They use paper ones now - I got a whole $.25 per gown - a good wage in those days!
Avatar f tn I will be full term in two days. Meaning that little Mollie can come any day. Hopefully that day is soon because I get more and more anxious by the hour. I just can't wait to see my little girl. Austin is so excited. The nursery is finally finished and every time he walks past it he always starts saying how he can't wait to be a father. And that he's so happy that we are having a baby together. I just can't wait to see how he reacts when the baby comes. That will be the best day of my life.
Avatar f tn Well life has taken quite a turn of events. Meaning we're moving in with daddy. He's now stepping up thanks to God above. Yur grandma on my side is excited but idk if yur going to see much of her. Sry bby. When yur old enough to understand i will let yu kno. But I'm so proud of the progress yu have made. Yur name is Yari Venesia Zeina Tialino. Long but yu will learn to love it like i love yu. I am extremely anxious for yu to come out. But i will wait Patiently.
Avatar n tn During this period I have been itching slightly in my genital area and all over my body for that matter. I also developed really small bumps only spot like over my body. Meaning that they are one here, one there, not any together. What do you think this is?
Avatar m tn It has been suggested that those with conditions that severely impair or suppress the immune system may not show anti-bodies within 3 months, for example late stage cancer. But this is very much open to debate, and most folks on this forum would state that nobody will turn positive post 3 months.