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723341 tn?1232341853 I'm still hypomanic today, but I'm markedly more calm, and not nearly so anxious as I was yesterday. There is still some noticeable anxiety, and it may be that I just didn't have things come up that stressed me, but for whatever reason, it was better. Went to the first ACT session last night, went well, scheduled for next week. Went to the Iris clinic today for the first 2 hour intake interview which was good.
Avatar f tn For those of you who already know the gender or have been told a guess by your US tech., do you have the "V" or "Y" shaped vein in the bottom of your eyeball (below the iris/pupil- pull down the lower eye lid)? Vein in left eye - girl; vein in right eye- boy. Just wondering if it matches up to what you're having if you have the vein! This is based on Iridology, not just old wivery tales. (I have a Y in the right eye, and hoping for a boy!
Avatar n tn Hello again, It is now three weeks post-op for upper and lower blephs combined with rhinoplasty. While I think things are healing Okay, I do have a couple of questions. I am still a bit anxious. My right eye is still "wider" than my left eye. You can still see the white below my iris of my right eye. My eyes were not that uneven before the surgery. My PS said all will fall into place. Have you ever seen this?
2202853 tn?1347656051 i love the name! Ava was a top choice for me, but we decided on Valarie. Valarie Brooklyn or Valarie Iris, still undecided with her middle name. is this your first? this is my first,am I'm just really hoping she comes sooner than later!
6530778 tn?1456887401 Dear Iris, If all you are taking is half a pill every night, I can assure you that you are not experiencing physical withdrawals, but psychological ones. You may be feeling anxious for other reasons and that might be a cause of your sleeping difficulty as well. But at that dose, this medication is extremely unlikely to cause either addiction or any sort of withdrawal. It is concerning though that you have no one to talk you problems out with.
284078 tn?1282620298 She had developed an acute myopic shift from a choroidal effusion which pushed the lens/iris diaphram forward. Fortunately, God was on her side because she was smart enough to stop the Topamax and go to the emergency room before she developed an attack of acute narrow angle glaucoma (symptoms severe eye pain, headache, nausea, vomiting, almost complete vision loss.
Avatar n tn I did some laundry, cleaning up of the room, I had lunch at the City Club and was a bit anxious about making a fool of myself in front of the private members (ooooo awwwww!) I'm sure on some level I knew that whole ambiance is ridiculous and categorically opposed to my natural, open, honest, relaxed personality. It is nice, however, to be included as a guest of my Masonic mentor. Made it to Dream Catcher learning.
Avatar m tn The skin on the lower eyelids seems 'swollen' and I think it is because of pressure from the eye pushing from behind, ad the larger eye is worse. Eye white is apparent under my iris on the larger eye and sometimes on the other. I would be very grateful for opinions on whether the palette graft / mid face lift / fat transfer would be a good option for someone in my position or would it be worthwhile to just go private for the orbital decompression? My myopia is -10.
7491288 tn?1405990803 52 days left till I meet my baby girl. We're naming her after the Tn flower. Iris, but still working on a middle name. Have a good Friday ladies.
6530778 tn?1456887401 Iris!!! breathe!!! don't do anything that is going to make you more anxious, i.e., quitting cold turkey. TELL your doctor. They can't make you do anything, but you need to be honest so you can get on the right track to better health. You're right! you can't live like that. ... I have not taken gravol, so what I say is aside from the gravol issue. But much of what you describe sounds like severe anxiety. I have had some of those symptoms.
Avatar n tn over last ½ hour 0 no GI symptoms 1 stomach cramps 2 nausea or loose stool 3 vomiting or diarrhea 5 Multiple episodes of diarrhea or vomiting Tremor observation of outstretched hands 0 No tremor 1 tremor can be felt, but not observed 2 slight tremor observable 4 gross tremor or muscle twitching Yawning Observation during assessment 0 no yawning 1 yawning once or twice during assessment 2 yawning three or more times during assessment 4 yawning several times/minute Anxiet
Avatar n tn except he added pituitary gland problems and early pancreatitis. He was his early 60's and does iris analogy. I did not tell him any symptoms or what was going on. He diagnosed this all with iris analogy. He put me on numerous natural remedies...which having me feeling better...but not cured. He told me I was a very sick lady. I know I felt like I was dying in June and much pain in my lower back and my abdomen....besides all the blood pressure issues.
Avatar n tn bones of the leg, potentially resulting in bowing of the legs) Or -Lisch nodules (hamartomas of iris), freckling in the iris. Tumors on the optic nerve, also known as an optic glioma 4) I've been experiencing full body itch, and couldnt find the cause of it. I went to the doctors for a checkup and they took blood samples and tested and there was nothing wrong with me. I cant tell if the itch is a habit or an itch now.....
Avatar m tn My vision became blurry and the veins in the sides of my eyeballs surfaced, almost to the point of touching the iris. I have numerous muscle twitches and times where I feel forgetful, anxious and nervous, along with a constant feeling of being weak and tired. My question is, can major depression destroy parts of the brain? And, do these parts ever return to normal? Can this be more than a depressive situation?
Avatar m tn But again with the surgical inventions i underwent in the course of last year, I am just wondering if in fact a secondary cataract is being overlooked, This whole thing has be a little anxious, I just feel perfect vision is just around the corner, because I know my refraction is actually where it needs to be.
Avatar n tn I want him at least to get rid of an infection and get to the point where he can start with HAART (I will be bit relieved after that. However I am aware of his chances for IRIS.) I am desperately waiting for your response. Please help me. I have lost my sleep because of it now and have gone very anxious to understand this behavior. I highly appreciate your response.
Avatar f tn My symptoms - Heart Palps Neck Pain + Headache around base of skull/temples area (apparently a symptom of aneurysm) Weak or numbness in arms/legs or face Chest pain Jaw pain Clenching at night Fatigue Uneven pupils (neuro says it could be normal but obviously I believe its the sign of an aneurysm) One Iris looks a little different color Tongue fels strange Upper back pain Cant swallow sometimes Feel unsafe when far from a hospital Feel bad for my family and friends that I am not normal.
Avatar f tn Iris, it sounds like all your dates add up, you're suffering from a guilty conscience, not from any internal knowledge that you somehow got pregnant by the wrong guy. Please know that we often do get women here on the DNA/Paternity forum who slept with someone, then had a period in between, and the time elapsed was far too long for the first guy to be the dad, and they are STILL nervous and anxious. It is about having done the deed with the wrong guy, not because the baby is from that time.
Avatar n tn I have had anxiety since I was 17. I am now 35 years old and it is only getting worse. Aside from a very traumatic event in 2007, no other major event has occurred in my life to contribute to my anxiety. I am on Paxil CR 25 mg due to the event. I was hoping that the Paxil in general would help with my anxiety/depression.
787406 tn?1339206783 Yes MS could cause the feet to cramp, but so could a lot of other things. If you currently have MS then this could be the reason why. If you havent got MS then, you need a proper blood work up, checking for rheumatoid arthritis, also a full vitamin and mineral, pottassium, etc blood tests, You may have too much or to little of a certain mineral, vitamin, etc, which may be causing the problem. Hope this helps and good luck Nicola. Have you tried quinine when this happens?
Avatar f tn When I went on PEP over 2 years ago, I was so anxious that I practically became ill as a results. I had night sweats, cold chills and even believed I had rashes when in fact these were a few old spots. The very fact that you are writing on this forum indicates a degree of anxiety. Bear this in mind but keep in touch with your doctor.
1244180 tn?1325902711 He has to know everything is ok. If you are anxious or panicked he will be. So you need to be strong and brave for him. Thankfully it wasn't worse. He doesn't have memory loss or brain injury, he didn't die, he won't be blind. Yes it is unfortunate that it happened but it's called an accident, accidents happen we are all human, not perfect. Hang in there honey!
Avatar f tn This vet says our dog has stage 1 kidney Disease and gave us the IRIS website. However, although our dog's SDMA result is 19, her CREA is 1.59 mg/dL; the IRIS site says stage 1: SDMA above 14 and CREA <1.4 Stage 2 is SDMA above 25 with CREA between 1.4 and 2.0 I don't know if this means she's progressing to stage 2... Is SDMA from 17 to 19 after 3 months considered fast progression?
Avatar f tn I must say it felt like it helped but then I stopped taking the tea as at night I was getting kinda anxious and feeling weird...she also prescribed this herbal Adreset to fix my HPA axis (have no idea) but I can't get it its on there hope for me? I am now on an extended sick leave and if this continues past July I will be written off on a disability pension :( but I sure couldn't go to work feeling like this! ) otherwise everything in my life is wonderful.
Avatar m tn It appears that the double vision problem was fixed yesterday through laser surgery. Strands of vitreous were holding my iris open at the bottom and causing my pupil to be sort of heart shaped -- at least the bottom of a heart. I'm not sure of the technical name of the condition, but vitreous had leaked from around my eye muscles towards the front of my eye. It did not leak into the lens capsule. Once the strands were cut, they retracted and my pupil became round and the aberrations went away.
1198742 tn?1293506976 I didn't have cataracts I had Plateau Iris. Im only 9 weeks out in my first eye and 5 weeks out in my second. It really varies as to how severe it is. Sometimes it feels like it takes up 50% of my vision depending on the light. Sometimes it's not too bad. I'm also having what I thought were ocular migraines but now I'm thinking that it's just another facet of the dysphotopsia. I hear your frustration in feeling heard or that anyone or any doctor gives a hoot.
Avatar f tn I had the restor lens implanted in both eyes for cataract surgery. I initially went to the opthalmologist due to night driving and halos around oncoming headlights. I subsequently had laser surgery also. The good news is I don't need glasses to see or read and enjoy wearing regular sunglasses. The bad news is the halos/spider webs with oncoming headlights is still a problem.
739070 tn?1338607002 On the Video they can see your iris the full size of a computer monitor and on tape. I used to listen to Dr. Epley describe the direction of any nystagmus, the character of saccades, rotational movement and then deduce which side and which particlular semi-circular canal was involved. Man, this stuff is complex!