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Avatar f tn 37yo female with hx of anxiety/depression who experienced early morning awakening with trembling able to return to sleep only to awaken again several hours later.  As soon as get out of bed begin to cough and vomit hot clear to yellow bile.   This occurred last year about this same time.  I have tried Prilosec reglan Zantac Zyrtec     At one point was out back on Paxil then tried Lexapro.    This began again 2 weeks ago and I have lost 16 lbs with no appetite and inability to eat a whole meal.
358304 tn?1409713092 So I thought this was anxiety. Some of it might be. It started out with 2 canker sores. Stress related. As they got painful my neck and back started to get sore/tension. With that came tension headaches. Then slowly came this light headedness feeling. On and off. When I would lay in bed and closed my eyes sometimes I'd feel like i was slightly moving or on a rocky boat. But it was manageable. My canker sores are gone. My neck and back are still hurt but not as bad.
Avatar f tn Hello everyone for the past 3 months I have been dealing with anxiety and acid reflux this all came about from the stress of daily life school work home life getting older grandparents becoming sick and with just alot on my mind at all times I was going to wedding with my bf and was wondering why it was not me standing up there in that dress getting married we have been together for 6 years but besides all of that i thought i was getting a hold of things but turns out i wasnt one day at work i w
Avatar n tn Diagnosed me with idiopathic hives/angioedema. Prescribed Zyrtec and Axid, suggested anxiety. I am only taking Zyrtec, hives stopped. Now I am having alternating constipation/sometimes diarhea immediately after I start eating. Happened twice after eating tomatoes. Is it possible to have anxiety about eating? Or is this an overlooked allergy. I am afraid to eat. I have been under alot of stress due to marital problems.
Avatar m tn Ok well i have been suffering from anxiety a lot this past year i would say 3 anxiety attacks a week and i am always really scared theres something wrong with me like that im really sick and what not. i had mono 3 months back i rested a lot went back to the doctor about a week ago just to check up with him i told him that i was really tired and dizzy all the time.. he didn't really give me an answer at all and i was left confused.
358304 tn?1409713092 I tried getting up, and not worrying about it. I did a crossword in the living room, i started shaking with anxiety... then i looked at the clock and it was 5:35am. I was not getting sleepy... so I broke down and took 1 unisom. I think I finally fell asleep around 6:15am, and woke up at 8:40am. I'm an anxious wreck this morning. I think my biggest fear is, that "WILL I EVER SLEEP AGAIN WITHOUT HAVING TO TAKE SOMETHING?" I know that that thought is causing anxiety...
358304 tn?1409713092 b/c that is me letting my anxiety get to me! I have to realize this is ALL anxiety related and more than likely JUST ALLERGIES! Can post nasal drip do this? and cause these kinds of feelings? Should I just get it over with and go see a DR for peace of mind? Just so he can say "No, it's not cancer". I hate it when I do this to myself!!! I've done SOOO good for a long time... now this. I hate it b/c I've become OCD with my darn throat...
358304 tn?1409713092 Do you think this vision stuff is all just part of anxiety and from the muscle tension? I know stress/anxiety can do a lot of weird stuff. But I've never really had this before. Thanks!
1606324 tn?1298297471 Is it possible that allergies could have you feeling so badly and out of sorts that it has you feeling anxious? or that it can be mistaken, your feelings, as anxiety? That your body is just so very uncomfortable that you never feel right. My doctor is saying that I probably am experiencing atypical migraines.
358304 tn?1409713092 27 male. Anxiety sufferer. For 3 years I have taken ativan on and off as needed for anxiety spells. Some spells last days, weeks, and some even a month or so. But I always wean off the ativan (usually .5mg, sometimes 1mg if severe) This year I was doing fine, then had a really bad anxiety spell, that was just a huge downward spiral... my ativan wasnt even working. I had to take three .5mg tablets one night just to relax. I called my Dr. who unfortunately was out of the country for 2 months!
2005453 tn?1328242171 I have been suffering from severe anxiety for over a year. It started October 2010 with a severe dizzy spell where I ended up in the E.R. for them to tell me it was high blood pressure and to get some bloodwork done. The bloodwork was normal. Then it got worse over the holidays to where I would feel off balance and like I was about to lose consciousness at any moment. My primary care doctor finally decided it was anxiety, end of January 2011. He started me on Cymbalta but I couldn't handle that.
Avatar f tn Welcome to our little happy, anxious home! I'm glad you found your way here. What you are going thru is certainly awful, but the great you've been given the "thumbs up" medically, which is good. While no one really wants to have anxiety....we SURELY do not want the answer to be..."Why, yes, you have something physically wrong which is causing your symptoms." ACK! Shortness of breath is one of the more common symptoms of anxiety. It's up there on the list.
358304 tn?1409713092 25mg once before bed bc my anxiety has been up a little, and I stress on the word little. Not bad anxiety at all. Well here's what's been going on. The past 2 weeks I've been very tired EVERY DAY! my eyes feel like they want to close, I feel heaviness between my eyes, and forehead. I have some delayed vision: example: I was changing a lightbulb tonight looked down for a sec looked back up and I felt like my vision was delayed, like the walls moved for a second. My neck feels tense.
Avatar n tn I did go to the emergency room sunday because i had severe nausea, trembling etc, etc from the percocet and Zyrtec D which are not suppossed to be taken together allong with the sever anxiety. the ER fixed my migrain pain and nausea but I left there still in a paniced state.
519035 tn?1348279373 Glad I know its linked to thyroid so I won't have to. Anyway. I am taking zyrtec for my dry skin, any other ideas???
Avatar f tn I'm wondering if this could be anxiety, or blood pressure or if it might be related to the overall problems currently being investigated through MRI, EMG, etc. Any thoughts?? God Bless!
358304 tn?1409713092 In MY opinion, the Remeron was curbing your anxiety, and coming off of it is causing that anxiety to other words, rebound anxiety. As for the worries about being subconsciously addicted? I think more than anything in addition to you having some rebound anxiety, you're convincing yourself that everything you're feeling is related to you coming off the Remeron. That's probably why you felt better after taking it. Like a placebo effect, you know?
Avatar f tn // It is quite a list and I think could include most of the symptoms that you described.
358304 tn?1409713092 You'd think I'd had them all by now. lol. I go through anxiety FUNKS. Meaning, I can go months without a drop of anxiety, and then BAM, I'm hit, and the anxiety can last for weeks. But then I manage somehow to get over it. And it passes. March 12th is when mine started. I was fine before then. Appetite was strong as ever. Was chilling with the family, having fun with life. Then BAM, had a BAD BAD panic attack...
358304 tn?1409713092 27 Male. Anxiety sufferer, off and on. I usually suffer from health anxiety. I lost my grandmother to cancer 3 years ago, and this is when I started getting health anxiety. But I have gotten better at dealing with it, so I thought. Then this bought of anxiety came and it's just driving me SCARED. You see, this ALL started with a minor sore throat due to allergies. I'm good at turning molehills into mountains.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with social anxiety years ago when I was in college. Since then I have been seeing a psychiatrist. I am 30 now. Along with talk therapy, my psychiatrist prescribed me Effexor. This has helped me for several years until I started getting hives from the medication. I've since gone off it and for the first month I was fine. Then I started looking for a new job and felt some anxiety.
Avatar f tn I have several chronic pain conditions that cause me anxiety and stress and worry. My doctor did say just as a guess well maybe the rash is from"nerves". He said you are very anxious and stressed and maybe the rashes are from that. The thing is though, I've been anxious and stressed my whole life and especially so these last three years when I got all these pain conditions.
Avatar n tn I was taking medication for Menieres Disease for 18 months but this did nothing and now after all this time i am starting to have Anxiety Attacks constantly thinking about my breathing and feel like i am hyperventilating slightly. I have started to take beta blockers for the anxitey but it does not seem to help. The dizzy episodes are more like an unbalanced feeling, things are not spinning but they do seem to move slightly and if i try to walk i walk like i am drunk.
358304 tn?1409713092 Sunday - Nervous stomach stared b/c of fear of quiting zyrtec, low appetite. Monday - Didnt sleep too good sunday night. Diarrhea in the morning, no appetite, nervous stomach and some anxiety during the day, workout helped. Tuesday - Didnt sleep good Monday night. Felt wide awake, but did sleep probably 6+ hours, woke up almost gasping? think it was acid reflux attack, took tums, felt better, very gassy, no diarrhea, lots of drainage and stomach cramps. Hard stool this morning.
358304 tn?1409713092 i still have moments of feeling ODD, or weird... vision wise Could be the zyrtec after effect combined with not getting great sleep Last nights sleep was okay, i fell asleep, but also had bad dreams i felt like sleep was choppy still. symptoms anxiety 2/10 shaking 0/10 sweating 0/10 nervous stomach - 2 or 3/10 cant really relax, but better! appetite still low.
Avatar m tn At this point, it is happening once to twice a month including swollen lips and tounge. I have tried allegra, zyrtec, claritin and benadryl. It is now lasting 2 to 3 days. Does anyone know anything about something like this? My glands are not swollen. Thanks.
Avatar m tn As far as I know, Zyrtec is not one of the medications used for anxiety or impulse control (usually it is one of the SSRI's) but I read on the internet that this medication can have a postive effect on anxiety. Nonetheless, if your daughter is suffering from some form of anxiety and/or impulse behaviour, there are better medications for these issues. I doubt if the dermatillomania and her sensitivity to allergies are related. Hope this helps ....
Avatar f tn If so, Ativan is an anti-anxiety medication, it isn't prescribed for itching/dermatological conditions. Perhaps you meant Adgan, or Atarax? As for your actual question, that is something you need to discuss with your doctor before taking any Zyrtec.
Avatar n tn I dont feel any different yet.... I switched from Claritin to Zyrtec this allergy season and was wondering is Zyrtec was too much for me thus giving me these side effects, I just googled zyrtec side effects and they are dizziness, tiredness, lightheaded, headaches, I think I might try going back to Claritin to see if this helps, i am so sick of feeling off!!