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Avatar n tn Some of my most aggressive and disruptive students turned out to be anxious children. You wouldn't think so at first glance since they were always acting out and therefore the center of attention. So, what does one do with this? In the daycare, the teachers were able to provide him extra guidance and reassurance. They were able to model appropriate behaviors, redirect him, and engage him if he was acting out. A kindergarten teacher cannot do this. Even if she wanted to.
Avatar f tn A child may experience anxiety or refuse to try new foods, meet new people, participate in new activities or sleep in a different environment. (very anxious with new people and will often hide his head and not talk to them) Difficulty Making Transitions From One Activity Or Situation To Another: A child may throw a tantrum, be uncooperative, or experience severe anxiety when stopping one activity and starting another.
Avatar n tn So he is probably out of his element and anxious about. Sometimes sitting by the teacher helps, sometimes some extra attention from the teacher can help. And it is certainly best to have an experienced teacher. That is why I think talking to the guidance couselor to get some extra input would be helpful. I would keep home a safe place for him. If you feel you must, give him a brief time out if he gets in trouble in school---- but you and home are his haven and he needs that. Good luck!!
Avatar f tn The 3-year-old was in the care of his grandfather when he decided that he was wanted to see his mother, who works at a local KFC restaurant. The kindergartener, from the city of Wenzhou in China’s eastern province of Zhejiang, waited until his grandfather had gone to the bathroom, then set off through the streets on a toy motorcycle. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The bike had been a gift of a relative who had left the battery out the bike.
158812 tn?1189759426 I dropped off my new kindergartener this morning, and it was difficult. I started crying in the parking lot when I was holding her tiny little hand.....knowing that I was minutes away from letting go. Thankfully, I had sunglasses on, and pulled myself together during the long walk to the door. I didn't want to leave the classroom, but it was obvious that it was time for me to go. She did well.....
Avatar n tn That seems like a lot of transitions - does he go to Daycare in the morning, and then gets bused to kindergarten, then goes back to daycare? I think you should expect a longer adjustment period than if he were coming from home and then going back home. That's a lot of separating he's doing. If he's walking down the hall, kind of fighting back tears in the morning, I don't think he's going to be made fun of.
Avatar f tn The only time this seems to be an issue is when her teacher speaks to her, or when she is asked to participate in group where her teacher is asking the questions, or when she meets adults she doesn't know. -- your words I'm glad you wrote the above; it is not selective mutism but is a sign of anxiety or of being anxious or shyness or some might say social phobia (although quite mild). As you already know, your daughter speaks to those she trusts and is comfortable with.
427265 tn?1444080036 I've noticed more and more Stage 4/cirrhotics showing up on the forum, often anxious about what the future holds for them. We're kind of blazing a trail in a world of our own. Seems most information regarding treatment and SVR rates always has a disclaimer at the end - "except for Cirrhotics". I'm curious to see how many stage 4's we have here, what genotype we each have, whether or not you have treated and the results. Also where are you now as far as symptoms...
Avatar n tn He is a very young kindergartener. He is Oct. 11th, but academically on target. He is the smallest boy in class too. I keep in very close contact with his teacher. We started the year out rough, but he has been doing great until last week. Something is up. His next counseling appt is March 15th, until then I meet with both teacher and principal tomorrow. I'm lost.......and my son is winning.
Avatar n tn Is he anxious to go to preschool? Most will not let him come until he is completely trained, that can be huge incentive. Unless he has special needs, he should be trainable at 3.5 years. Perhaps he is scared? My daughter thought a bm was her insides coming out and was very scared.
Avatar n tn I told her about the string of them in a row and she said sometimes that can be a cause of concern but not to get anxious about it. She said TAKE YOUR MEDICINE!!(IN a nice way). I sure hope I can get some peaceof mind and some sleep soon. Again thanks and God bless!
Avatar n tn During the past year he just seems to have become introverted and anxious. How concerned should we be? Is more SI evaluation worthwhile? Should we be speaking to someone else?
230262 tn?1316649534 It's less than 3 weeks now so I'm just HOPING that the time WILL FLY!!! Good Luck NEXT week!!!!! Anxious to hear how it goes.......
Avatar n tn That's when we start to get a host of other symptoms (dizzy, foggy head, ear/throat pain, nausea, shaky anxious feeling, night sweats, light sleeping problems). I had to learn a lot by myself on the web -- my doctor was nice but said it was all in my head. Learn to trust yourself and what makes you feel bad (or good!).