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1669548 tn?1318792334 Hi All, I'm curious to hear from anyone else who practices Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for their anxiety, and how effective it may be long-term without medication- I've been using CBT for about 2 years, and it's been a godsend as far as reducing the severity and frequency of debilitating anxious moments, but I still feel that my baseline anxiety level is higher than it could be.
1679320 tn?1306386514 They are a treatment that can keep anxiety at bay. Like many other illnesses or diseases sometimes anxiety can't be cured. Meds just make it go away for many of us.
Avatar f tn Im afraid of becoming addicted to them, and from what I hear most anxiety medication is highly addictive so I have put off any sort of treatment for my anxiety.
Avatar f tn It is recommended as a first line agent for the treatment of neuropathic pain. In some instances it's also used in anxiety disorder. I am not dismissing your concern - I may not be understanding it totally. If this were my daughter I would watch closely for changes in mental status. I'd also "hold" her tablets and give them to her as ordered. I think if you take those steps she'll be fine. If you note any changes I'm sure you'll contact her PCP.
Avatar f tn It's a sleeping medication as you know and is a 3-hydroxy hypnotic of the benzodiazepine class of psychoactive drugs. Remember Temazepam, like all hypnotics is approved only for short-term treatment of insomnia. It is not recommended for long term therapy. However you should always listen to your Physician before you listen to anything I or someone else has to say on the Internet. Education ... or better put an informed decision is always the best.
1086863 tn?1278633915 Some of us have mental issues that require medication. I practice many techniques to reduce anxiety, but know medication is a base I must work from. When my son was murdered by his father four months ago, I was recovering from anal cancer, I had brief grief-induced negative thoughts, which I've resolved with the help of a therapist I can see at no charge at the cancer hospital. I am glad to hear you have an answer to your anxiety.
3183328 tn?1351187117 I agree with the above poster that the decision to use medication as one tool in the treatment of anxiety, is a unique and personal one. Peronally, for ME, anti-anxiety medication gave me the "courage" if you will, to face a lot of my fears. When the anxiety would get severe, I just couldn't do certain things (like drive, or go far from my home, etc). I took Ativan "as needed" and would often take one before an anxiety-producing situation. It helped a LOT.
Avatar m tn "What about caffiene? Do you think someone that weighs about 115 lbs and is about 5' 6" drinking a 2 liter bottle of regular Coca-Cola everyday might have some feelings of anxiety?" ABSOLUTELY, without a doubt, positively the caffeine can cause anxiety symptoms! The sugar in the coke can also cause anxiety issues (as a result of temporarily raising blood sugar levels).
Avatar n tn The SSRI's(Zoloft, Paxil, Celexa) are the treatment of choice for generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, panic disorder etc.,but require 2-4 wks before they become effective. Inderal, Xanax, Ativan are medications that are effective immediately. I encourage you to search this forum using social anxiety disorder(AKA social phobia), generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder as keywords. Keep in mind that this information is intended for educational purposes only.
Avatar m tn That's one of the defining charactersitics of BPD, little to no changes resulting from medication treatment. I'm sure those who are actually going through thsi right now can add what they think to help you better understand as my knowlege comes from my sister, her treatment team and books. I haven't lived what she did. But because I'm going through some heavy issues right now I can understand more of what she went tthrough when there was no easy help to grab at like meds.
Avatar f tn Once you start treatment and feel like you need something speak with your doctor as soon as possible about starting and AD or anti-anxiety medication. Laboratory Tests HCV-RNA levels should be monitored at weeks 4 and 12 and as clinically indicated. Use of a sensitive real-time RT-PCR assay for monitoring HCV-RNA levels during treatment is recommended.
1236133 tn?1270313735 Not only could you set yourself up for some problems, but you could also make the initial problem (anxiety) worse. Fill us in on how long you've battled anxiety, and what kinds of treatments you've tried, and what your current treatment regimen includes. We'll try to give you some pointers! Hang in there!
Avatar n tn i have panic attacks and i am on medication for it. i took my last does for the night at 11pm. i take celexa and vistiral. i feel like im trying to have a panic attack right now. i have some ativan can i take one now or not?
1694901 tn?1317009564 If you were told you had diabetes, you wouldn't think twice about taking medication for that.....anxiety is no different. Anxiety is robbing you of so much and therapy and/or medication is how we fight back. It's great that we have these choices because for many of us....medication gave us our lives back. You can feel so much better!
Avatar n tn No, counseling is not the answer for anxiety. The correct treatment involves intervention, therapy and possibly medication. The first person you should contact is your family doctor for advice and a diagnosis. If he/she is unable or unwilling to assist your son, then ask for a referral to a medical person with experience in anxiety disorders (I'm assuming anxiety is the issue and from your description it is highly suspect).
Avatar f tn My cardiolgoist and OBGYN prescribed me Inderol (Propanolol) it was considered a class B and is an old school anti-anxiety medication and frequently used for women with severe natal anxiety. Ask your OB and/or cardiologist about beta blocker for treatment of your anxiety you will want to make sure it is compatible with your cardiac condition.
Avatar f tn In the beginning I went to a psychiatrist who assessed me of having a borderline personality disorder and emotional instability. I took many pills during the treatment such as Dianxit and Cipralex which didn't work on me, then Afeksin, Faverin, Sedoxil and Nodiril. However, I was not getting better. Around December I changed my psyschiatrist and he told me that all I had was Anxiety only.
Avatar f tn I went on treatment for 7 months, and during it I experienced depression and severe anxiety and panic problems. Prior to treatment I had never had these problems. I am 20 years old and got Hep C from a blood transfusion when I was born. I stopped treatment in Jan 08. After a few months I felt normal, like I did before treatment, but lately I have been having similar problems with depression, not as severe but still there and interfering with my life. Is this left over from treatment?
Avatar f tn A good psychologist who specializes in the treatment of anxiety is the place to start, and if the therapist thinks you need medication he or she will tell you. A regular doc isn't the best person to do this with -- if you do decide medication is necessary, a psychiatrist would be a better choice. As for side effects, they come before any effects. It will take 4-6 weeks most likely to see if the med works for you, but side effects start immediately.
Avatar f tn But you feel the come down as well. To me it would depend on how bad you anxiety was. If it was 24/7 anxiety I would more inclined to go for klonopin. Dosed out twice a day. To cover the whole day. As it can be used for a lot longer. Talking years wise. I know they are all the same come the end of the day. Once on them for a long period of time we can't just stop taken them. But just another opinion. I would also agree with the theraphy suggestion. Big time.
Avatar n tn I am proof that you can control your anxiety without medication and I would encourage everyone to visit the website I mentioned. Being free, or almost completely free from the monster of anxiety is a feeling unmatched.
Avatar f tn It's obvious that you know what the treatment is, but it's too expensive for you. Any medication, that treats anxiety, can get you hooked on it and in a short time. Once on benzodiazapines with no other treatment, you will be heading down a long and sad road. Something maybe your bride needs to know. Anxiety IS treatible.
Avatar f tn The tragedy is that all the anxiety, all the lost living paid out in panic and fear could have all been abated if treated vigorously by a psychiatrist who is competent in the field of anxiety or the diagnosis and treatment of Generalized Treatment Disorder. Medication is not a cure but it is a begining, and a begining to take back control of your life. Many people have argued that therapy is the better first course or treatment and I wholeheartedly disagree.
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Avatar f tn I'm a traditionalist when it comes to treatment for depression and anxiety. I have seen great results. But it's so individual. And that factor makes things difficult to say what affect someone will have. There are SNRI's if SSRI's aren't working well for you. I personally find many holistic medicine and alternative medicine doctors to be full of hope based on nothing. Talk about not having science to back up your practice!
2111850 tn?1334369185 Yeah it can be very embarrassing, have you talked to your boss and explained your situation? If not I strongly suggest you do, if they know what's going on they can be fantastic and make work a whole lot easier :) Yeah, not meant to have anything with caffeine in it, no deep fried foods etc.
1306047 tn?1333247191 I'm really interested in some real life testimonies of people's experiences with medication for anxiety and perhaps OCD. I'd appreciate some perspectives anyone who care's to elaborate.