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Avatar f tn condition i.e. autism. They will place him in an appropriate class in the least restrictive setting which could mean general ed with either push in or pull out support by the RSP teacher. They'll give him any needed supports such as speech and occupational therapies and ABA. They have the expertise to get behaviors under control so he can access his education.
Avatar f tn s probably true, but I wonder how much of the treatment is effective because of belief in the treatment, and how much of the treatment is actually physically beneficial? it seems like a fine line, but you have a really good question!
Avatar n tn Tantrums are a common behaviour of children suffering from anxiety disorders (and OCD is one of the anxiety disorders). The usual treatment for anxiety disorders is intervention, therapy and possibly medication. It sounds as if your child psychiatrist has experience in this area. By the way, our child was placed on Prozac for a few months at six years of age (severe social anxiey disorder) and it did wonders.
Avatar m tn If one looks at the history of treatment of young children with autism, one finds a long list of treatments that have been espoused to be the next cure for autism. Many of these treatments have been embraced with no scientific evidence to back them up.
Avatar f tn I also have a child with autism and he has severe anxiety and compulsions and his anxiety got in the way of everyday living. So much so that as a four year old, even though he loved Dora the Explorer, he was not able to watch a new episode of a show because of the anxiety associated with the newness of it. I have never regretted putting my son on anti anxiety meds from an early age because of the massive improvement I saw in his quality of life.
1211960 tn?1272974502 Actually that is where I got the first list but I will go ahead and post the second one as well! Medical conditions, treatments, procedures and related subject matter have a special language all their own. Many are identified by "acronyms," abbreviations which are a kind of short-hand. Here is a list of many which are used in the mental health and anxiety field. If you see a term you don't recognize, check this list for the meaning.
Avatar f tn She was at therapy the other day, the therapsit walked in the room and my daughter imediatly looked in her direction and her eyes dialated immediatly and she became stiff...Now she has been having tummy probs which lead to vomiting but only on the days she has gotten worked up... Is this anxiety?????
Avatar n tn Are the people/professionals, who have seen him so far, experienced in diagnosising autistic spectrum disorders such as PDD/NOS, Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Aspergers, High Funtioning Autism etc. If not I would be specifically asking for a referal to a centre/unit that does. Google DSM IV for autism and read through the diagnositic criteria. Does your child have diffficulties in the three areas it mentions? What type of school does your son go to and what country are you in?
Avatar m tn I strongly suggest that readers look at the website of the Assoociation for Science in Autism Treatment ( Their mission "is to share accurate, scientifically sound information about autism and treatments for autism". In the section of the website related to treatment, it will provide information about the amount of scientific evidence their is to support many treatments that have been proposed. Hopefully readers will find it helpful.
Avatar f tn My son was diagnosed with Asperger's when he was 5 years old, he will be 13 in June. I have been reading up on Autism to find ways of helping him and more and more I am finding the parallels into my own life. I watch him and I see myself in a big way. It's almost like I'm getting to watch myself grow up, very strange. I am hypersensitive, to nearly everything. I spend a lot of time feeling highly irritable because I feel that I am constantly being overstimulated.
Avatar n tn need treatment for my 10 yrs old son diagnosed with autism at age 2 and 1/2 yrs but with the help of God ,may be ABA threapy he is in 4th grade doing great with some signs of autism related disorder but our main concern is his head shaking side ways especially when he is reading .
Avatar n tn Google DSM IV and look at the diagnostic criteria for Aspergers. You have to have difficulties in all the areas mentioned to get a diagnosis. I would also consider whether a formal diagnosis will be a positive thing for you. Try to find out if it will affect your insurance premiums etc, or it may give you access to certain benefits you don't currently qualify for.
5274485 tn?1385860167 Anytime a girl represents signs of Autism, her symptoms will be different than males. Girls with Autism tend to not show the reckless behavior which is observed in males. Autism affects girls different than males. The actual number of girls/women with Autism is not as often reported because the signs are often missed in female population.
2171322 tn?1337279553 You can look to see if there are any Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) in your area who specialize in the treatment of very young children with autism at Best of luck.
Avatar m tn the earlier you start the treatment - the better it is. If it is not (speech delays could be due to multy-lingual environment or even high IQ) - great, that's easy to treat. My son has an autism and I really do not appreciate a pediatrician who were telling us for 2 years our son has a speech delay because of multy-lingual environment. We lost so much time because of that!!!
Avatar n tn i am interested in a DAN doctor for my son with autism, not sure where to start or what questions to ask????
Avatar m tn its hard to expalne three weeks ago actuall i relaped after one month and reslaped before that and had one month bein doing that since early october or noverber and before those relapses i had about sixty days sober before that i was in treatment in aug ealry semtember at brighton hosptal and was theier also last spring. you see ive been relapsing for a while despite wanting to quit and praying. so i only drank half a fith on saturday night.
Avatar n tn He insists on eating the same thing everyday, and it has to be placed on his plate in certain way. He also has problems relating to other children, and is always hitting them. I would appreciate any advise on what I could do to help him.
470168 tn?1237471245 On the news recently (in the UK) it has said that they are closer to having a pre-natal test to diagnose autism, and that they are also close to achieving hormone treatment for the foetus prior to birth so that the brain is less masculine. I think it is widely agreed that high levels of the male hormone during pregnancy can give a greater inclination towards autism.
Avatar f tn Stay tuned for next month’s Zimmerman File, the second in this important series on autism. We will be discussing the role of diet, immunity, and environmental factors in autism during our July and August monthly webinars. Go to to register. CHECK THIS LINK IT'S TO LARGE TO POST
Avatar f tn Highly recommended. I don't have autism, but I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and I'm realizing what these illnesses have in common. There are treatments for infections and the treatment I'm on is slowly, but surely restoring my health. Best, ~PlateletGal Also see, "Chronic bacterial and viral infections in Neurodegenerative and Neurobehavioral Diseases" (Dr. Garth Nicolson) http://www.immed.
Avatar f tn I was really concerned about autism because he did not like to look people directly in the eyes up close but he has now gotten better with it and interact with people and other children. He does play alone well but he craves interaction with other children. When he is taken out of his home element he gets really excited and wants to go but he shows out and gets very tempermental when we are out and about.
1386655 tn?1452097056 Yes! I'm very familiar with this alternative approach. It has to do with an imbalance that the vast majority of autistic children have, in a process which facilitates a great number of biochemical reactions throughout the body, called Methylation. It is mostly linked to a genetic mutation, on the MTHFR gene which is responsible for the activation of an enzyme necessary for converting folate and B12 into usable forms Methylfolate and Methylocobalamin , respectively.
1260240 tn?1336077448 Prozac is a medication commonly used to treat anxiety whereas risperidone is an antipsychotic that is used to treat irritability and behavior problems in individuals with autism-spectrum disorders. The best that I can tell you is that the medication may help. The most important thing is to make sure that you have a psychiatrist that you work well with and who is responsive to your needs.
Avatar m tn t=25881 if you know somebody with autism problem please let them know about gcmaf treatment and improvments.
Avatar f tn Letters were written when there were roadblocks to get into classes and even ended up in the newspaper.....but it was worth it in the end and as any parent of a child on the Autism Spectrum never truly ends as adulthood has its own issues. So...the sooner the help, the better the outcome. I cannot stress that enough and when it was first told to me many years ago, I took it seriously.