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Avatar n tn At this time, I don't have much anxiety but am emotionally more or less flat, feel sleepy all the time and am obsessive about my problem. Has homeopathy worked for anyone in the long run and can anyone give hope that I will get out of this rut?
Avatar f tn Hi, has anyone tried homeopathy for dealing with anxiety and depression? I just started seeing a homeopath this week and he gave me a remedy that I have been taken for 4 days. He put something in it to give me the immediate benefit of better sleep (and it's working!), but since this is a holistic treatment I know my body has to heal itself, and so it'll take time to see my anxiety and depression improve. But I'm wondering if anyone has experience with this sort of thing.
Avatar f tn hi im trying out homeopathy for my panic attacks and anxiety anyone know if its allowed to drink lavender or honey balm tea?
1007653 tn?1259389567 I've been under natrum muriaticum and nux vomica for a bit longer than a week and I saw some good results at first, then the dose decreased by half but my doctor said if I felt anxious I increased the frequency by as much as I needed, like 5 times in 1 hour and that would help but I don't know, I feel like I've been going backwards with feelings like the first times(horrible times) and like I can't control it anymore like I felt I could the first few days the treatment started.
Avatar f tn France and India have done much research on homeopathy and have documented definite immune system reactions to homeopathic treatment, and the many patients of homeopathy will also differ with the above. In the US, homeopathy was the main form of medicine until the AMA got it banned toward the end of the 19th century, when the robber barons decided to throw their investment in with allopathic medicine.
931217 tn?1283484935 Those psychological attributes of people, sometimes go against what is known about medical science and common sense. Homeopathy is one such case. If it is true, then what we know about chemistry cannot be. If it is false, which I believe it is, it is at best a benign placebo, but as you shall read in the embedded link, it is at worst a harmful form of charlatanism, perpetrated on people (and animals owned by like minded people) who are at their most vulnerable and at risk.
Avatar m tn On the second day and 4th dose of pills I could feel the fluid actually moving in from the sac towards abdomen, In 4 days everything was normal. 2. Last year I suffered extreme vertigo, continuous spinning, imbalance, headache etc. Saw three different specialists, did MRI, blood tests etc. Their medication caused lot of side effects and no improvement in vertigo. I consulted same homoeopathic, with his pills I was 80% better in just one day (three doses of 4 tiny pills). In 3 days I was nor.
1913502 tn?1330391792 I believe in an earlier post you said you would be starting Riba and Peg in January, 2012, to treat Hep C Genotype 3, correct? I don't know about the homeopathy part. I recommend that you talk to a doctor about any herbs or supplements that you might be taking as some may be contraindicated with your treatment.
Avatar f tn Here I have alittle bit good news,but not sure does its works on everyone, recently I had try homeopathy treatment, although I am not fully recover but at least I don't feel so much panickly as before, maybe you guys could give a try, it is natural and non-additive. You can also borrow Homeoptahy books which you could understand more, they had a wide range of natural medication which is helpful for mental or physical symptom.
560272 tn?1311353893 Although I will have to say they didn't come until this spring and we've lived here since last summer. I'm in no treatment for the anxiety. In the past I have been through (and completed CBT) which didn't help much, and was on Prozac for the longest time. I got more side effects than help from the Prozac. (so much weight gain) And I've never had insurance, so help has always been extremely hard to get. Do you have any experience with acid reflux?
Avatar n tn I have had anxiety (minor) in the past... but never anything like this. Jimbo49 How long did it take for the anxiety of yours to wear off? did your GP prescribe you anything? And did you do anything that made you feel better. I don't get sick very often.. so this is all very scary to me. THank you for taking time out to answer my questions.
1348686 tn?1310657843 They are key to the processing of emotions Increase your vegetable intake to at least 5 servings a day. Many of the flavonoids in vegetables have been shown to reduce anxiety — especially hesperidin, quercetin and curcumin. All three are available as supplements. The dose is 250 mg. of each three times a day. Quercetin comes in a water-soluble form.
Avatar n tn I would like to know if you can recommend any anti-anxiety meds that a person could go which would not affect the heart in any way. Is it normal to have such severe anxiety that I actually avoid any situation that I have to be around people now (because my my fear of my heart skipping). I also cannot sleep at night at all because I feel my heart skip sometimes every third beat or so and it sends me into panic.
Avatar m tn please google myers cocktails and hydrogen peroxide drips, you will find lots of useful information on the benefits from these 2 therapies. any practitioner that believes in homeopathy shoiuld be familiar with this.
Avatar m tn Are there any treatment options for CRPS or RSD other than painkillers or in combination with painkillers that can help someone who has had the disease for over two years? Does anyone have a story about CRPS or RSD that has a happy ending? What are the best medications and treatment options? Any information would be a really huge help. Currently I am taking Methadone, Lyrica, Cesamet, Baclofen, Citalopram as well as Hydromorphone for breakthrough.
Avatar n tn Many of the flavonoids in vegetables have been shown to reduce anxiety — especially hesperidin, quercetin and curcumin. All three are available as supplements. The dose is 250 mg. of each three times a day. Quercetin comes in a water-soluble form. Otherwise it must be dissolved in either fish oil or extra-virgin olive oil. Reduce your intake of fats — especially saturated fats and omega-6 fats (vegetable oils, such as corn, safflower, peanut, sunflower, soybean and canola oils).
Avatar n tn Hi, I haven't started treatment due to the fear of the side effects. I go in to a panic just thinking about them. My doc also told me that they don't know the long term effects of treatment either. It could bring on some other terrible illness for all I know. That just sets the panic mode off more. I am being treated at Duke University. Since I've put treatment on hold, my doc wants to see me every six months. He is going to do another biopsy in a couple of years.
Avatar n tn You range of emotions is not unusual for a person suffering from anxiety, but with proper treatment they should be somewhat more stable rather than flying all over the place. You're doing a lot of the right things like exercise, diet and sleep which are very important. I find it's imperative that I maintain a ritualistic routine in order to maintain some sanity. If your symptoms are bouncing around and you're not on medication, that may help.
Avatar f tn I have been having therapy for 2 years and it's helped me in lots of ways and even stopped the anxiety for periods of time. I went down the natural root first and saw a homeopath but the remedies I took gave me extremely bad reactions, I felt like i'd been given a 'depression remedy'. I've never felt so low in all my life, i was like a shell, crying everyday which is not like me, completely desolate.
Avatar f tn I suffer from anxiety and have had a little depression lately... not bad just a bit of the blues. No doubt from lack of a good night sleep as I have a 9 month old baby and a new puppy! I tried taking Wellbutrin in July and it did not work for me so I was tapered off it. I have xanax for any sudden panick attacks but I have not had to take any of them.
Avatar m tn Sorry to take your time to read my story but yeah thats what started me with anxiety. Hopefully its just the meds that got the best of me and soon in the comming years as I grow older my anxiety will increasingly diminish. P.S Thank you for your help and knowledge it inspires me to hear from someone else who also suffers from anxiety.
253566 tn?1219683299 My husband did his treatment 8 to 10 months before I did. He started in 1999 into 2000. I started my treatment in 2000 into 2001. Six months for the both of us. Now we are in terrible health. There are times that we feel good for a short period. It seems like a cycle. Our first onset was with costeochondritis. Felt like a heart attack.
446896 tn?1237806342 I also tend to have slight anxiety in the mornings and have read that an elevated level of the hormone Cortisol may cause this. Apparently this is not uncommon. 4 weeks ago I began receiving acupuncture treatment for this and I feel more anxious and depressed. I do feel relaxed during and after the treatment but slowly I feel worse as days pass. I too am not sure about herbal remedies. I have tried the herb Rhodiola but this has not been effective.
Avatar n tn The most important thing doctors ever did was to create the modern water treatment system. From that point on, people living in areas with such systems have lived much longer lives. Sterilization of tools was also very important, especially in childbirth, which also lengthened life because much of the life expectancy problem was in not surviving childbirth. A lot of good has been done. But a lot of harm has also been done.
Avatar f tn Probably the thing that we can take away from it is that hormones do play an important role in anxiety. I have had the complete opposite reaction from the rest of the community. I had been on the pill for years (for irregular menstruation) and then went off of it - thought it had been long enough. About a month after quitting the pill, I started having panic attacks (but didn't yet correlate it with the pill).
Avatar m tn I am trying to break this cycle but... am genuinely afraid. This is worse than any other health anxiety I’ve felt in the past. Any suggestions or advice for me? I’m in a house full of people but still feel so lonely.
534105 tn?1226160777 The presence of homeopathic drops makes me wonder just what kind of doctor your doctor is. Surely, NOT an MD? The deal with homeopathy is that if you take a very small portion of the thing that is hurting you, your body will start to fight it off and therefore cure you of the big bad thing that is trying to hurt you. Sort of like the flu vaccine gives your body the info it needs to fight off the REAL deal if you are exposed. But, what the heck, if it works for you, it works for you.
Avatar f tn I have removed the silver fillings 3 big ones and going through chelation treatment to remove the mercury from my brain. I was in a wheelchair for almost 4 years and unable to speak due to piosoning from mercury from silver fillings. With removal of the fillings and chelation I am now out of the wheelcahir and able to speak again. Google"Dental Amalgam Mercury syndrome" if you have silver fillings. Good luck.
Avatar n tn It often starts when I have been lying on my side or if I am supporting my upper body on one arm. After a while if I move I will feel a pain in the sternum, this can be quite uncomfortable. If I move my arms together or bend forward this will get worse, however sometimes if I bend backwards and spread my arms wide and up into the air I will hear and feel a click or series of clicks from my sternum.
Avatar n tn During the most severe episodes, the feeling from the two localized parts expanded towards each other, and joined right above the nose. If I was driving in a car, and looked in the rear view mirror, momentarily I would loose my orientation.