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1232840 tn?1267664531 anxiety had become very high by 5.oopm. tingling in hand and arm, and sounds were doing my head in. people talking made me angry and confused, and a song that was playing in a shop made me run outside coz i hated it that much. was thinking the singer is part of the illuminati therefore evil.
Avatar n tn Can you give me any info on cardiac syndrome x? I have been experiencing chest pain on the left along with arm, jaw and neck pain on that side. Several ecg, chest x ray, blood tests and one echo have not showed a problem so far. Its been blamed on costochondritis/anxiety and muscoskeltal issues. I read about the above syndrome in a dr advice page of a magazine although it didn't give much info. Can it be possible this is causing my pain?
Avatar m tn Hello. I wish I had an answer as I'm an needing the same answers. I just was giving buspar. And I haven't started it yet. Please let me know if you get any answers.
Avatar f tn I'm 26 weeks as well and I completely understand what you mean. ... There's always something to worry about when your prego. As if there aren't already enough things to worry about uggghhh.
453798 tn?1262637021 The highs are so wonderful and the lows are so devistating.
Avatar n tn what effects and side effects of using Clonazapem o.25 mg(half of 0.25mg X thrice) in combination with zolfresh 10mg (night only)daily?
Avatar f tn Im not one to suffer anxiety but the last couple of weeks its been pretty bad, well ive put it down to anxiety! With my due date only 9 weeks away reality is settling in, the fact ill have 3 kids under 4. Starting to panic a bit I think.
Avatar f tn And I'm just getting the worst anxiety is the date comes close. Money, moving out, my car, taking time off of my job. I feel like my heads gonna fall off my shoulders. I just wanna be excited and relaxed that my daughter will be here soon.
Avatar f tn Hello tasha24809, my name is Noelle. I am 14 years old and I to struggle with severe anxiety problems. I am so sorry about your baby, both my brother and mother have also gone to be with the Lord. I know that lossing someone close to you can hurt physically. Try to focus on things you enjoy that you are going to do later. If you are hit with any of these symptoms think about a place that at least feels safe- just focus on making it to that place.
Avatar f tn Doctors sometimes prescribe beta blockers for anxiety, but there are also many more out there to specifically address anxiety in my opinion. I would go back and talk with my doctor about all of your options, however, he/she may have a reason for putting you on this for your anxiety. Another important step is to seek counseling to get to the root cause of your anxiety. In my experience, the knowledge gained can really help you confront and deal with it.
Avatar f tn I was told the amount was very small but I am not convinced, hence my anxiety has worked overtime
Avatar f tn Hi there this my first time using this site it seems really helpful for people suffering from anxiety and panick attacks so i thought I'd share a few things to see if anyone got ideas of ways to help or if anyone gets the same symptoms and what u do to cope. I'm a 26 year old male who's been suffering from anxiety since 2009. 2009 was the year I gave up drugs which I was using for 9 years.
Avatar f tn I'm sorry for what you've been enduring. It doesn't seem like your symptoms point to cancer, but more likely the acid reflux and perhaps just worry/tension/anxiety. Also, being 26 makes cancer pretty unlikely. I suggest seeing a therapist to help you address your worry issues and catastrophic thinking. God bless you!
Avatar f tn I haven't had an anxiety attack in about 2yrs, but I'm starting to see the signs of them coming back since I'm pregnant with my 2nd child and have to work and take care of home I'm very overwhelmed, anyone have any advice, home remedies ect...
Avatar f tn Hi my name is Chris I'm 20 years old and a pretty muscular male but I've been dealing with anxiety about my heart for some time now and I've had just about every symptom known to man from chest pains to feeling out of breath and I've had multiple normal ekgs and normal chest x-rays and blood work my doctor has even listened to my heart and said that it sounds great he even done an EKG sy his office just for peace of mind for me and it was normal.
1362507 tn?1277733908 during the day im very tired very low mood due to this, i go see my doctor and they just prescribe anti depressents which make me worse! is this anxiety or something else?
Avatar f tn I have really bad anxiety problems I feel nobody's there for me & I do not feel happy & cannot concentrate on my studies
Avatar m tn I need help, I suffer from anxiety and I take 20mg citalopram. I had a good job my life was ok but now I can't go out I worry about little things like someone is following me, I can't shake anyone's hand or be next to them incase I might catch something, I hear voices in my head to kill myself but I would never do that. I just want to be normal.
Avatar f tn I feel you there. I had anxiety well becore I got pregnant...going shopping etc was really hard sometimes. I've learned to deal with it thru meditation and exercise. I take a few moments each morning to breathe deep and say some positive things to remind myself everything is fine. I do the same if im out and I feel those familar panicky feelings creeping up on me.
Avatar f tn I'm 24 wks and im experiencing anxiety that I wish this pregnancy was over and the baby was here already...I just don't know what to do so I normally just try to go to sleep....I hate this feeling!!!!!! Anyone else ever get this feeling?
Avatar f tn Sperm stays in you for up to 6 days, so u can have sex and get pregnant days later. If that makes sence. Take a test.
Avatar n tn I have stopped these now as they did not help me. Is this all down to anxiety. I have had x-rays, endoscope, blood tests and ultrasounds and all came back clean. I am a physically active male of 38 years old and have never been unwell like this before. As I said this started 8 months ago. I was on holiday and had been drinking alcohol probably every night for 9 days - the last night I had about 2.5 bottles of wine. I smoked about 5 cigarettes on the last day.
Avatar f tn i have been suffering with anxiety for a while now and still struggling with the symptons that accompany it... but lately ive been having these popping sensations in my head that r really starting to scare me... does anyone else with anxiety suffer these sensations...
Avatar f tn i had to go to my clinic to day as i had a bad weekend,just could not cope with my panices and anxiety. my doctor changed some of my meds,im on , 5mg diazipan,150mg veniflaxcine, 10mg propanalone,25mg promazine. with my attaks i am sick, my eyes can not fix on anything at all,feel hot then drain cold, teird,can not eat and have not eaten for 3 days.please what can i do, please leave me a message and let me now, i need help just tell me, im at the end?
Avatar n tn Anxiety and depression can certainly cause all of those symptoms that you describe. My first question is, have you gone to see your primary care doctor to express your concerns? Odds are overwhelmingy stacked in your favor that you are fine physically, and he/she will refer you out to a mental healthcare professional. Confronting these feelings and this pattern of thinking is a very good way to understand this in my experience.
Avatar f tn Sometimes, as you say, the feeling is barely noticeable and the anxiety level remains low, but when it gets really bad, my anxiety shoots through the roof. It is a VERY unpleasant feeling and it's all I can focus on. I've discussed this with my neuro a few times and he thinks it's all in my head................DOH! But, he also apparently doesn't think it's anything to be alarmed about, so I've just tried very hard to learn to live with it as part of my panic.
Avatar f tn Are you under a lot of stress right now? Have you had a history of anxiety? In my opinion, anxiety/panic can manifest itself in almost any way imanginable. Shortness of breath, fast heart beat, sweating, feeling of dread, etc. are all things I have experienced with anxiety. Do you have access to counseling? If this is your first real experience with anxiety, just talking it over and learning about it goes a long way in confronting it in my opinion.
Avatar f tn All of my other numbers are normal. The problem is anxiety and panic attacks. I'm having trouble telling where the thyroiditis and the panic attacks begin. My endo told me that any symptom I'm experiencing is definately not from my thyroid, so my gp have me Ativan. I've been taking them way too much, so he's promised me a perscription of Paxil. Does anyone else have this problem?
Avatar m tn The combination of those probabilities works out to 0.001 x 0.001 x 0.1 = 0.0000001, or one in 10 million. For 100 such events, which probably is a lot more than you will have in the next few years, your HIV risk comes to no higher than 1 chance in 100,000. Your risk of dying tomorrow of an accident or sudden illness is a lot higher than that.
1419479 tn?1285984120 I can see that you do feel quite scared at the moment, I've been through the same thing and I found it pretty scary too.