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Avatar m tn Long story short I've been battling anxiety every since. Mainly while driving. Has anyone out there experienced dizziness while driving from anxiety? My doctor is trying to convince mw to take Wellbutrin because he says I need to increase the serotonin in my brain......hmmmmmmm any success stories out there?
Avatar f tn Although i do get dizzy if my anxiety kicks in while im driving. So, I cant really give you tons of advice but from what ive heard Paxil probably wasnt the best choice so i wasnt shocked to hear that. I know someone else with your type of anxiety and they take xanax but that could make u very drowsy to drive. You really should speak to a Dr. about further options. Try not to let this stop your life,even though im really not one to talk.
7131686 tn?1390058041 I've developed such bad anxiety that driving makes it worse. I have not drove a car in 1 month lol.
6894081 tn?1390751363 I hate driving now that I'm pregnant.
Avatar n tn Well I am having driving anxiety but it's a different kind for me. I am not afraid of driving it seems that my left side near my ribcage seems to hurt like a pressure everytime I drive. I don't know if it's muscular or not or if something is wrong but it seems to get worse when I drive like a pressure that sends pain into my left arm and leg and it causes me to get scared and then I get the anxiety. I have been to the hospital and had a EKG done and they tell me my heart is fine.
Avatar f tn I've had anxiety while driving for years now. I'm also very agoraphobic. At this point in my life, I am unable to drive and very rarely leave the house. Problem right now is that I am moving about 1/2 hour away by the end of the month. Luckily, I have the best boyfriend in the world and he will be doing pretty much all of the moving by himself. Packing and unpacking will be my job, but I don't mind it at all. In any case, I'm going to have to drive down to the new place at some point.
Avatar f tn I never experienced anxiety while driving until I got my tractor trailer license at the age 27 when I first started driving I love it and experience on problems! I drove team with my husband all over the United day While I was driving I started having sweats, racing heart rate, numbness in my left I pulled over and let my husband drive..from that day forward ever time I tried to drive I would experience the same symptoms.
1785438 tn?1314991535 Even taking out the garbage has been such a hassle for me. A major problem with me is the driving, though. I can imagine that while I get to certain points that I don't like on my travels, that I will go through a major panic attack. I fear that I will get so anxious that I'll pass out and get into an accident.
1348086 tn?1370786785 Well, I had missed 3 appointment with my therapist and psychiatrist in the past 3 months due to anxiety and I think it has built into driving anxiety. I have one today. It is about an hour away from here and I am afraid I am going to get anxious while driving. Any words of relief on this matter?
Avatar f tn I just had one of the worst anxiety/panic attacks driving today. Was trying to drive north to see my boyfriend not even three hours away and got on the highway made it 15min before I got off in full panic. I have always had highway panic but could usually deal with it if I was in a good mood and excited about where I was going. In the past I have avoided it and taken back roads and this is what I eventually tried to do but it was all a mess.
1804812 tn?1329681157 I had a debilitating anxiety attack while driving 10 years ago and had to call an ambulance from a quick check parking lot. My coping mechanisms have failed intermittently since that time. Any advice is appreciated.
3133809 tn?1342603753 Sudden Anxiety attack while driving. Called friend to talk and share the feeling.
Avatar f tn I been having panic attacks while driving where i Feel i lose Control, dizzy light headed, that im going to faint like with no strength to control the wheel or my body, the i start deep breathing n try to knock those thoughts off my head, then my heart starts pounding fast, n i get shaky from head to toes.. Is scary.. It started On the fwys now on the streets, it happens when i think about it.. Is super scary.. How can i control this feelings?? Im scared, i suffer from anxiety..
Avatar f tn I had a panic attack while driving about 2 months ago. I have been dissassociating for about a year due to some extreme stress in my life (sexual assault) and those moments were terrifying me. Finally my body went into full panic mode when I was experiencing a dissassociating episode while driving and now I feel like I'm going to lose my mind. I am terrified to drive and when I have to I bring myself to panic. I keep trying to tell myself that I'm ok but it doesn't help.
Avatar n tn It's not actually the driving for me anyway; it was the fact that I had an attack while driving. Sounds like you have a trigger when you drive, such as the child being hit by a car or another car-related instance, especially if you're having nightmares about them. I strongly suggest discussing these issues with a counselor to see what the root of these fears are as well as possibly taking even just 1/2 klonopin so that you can drive without fear.
Avatar n tn so i was always afraid to have another one while i was driving. thus my anxiety would kick in and i'd feel like my vision was slow, as if to say if i was looking both ways before crossing an intersection, when i looked right, i would already be looking left before my vision caught up with me. same deal with looking down at my spedometer, by the time i looked back at the road, i could still see the number clearly, even though i was looking at the road. hope this helped.
1603534 tn?1297864793 I can understand your apprehensions about your symptoms because you have had a number of tests without reaching at a diagnosis and yes, mainly because it is a very dangerous thing to happen while driving. Dizziness while driving can be from driving anxiety, claustrophobia of being in car, carbon mono-oxide leakage (get this checked at a mechanics), subluxation of C1-C2 vertebra (a MRI of this spine should be done). Sometimes it is due to fluid in the cochlear canals of the ear.
Avatar f tn have really bad OCD while driving, it all started when I got into a car accident 3 months ago when some lady hit me from the side. Ever since that day my visual on driving has changed. I always feel like I'm going to run someone over or hit somebody that's walking its literally scaring me to the point where I have to drive back and fourth in some places to make sure I didn't hit anyone.
Avatar f tn I think there was underlying stress and anxiety that manifested while driving giving the feeling of imbalance. Soon as I was aware of what was happening, I was better able to address it. I am now driving like I used to and no more imbalance. Took months but there is hope.
Avatar n tn then it makes me anxious and have heart on. It happens while i am driving as well. The docs all tell me anxiety too. Hard to believe huh? I keep thinking it is heart related or something But i had a chest x-ray, ekg's and wore a holter monitor for 24 hours (all negative). It just is very scary and I wish it would go away. It all started for me about a year ago when I had a really scary medical scare. I thought i was dying and it turned out i had hyperthyroidism.
Avatar m tn The sloshing around of the fluid inside the human ears is what creates the dizziness in many cases while driving or being in motion . . Stress and anxiety are aggravating factors . Please consult a physician and ENT surgeon for the management of the symptoms . Hope this helps you . Take care and regards !
Avatar n tn I want to know if I should see a Neurologist, or what suggestion you have. I continue to have trouble driving especially at night,while driving, I feel off balance, dizzy, and I seem to zone out a little bit. It seems to be affected by speed, not as bad at 35 mph, but gets worse at 65 mph. I would appreciate your suggestions, Thanks.
387660 tn?1242600342 Then, the other day I started doing it while driving home from work and it had snowed so everyone was driving really slow. I told myself that I just got bored with it and decided to doze off. And that is only like a 20 minute drive. I also try to wake myself up like others have said by shaking my head and stuff like that or maybe rolling down a window but it really doesn't help. I also am never tired when starting these road trips either.
Avatar f tn Hi J My story isnt exactly the same as yours but out of the blue for no reason I began to have anxiety attacks while driving. It got to the point that even thinking about driving would make me anxious...I would even call out sick from work on days that it got so bad!!! It was debilitating!!! My Dr put me on Ativan and propanolol. It took a little bit but it really helped! After about 2 months it went away on its own.