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1086863 tn?1278633915 Some of us have mental issues that require medication. I practice many techniques to reduce anxiety, but know medication is a base I must work from. When my son was murdered by his father four months ago, I was recovering from anal cancer, I had brief grief-induced negative thoughts, which I've resolved with the help of a therapist I can see at no charge at the cancer hospital. I am glad to hear you have an answer to your anxiety.
Avatar n tn can U give me any treatment for erection and premature ejaculation for me and any medicine that I can use ...
Avatar f tn My husband mom and dad were told last year that I may not live bc I got sick with ards and I was fighting depression and anxiety I also had to go to a mental center to get help bc I would flip at nothing and cry for nothing I come off my meds this year and I feel like Im still fighting the drepression and anxiety but I dont want to go back on the meds what could I do to stay away from the meds
Avatar m tn Hello! There really is no ONE answer to the question, "how long does anxiety last?" That will vary for everyone. For most of us with anxiety disorders, anxiety is a life long battle with periods of anxiety "remission" and periods where our anxiety is out of control. The important thing to do is to address the anxiety, usually with a therapist. Therapy will help teach you coping techniques to deal with anxiety when it rears it's ugly head.
Avatar n tn Stress is an important causing factor. Treatment includes anti anxiety medicines(available on prescription by a physician).When you have such kind of symptoms, Breathe slowly through the nose using the diaphragm and abdomen. Do not breathe through the mouth. Talking with a supportive person — someone who has experienced true panic attacks personally; someone who is highly trained in treating panic attacks; loved ones who can offer support and comfort.
Avatar n tn So the long and short of it is that you need to learn some techniques to alleviate your anxiety and you can be successful with the right help. All my best.
Avatar m tn primarily used for short-term anxiety treatment. Not very sedating and not addictive at all. 3. A benzodiazepine (xanax, valium, librium; psychoactive anti-anxiety drug): primarily for short-term anxiety relief. Benzodiazepines are very fast-acting, but can be highly addictive. I would not even recommend benzodiazepines except that you intend to use medication for short-term relief. They can be very addictive. Of these, I would try either xanax or librium.
1844300 tn?1318869731 Both of them require different treatment and medication to combat symptoms. The treatment for anxiety always starts with a medical exam with your doctor to rule out heart or other physical trouble. Once that is ruled out, a visit with a mental health professional with anxiety experience is scheduled. Some doctors will want to throw medication at you- you need to decide what you want out of treatment at this point.
Avatar m tn So, dont worry about it, but get it checked just in-case for ease of mind and so you can take the next steps to treat it if it is anxiety. Anyway, excersize is proven to help anxiety. So is healthy eating. Chamomile tea helps ease anxiety, meditation, deep breathing (like, close your eye and lay down, breathe in slowly as much air as you can, hold it for like 3 seconds, then slowly let it all that 3 times or more...whatever you want). Those are just a couple techniques...
Avatar f tn Great advice, my only amendment is, and I've said this before as well, do you have a psychologist who specializes in anxiety treatment? I don't think a regular doc is going to help you much with anxiety, they can only prescribe medication for it and psychiatrists are a better choice for that than regular docs. But again, are you seeing anyone who can help you learn some relaxation techniques?
1694901 tn?1317009564 If you were told you had diabetes, you wouldn't think twice about taking medication for that.....anxiety is no different. Anxiety is robbing you of so much and therapy and/or medication is how we fight back. It's great that we have these choices because for many of us....medication gave us our lives back. You can feel so much better!
1392211 tn?1286333242 in dec of 09 i had a panic attack i went to the doctor because i thought the worse she done blood work and a ekg she said it was anxiety so i went about my way about 4 months ago i started getting pains in my left upper and forearm and hand got this tingle i get in top of hand to can also feel pains in my leg and back to then i started to get shoulder pains neck pains face pains ,i had a feeling in my gut like butterflys alot of belching and feeling bloated to so i went to a doctor and we drew b
Avatar f tn I was on paxil for almost 10 years - 20 mgs for anxiety. After another bout with anxiety the dr. upped to 40 and it worked fine, but I gained so much weight that I asked to be taken off. I was put on zoloft 50 mgs. I was fine for 2 years on 50 mgs but then got another bout with anxiety. I was bumped up to 100 mgs and within 3 weeks, I was fine. Now six months after I was bumped up to 100 mgs. I have it again. The Dr. has bumped it up to 125 and if that doesn't work, 150mgs.
2111850 tn?1334369185 Yeah it can be very embarrassing, have you talked to your boss and explained your situation? If not I strongly suggest you do, if they know what's going on they can be fantastic and make work a whole lot easier :) Yeah, not meant to have anything with caffeine in it, no deep fried foods etc.
Avatar f tn I'm a traditionalist when it comes to treatment for depression and anxiety. I have seen great results. But it's so individual. And that factor makes things difficult to say what affect someone will have. There are SNRI's if SSRI's aren't working well for you. I personally find many holistic medicine and alternative medicine doctors to be full of hope based on nothing. Talk about not having science to back up your practice!
Avatar n tn Have had multiple tests all normal with the final diagnosis of anxiety. I attempted to go on an anti-anxiety medication and tried for 2 days. I was so out of it, aggitated and total loss of control. The side effects could last up to 2 wks and I wasn't willing to try another day. I have Ativan only as needed and I am so afraid to become addicted to it, I think I have used it 3 times total. I am talking with a counselor and find that talking with a close friend or family member helps.
Avatar n tn I know that the increased heart rate and dizziness associated w/anxiety is normal, and am not concerned about that. Distraction techniques do not work. I am not anxious about anything but my health. Thankyou for any help. I will do anything to make this go away, but I really would like to try to do it without medications. If there are any suggestions that anyone has, please reply.
Avatar m tn Does anyone here know what is the anxiety treatment called energy psychology? I've read about it in some blog but they didn't give a full explanation, they said it's something which involves tapping on accupuncture points while thinking about an anxiety producing situation. Anyone...
Avatar m tn It's not actually that easy for most of us to get inpatient treatment for anxiety -- beds aren't in abundance, and the only thing they'll do for you is give you drugs anyway and try to clear your bed as soon as possible. The exception is when you're a threat to yourself or others. On the other hand, you've been suffering with anxiety for a long time now and you're still with us, so you know it's not going to kill you and that nothing truly terrible is going to happen -- you just think it is.
Avatar n tn This has led me to the point where i am undergrad senior doing my thesis on the treatment methods of panic disorder/anxiety. I understand what it is like to experience panic symptoms and all the difficulties that come along with it and I am hoping that you will help me. My question is for all panic/anxiety sufferers who may read this... What methods were offered to you as treatment? Medication? Cognitive therapy? What did you try? Which were more helpful?
955560 tn?1250198145 I think nearly everyone of this forum has experienced what you are going through. Is this the first time you have gone through anxiety / panic attacks? Don't be afraid to go the ER if you need to. You can receive treatment there until you have the chance to see your doctor. Sometimes these attacks pop up out of nowhere, and go away by themselves. Everybody feels anxious and panicky form time to time. If they persist, or you start to constant worry about them, you might have an anxiety disorder.
Avatar m tn severe inoperable back pain w/nerve damage etc. knees feet Pain! and the anxiety that i can be denied treatment (legally) anytime. i want control of what i put in my body for god's sake i could chug-a-lug a quart of tequilla if i want but don't dare let me have any extract from a poppy plant??how do we with cp get some control back in our (our not their) quality of daily life. come on you guys there has to be a way??
728480 tn?1312063530 Anti-depressants are the logical choice for a long term treatment of anxiety ( usually 6 months at least but it all depends on your need and how you react to treatment so it can be much more longer ). Those are all issues you will have to discuss with your doctor and maybe he will prescribe an anti-anxiety medication until the anti-depressant kicks in which can take up to 1 months but i doubt he will if you mention you addictive behavior.
Avatar n tn I would look into other methods in dealing with your symptoms such as biofeedback and stress relaxation techniques which avoid medications all together.
Avatar f tn I have a question, mt anxiety is high and im have thoughts about wanting to be dead , i dont want to hurt myself and i havent. I just want to know how i can lower my axiety. Its not all the time.
Avatar f tn I will just randomly get an anxious feeling in my stomach for no reason and I'll feel anxious all day. A few years ago I was treated for a mild social anxiety but stopped treatment when I learned to deal with the symptoms. I've seemed to have this random anxiety my whole life though. It's almost like the feeling where there is something wrong but there isn't anything wrong. Does anyone else ever suffer from this? Is it anything to really worry about?
Avatar f tn and doctors will prescribe them to phobics, people who are prone to panic, anxiety attack, etc...I also have found hypnosis, thought process exercises and breathing techniques helpful in dealing with these types of things, at least for me. Also, many people who suffer from these might be helping matters by eating more frequently, healthy, smaller meals (which is a healthier thing to do anyway) to help keep your blood sugar level.
3060903 tn?1398568723 Learn how to use mindfulness meditation to fight stress, anxiety, and depression and improve your emotional well-being and physical health. Adapted with permission from Positive Psychology: Harnessing the Power of Happiness, Personal Strength, and Mindfulness, a special health report published by Harvard Health Publications. Key Points Practicing mindfulness improves both mental and physical health.