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Avatar f tn We all know about the HIV exist, but very vaguely (as in not knowledgable enough) and put most of us in fear or even ignore the existant of this virus in some country culture. What can we do to stay away from this virus? I asked this question because i had started to worry about SEX. It make me feel SEX is not a right thing to do, is deadly once you touch it. I even made up my mind not to touch sex again including masturbation. What is the right thing for me to do now?
Avatar m tn I know you said HIV doesnt transmit through french kissing. But on the CDC website, it says if it has blood in it, then it might. I dont have any dental or gum disease. Should I get tested?
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Avatar m tn She also performed unprotected oral sex on my for about 5-10 min. We also had adeep french kissing. could there been any risk of HIV transmission. Definately there was no penetration but I am not sure if my penis didnt touch the mouth of her vagina. 10 days latter I had burning sensantion during urinating,sometime I would feel like urinating but will not. the doctor did urine test and said no STD. after 1 month I had fatigue and went for HIV test at week 7 ad the test was negative.
Avatar f tn It was just deep French kissing with lots of tongue and saliva exchange. Along with the bites I got during it, I posted it in the last paragraph. Tested at a little over 4 weeks seab, negative.
Avatar m tn I received oral sex from an escort a couple of days back. Once for 2 mins, and then I ejaculated in her mouth. After sometime she performed oral sex again on me for 3-4 mins. I had kissed her (French kissing) for 5 mins prior to oral. I'm really anxious now, and need to know what to do next. Should I get tested now or wait for sometime? I'm sure I'll never ever make this mistake again. Please advise.
Avatar n tn recently i shared a french kiss wid someone and at that time i had a canker sore.
Avatar m tn 3 weeks ago I had protected vaginal intercourse with a CSW. Also received unprotected oral, french kisses and gave unprotected vaginal and anal oral. Got a few itchy spots under my armpits the next day. Nothing for 2 weeks after. Got anxious at time went by though and started noticing things like urinating more often. At 2 weeks mark, I got paranoid and took 400mg cefixime and 1g azothrymicin. Had unprotected vaginal intercourse with spouse (first time since events) 3 days after.
Avatar f tn hello im a french 35 years old male (so please excuse me for my bad english), i received 3 or 4 unprotected blowjobs in 4 years performed by unknown people ,and i m very anxious about that. In fact, im so anxious that i read all forums worldwide.... On your forum, i read that oral sex is safe ! I would like to beleive it !
Avatar m tn the doctors on the other forums of this website, they say that there is no infection caused by kissing even if there was blood or open sore in the mouth in the literature. but ı want to be tested.. which tests do you advise me and when? doctors usually dont prefer PCR for diagnose..then, combination or single blood test? pls, ı waiting for response..
Avatar m tn would the french kissing assuming i had sores in my mouth , i normally have some ulcers due to body heat , would that increase the risk >?
Avatar f tn Hello, about 2.5 months ago I French-kissed a girl who said she had a sore throat and thought she had strep. We did this frequently and a week or two later she gave me (a male) oral sex. A couple of weeks later I noticed my right tonsil became swollen, I started to (and still am 2 months later) more tired and my muscles feel weaker, particularly my arms and left leg. I have had no fever, my lymph nodes do not feel swollen.
Avatar m tn I am a male. I had a sexual contact with a boy of about 21-25 years old in the Netherlands. I met across him in internet gay chat. The facts are: 0. He told me that he had no hiv and that he checks himself every 6 month. 1. We did mutual masturbation. I touched his penis, he touched mine. 2. No insertion sex, I mean no penis-to-anal or penis-to-oral contacts from either of partners. 3. I had a small wound (scratch like) on one of my finger. I am pretty sure that it was not bleeding.
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Avatar m tn Hey everyone, I'm gay and earlier I had a sexual contact with a guy, he gave me more than one blowjob, he fingered me, I have hemorrhoids, I didn't notice any cum or pre cum coming from his penis when he touched it but I'm sill afraid and think what if there was some on his finger when he fingered me, we also french kissed, and I have a sensitive gum which bleeds when I brush my teeth.
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Avatar m tn So you said I am not at risk then suggested I should go get tested. I m scared now. I know I might have French kissed people in the past whom I m not aware of their status but now I m just a nervous wreck about everything even kissing. So when that person told me about his status I m almost fainted. So Dr Hook, in your opinions should I get tested? I will take your words cause I m deadly afraid of waiting for the test results.
Avatar m tn I ve just visited a massage pa lour few days ago, and we have french kissing each other during the massage. My question is what are the chances of me getting a STD or HIV? bcoz it is quite dark inside, i were not able to notice any cut or ulcer in the tongue or mouth.
Avatar m tn http://www.medhelp.
Avatar m tn I had protected vaginal and oral sex with a Thai CSW. Prior to that, I was treated to several bouts of french kissing, and an unprotected instance of a handjob. To the best of my knowledge, the condom did not break during the 10 - 15 minute encounter as I checked it every few minutes to make sure. Also, I only ejaculated on her after taking off the condom. I am worried because I noticed 2 moderately deep cuts on my fingers, one on my finger tip and the other by the lower sides of my nails.
Avatar m tn Thanks. The one french/deep kissing episode was it in the past 3-4 months. The canker sores are only on my tongue but they've been around for 2weeks. I don't think it's herpes. I'll check it out if they don't go away.
Avatar m tn About a week ago today i was clubbing with friends and i end up french kissing this girl at the club a few times, at the time i couldn't see that she had any cold sores present. The next day my friend said she seemed quite promiscuous.