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Avatar n tn I'm another UK Cyster, a postmenopausal one. I hae also had great treatment from NHS. when cyst initially diagnosed (due to ultrasound fro bleeding ) I was referred and saw an ocn/gyn I thin within two weeks. As the cyst hasn't gone away I still see him to monitor. And so on. As so far I haven't got ovca I haven't used a McMillan nurse, but I was introduced as a contact point.
1580085 tn?1400944438 As I said before, we see a lot of members from UK who have a very hard time getting proper testing/treatment because of NHS standards. Many have had to seek treatment privately, or get their doctor to make a special request....... not sure how that works. You originally started out on 50 mcg levo; have you gone up to the 100 mcg yet?
Avatar f tn All of my other numbers are normal. The problem is anxiety and panic attacks. I'm having trouble telling where the thyroiditis and the panic attacks begin. My endo told me that any symptom I'm experiencing is definately not from my thyroid, so my gp have me Ativan. I've been taking them way too much, so he's promised me a perscription of Paxil. Does anyone else have this problem?
Avatar m tn 1) Does a UK GUM clinic use a 3rd/4th generation ELISA test? If not what do they use? 2) A single HIV test (be it 3rd or 4th gen) at a UK GUM clinic is testing for both HIV1 and 2 antibodies from one test? (as it appears there are two seperate ELISA tests from what DR Gonzales says) I appreciate your responses and that maybe you feel you've answered this already, but I cannot understand just a "YES".
Avatar m tn Development of loss of use of limbs,movement memory,blindness,loss of speach,gate loss,inability to masticate,and bells pausey developed.I was referred to Atkinson Morley hospital in London in UK who carried out Abreaction,hypnotherapy,and specialist physiotherapy.In march 2008 I was reffered from Frimley Park in surrey to The National Hospital London UK for CBTtherapy as a rare serious case for further treatment.
Avatar n tn And yet when they decided to move it to a yearly scan I was petrified. Letting go of your treatment is difficult to do. You feel the safety net/comfort blanket is being taken away and as a result you feel vulnerable. Logically of course this makes no sense but it is a very real feeling nonetheless and hard to get rid of.
Avatar f tn Geodon was approved as an antipsychotic for its primary use all over the world. Geodon has some concerns such as heart arrythmia though and its the only antipsychotic with this problem (out of the ones approved in the U.S. at least). Generally out of all of the antipsychotics Abilify is the least likely to cause weight gain and diabetes and sedation. Geodon was used more for a while because of this but Abilify is generally used more now. Did you ask about that one?
Avatar f tn Hi, I was diagnosed by my doctor as having lymes based on the red mark I had, being in tick/lymes known areas of the uk, having severe night sweats I also had some bad anxiety/worried/nervous guilty feelings all from nowhere. I was tested for the main strain which came back negative, but the doc did day there where many strains which the nhs didn't test for. I was on antibiotics for 2 weeks.
Avatar m tn Hi all, I have suffered severe anxiety with this, since I was told I would have this forever etc. and it would always come back. I have since spoken to 2 doctors plus both Handsfield and Hook and the equivalent expert in the UK - I wont mention his name as he doesn't operate on forums so I feel that would be harsh. All I'll say is if you type "chester sexual health - genital warts always go for good eventually" in to google UK it will point you in the right direction.
Avatar f tn I was scared I could have given her a std I got one of the cheap home std test kits for her to do it came back saying she had chlymidia so I got the treatment for her only I went and got test at gum clinic it came back we didn't have a std the test was wrong but while I was there the nurse mentioned a hiv test I said why ? She replied because you can catch it from oral i got tested but she said it wouldnt cover me for what had happened as it was only 2 week after .
Avatar m tn I am a 23 year old male living in the UK. I have a track record of general anxiety, specifically HIV. Whilst at university I lost my virginity to a girl, and within a few days had begun to feel ill with cold symptoms. I scanned the internet and came to the conclusion that I was sereconverting...before I knew it, I was feeling dizzy, couldn't concentrate, starting feeling burning sensations all over my body...
Avatar n tn I started Lexapro two weeks before treatment. The initial sides from the Lexapro were far worse than the hep meds. When I started Lexapro I felt I was in a cloud or a haze. I felt anxious and would get that jittery feeling in my legs. I also had problems sleeping were I would wake up in the middle of the night and was unable to get back to sleep. And I had the worse case of dry mouth! I was so fatigued and exhausted, all I wanted to do was sit on the sofa.
Avatar m tn -- or glandular fever, as it's known in the UK and some other countries.) And a recurrent diarrheal illness also doesn't fit with ARS. As for your wife's symptoms, it sounds like she and you are sharing some sort of garden variety virus. In other words, I'm confident that neither of you has anything from your commercial sex exposure a few weeks ago. If your or your wife's symptoms continue, see your primary care doctor to get a diagnosis and possible treatment.
Avatar m tn I still have insomnia issues for some reason, but I don't trip out at night, I'm merely awake. It's like my anxiety never happened for the most part and I'm able to move past all the moments anxiety would've crippled me and into the life I've desired all along but been too scared to manifest. What we desire the most, we fear the most could be an anxiety persons tag line.
758077 tn?1282599161 I would have thought the anxiety would have gone by now. I know sleep will help, but I need to get rid of the anxiety first.
Avatar n tn And you can rely on the test results already done. Your symptoms are typical for anxiety-related magnification of normal body sensations. Search "STD anxiety" to find a large number of questions describing variations on exactly your symptoms. Language clues suggest you in in the UK. If you're still in doubt, get checked out at a GUM clinic, which generally are excellent.
Avatar f tn Over the past few months I have been putting off major dental treatment as I had been finding I was having marked reactions to local anaesthetic -drop in BP, near sycope and increased heart rate -obviously made worse by anxiety as well! Even when the dentist tried different chemicals without adrenalin etc I was having unpleasant symptoms. How have other people found they react to dental treatment and what ways have you found to cope?
Avatar n tn Delay whilst googling the products you mentioned. Interestingly when you google in UK for 5-HTP there is no links at all. Do you know if this is available in the uk? I can't believe I've done all this on my own so far without asking someone who may have personal experience for advice.
Avatar m tn Going to see a doc soon, but I was wondering if I could get any additional info here... Is anyone familiar with otosyphilis and/or neurosyphilis? Scared to death here. I got syphilis via a low-risk encounter in March. I had a rash and a mouth ulcer (never saw the chancre), so I had a panel of STD tests done in early June (12 weeks). Tested positive (1:32 and positive FTA) for syphilis.
5154342 tn?1370274567 A lot of posts covering numerous related topics of discussion started piling onto that thread, so I thought I would start a new thread here, with the intent of letting folks post their treatment status if desired, so others in the same leaky boat might be able to get a feel for how they were doing with regard to all of us as a class.
Avatar f tn I am nearing the end of my second trimester now so would treatment be too late if suspected tick bute was during first trimester? also what is the best treatment option for me being pregnant?
Avatar f tn What is the best treatment for vaginal Eczema. I have this for years now, it comes and goes. I use Calendula gel when I have symptoms, it seems to help but not completely. Is there something that I can use that is more effective. It is very uncomfortable. Burning sensation, etc. I had a biopsy done a few years ago and results came back (SPONGIOTIC DERMATITIS) which I been told is like ECZEMA. Can you please help or have any comments regarding this condition.
Avatar f tn Post prophylactic treatment is up to you and your doctor. Ignore any internet advice.
634733 tn?1316629592 We now know the sooner treatment is started the better off you may be in the long run. Treatment in the UK for MS is hard to get because of the risk sharing drug scheme - be insistent and get started on a dmd now rather than wait until something worse happens to your body. Don't let the money cost of the drug stop your appropriate treatment. I'll see you on the MS forum.
Avatar f tn I am a 52 year old veteran and i have been seen by the VA and they put me on meds that made my diagnosis worse after 3 months i wanted to kill myself because nothing was helping only worse. What types of treatment should i be seeking. So that i don't have togo threw this. I also have Ulcers, High Blood Pressure and Degerat joint and bone desies and my old doctor had me on y medications before and i was fine till he past away and now forced to go to the VA. Can you help me im at my end please.