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Avatar n tn I've posted a couple times about trying to recondition myself. I'm still concerned about how poorly conditioned I seem to be, compared to my friends that I talk to. On an elliptical trainer, I can go for about 8 minutes at low speed. My pulse slowly goes up to about 135 by then, which seems very high. I also sometimes go for a 20 minute walk. I feel again like I am doing more work than I should have to.
915775 tn?1243249930 I have had anxiety ever since. Some heart arrhythmias can mimic anxiety attacks and are really hard to diagnose because they can be paroxysmal (suddenly start and suddently stop without warning). Often times, you can be having an issue with your heart rate, but it will only last 3-4 minutes and its not happening by the time you call an ambulance or go to the ER, the EKGs always come back fine...
Avatar f tn Therapy doesn't work that fast! It takes time, and if you don't work hard, it doesn't work at all. Some of us don't do well in therapy, it's just true, and maybe you'll turn out to be one of those, but did you really expect to be cured after a few sessions? And you should feel worse when you begin therapy -- you're being forced to face the things you're avoiding. But one caveat -- make sure your therapist specializes in treating anxiety -- most don't.
Avatar n tn I had a severe panic attack a month ago and called 911 from the highway because I thought I was having a heart attack. Since then I now have frequent panic attacks and anxiety. My anxiety seems to bread more anxiety and now I worry that it's making me crazy. what a horrible feeling. I was taking ativan and now my doc. has switched me to klonopin. Have people had more success with Klonopin?
Avatar f tn For 18 years, I've had heart junk. Started with flip flops and they thought SVT but could never catch it. Now I've been diagnosed with PVC's and PAC's and tachycardia. Through all of this, I started having anxiety. Everytime I would have a heart "episode", I would be diagnosed with anxiety. A few years ago I started having panic attacks, with the first one coming on after a heart episode.
Avatar n tn Instead, my respirations are bradyneic rather than increased, How can it be anxiety/panic attack - which is attributed to catecholamine hyperactivity when my VS remain normal????
Avatar n tn but I got the attack caught on a monitor. The heart doctor told me that the attack was a panic attack.. I couldn't believe it. Im starting to think if the monitor was hooked up right on me.. it seemed like an odd setup the girl put it on with all the connections in a straight line below my left nipple.. Didn't have any connections up high.. But I have to just have confidence the monitor was right and somehow its a weird type of anxiety attack.. He also gave me an echo..
Avatar n tn Anxiety and panic will NOT make your heart stop or make you stop breathing, no matter how scary the sensations feel. There would have to be a very serious underlying heart condition to cause your heart to stop, and in almost all cases, you would have symptoms that something was wrong. Are you having problems with anxiety that we can help with?
Avatar m tn t going to have a heart attack. He then listened to my heart and told me that it was just stress and anxiety. Can you help me out please and relieve me of my worry?
671285 tn?1292660161 My heart was racing and it didn't stop for a while so I went to the ER. The staff ran numerous bllod tests on me and gave me an EKG which indicated that I was having a sinus tachychardia attack. I was also given an IV with some fluids to prevent me from dehydrating. After several hours I was sent home with a case of "ANXIETY". I felt very sick. And my heart tacing has caused quite the stir in me. It was beating rapidly and uncontrollably. I am only 27 years old.
Avatar f tn ( I do sinus flushes,probiotics,lots of water. The sweating is awful my head feels like it's on fire and I am not really doing anything.
Avatar f tn Im having a tingling in my left arm and i feel kinda funny behind my left breast could this be a heart attack...i do hae small vessell ichemia,,,and i also have bad anxiety,,im on ativan,risperdal and remeron.....
Avatar f tn Recently had a EKG (actually two) and it suggested a prior mild heart attack. I am scheduled by my cardiologist for a nuclear stress test. I was questioned about any chest pains and could remember none. However, I do remember that my dentist a number of yrs. ago, injected novocaine and I had a terrible reaction, shakiness , flushed and having a difficult time breathing. The doctor said sometime the injection will go straight into my blood system and cause this .
Avatar f tn More than likely if you went to the ER with an anxiety attack, they would give you an injection of Ativan which pretty much stops the attack in it's tracks. (Xanax is not available in injectable form, hence the use of Ativan) Since most anxiety/panic attacks don't usually last more than 15-20 minutes and it takes both Ativan and Xanax at least 30 minutes to get into your blood stream, taking either medication once an attack has begun is rather futile.
2005895 tn?1327721790 my 14 y.o. niece is suffering from panic attack or anxiety attack. she has a history of malingering when she was 5 y.o. as a result of her parents separation. my question is, is this forever? shes taking exulten a muscle relaxant. shes banned to take caffeinated food or drinks. sometimes she ate white chocolate. she said lately that before her attack she'll feel sudden thinning of her breathing.. thin air and short air and chest pain. im a bit confuse why her doctors..
Avatar m tn Sounds like what I had which turned out to be panic attacks. HOWEVER, heart attacks present very differently in females vs males, and one thing I did learn when I was going through it is how important it is to be checked out if you even suspect a heart attack! My mom had one earlier this year and it did not present at all like a classic male, heaviness in chest attack. Plz see your doctor asap or even go to the ER.