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Avatar f tn pills will help but there not good for a long time, from what your saying it sounds like you have anxiety, it would help if you go to therapy and take some kind of medication to help you. Do things that you enjoy i knows it hard to with anxiety but try.
Avatar f tn Also, the formula is for depression, not anxiety necessarily unless the anxiety is a direct result of depression. Psychiatrists don't know anything about natural remedies, and they're in direct competition with them -- allopathic medicine is a whole different animal than holistic medicine. So if you want to talk holistic medicine, see a naturopath or a holistic nutritionist. And again, if it's working, why would you switch?
Avatar n tn My question is this the best type of therapy for Anxiety? A basic search turned up a site that claimed only a 50% success rate for Cognitive therapy for GAD which was his first impression of my condition. I do not feel normal then have spikes of anxiety, I haven't had a "normal" day since this started. I do have spikes from the already elevated level of physical symptoms of a adrenaline type feeling and headaches.
1772374 tn?1326249837 I'm suffering from Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder, OCD, and Tourettes Syndrome. It started out with Tourettes and OCD but as i've gone through some trauma GAD and SAD has developed and is destroying me. As of right now i'm taking Lexapro, Busiprone, Xanax (as needed), and Gabapentin. I'm 18 years old and i'm having great difficulties even finishing with online classes. I seek assistance for alternative medications or treatments that may help these symptoms.
Avatar n tn My symptoms like yours came out of nowhere.. so I thought. I tried to battle the anxiety demon on my own and finally succumbed to therapy---relaxation therapy! I did not like the regime of xanax .50 3 x a day. and now like tostressed take .25 mg an an as needed basis... none for the past three months. Relaxation therapy consists of 25 minutes tapes where you quiet your mind and permit your self to relax. I do them before I go to sleep.
492869 tn?1285022533 Since autonomic dysfunction can be so difficult to treat, I was thinking it might be a good idea for us to list all of the possible treatments we are aware of.
Avatar m tn I have noted these symptoms as my most common, and most present. I am posting this to try help others and help find good treatments, counceling, physio therapy, information and local specialist for sufferers of this restricting genetic mutation as well as myself. Feel free to contact me regarding any of the above whether you are a doctor, neurologist, sufferer (Escpecially) as very little is known about H.N.P.P. Question :- What are the Best and Most Availiable treatments for H.N.P.P.??......
Avatar n tn Alternative treatments? I know this is a loaded question. Please remember I have just been diagnosed with hepc and am only doing my research. I am sure I am thinking the same things many of us have thought before. My thinking might not be objective. Maybe I am reaching. I am not in denial. I accept the facts. I understand that only 15% of us are able to clear the infection without treatment.
Avatar m tn Medication combined with therapy is proven to be the best treatment, however there are a ton of alternative treatments if medication isnt your thing. Id recommend therapy to anybody though...everyone needs someone to talk to and that kind of guidance and such. So, dont worry about it, but get it checked just in-case for ease of mind and so you can take the next steps to treat it if it is anxiety. Anyway, excersize is proven to help anxiety. So is healthy eating.
Avatar n tn I don't know how often you experience anxiety but depending on that, you can take xanax if you have anxiety every now and then. Xanax does stop anxiety and panic right in its tracks. But if you take it everyday (three times a day) for 4 - 6 weeks, your body builds up a dependence and it becomes difficult to get off of.
Avatar m tn I know anxiety isnt that bad and can be dealt with easily but something inside me keeps telling me that i need help, at least go check out with a doctor, the problem is with that stupid commercial about the last exorcism thing,i dont beleive in any of that nor do i want to but theres a phrase that caught my attention, the phrase was if you beleive in god you must believe in the devil, in which i do but i dont look to him for answers and i already promised to god that i would always beleive in h
Avatar m tn Drugs are only necessary for chronic problems that don't respond to therapy or natural treatments, as drugs are serious business with serious problems. In your case, taking the clonazepam is generally done regularly, which means you get addicted to it as benzos of all types are addictive drugs, and it's very hard to quit taking. Taking it as needed doesn't work as well because it takes a while to take effect, though that effect lasts longer, theoretically.
2111850 tn?1334369185 The meds help to control your symptoms, but the therapy is where you do all the work, exploring any possible issues causing the anxiety (ie past traumas, etc), and learning coping mechanisms. During this phase, it is helpful to educate yourself about what anxiety is, there are a lot of resources out there. It helps a lot just to know you aren't alone. One other thing I will tell you is, as TERRIFYING as the sensations are, they are NOT harmful in any way.
1969702 tn?1325741516 I am due to get a gastroscopy and Colonoscopy and will see a Neurologist in the next few months, The issue I have with being told i have anxiety, is that the symptoms regular and un like Anxiety where it comes and goes, mine stays. I've even started to go to church and my Pasture thinks I may need God ??
114870 tn?1210301946 She doing fine though, works and doing her treatments that she just started. I cant stop these thoughts and starting to believe that my own thoughts are ruining me. Im irritable and stressed out and its affecting my life. I can even be happy anymore. The moment I begin to be happy I start feeling down right away because I feel this dark cloud over me all the time. Im only happy when Im with my Mom.
200220 tn?1361955154 I have just talked to my family doctor and she is telling me that the anxiety is not from my thyroid as it is hypothyroid and that doesn't cause anxiety and that I should see a pychiartrist and be treated that way. Has anyone else had this happen. I was fine before my thyroid went hyper and they after the radiation idione went hypo. I don't know who to believe or what to do. please help.
1713494 tn?1327523282 After trying a variety of medicines and combinations of medicines my doctor has suggested ECT (electroconvulsive therapy). Has anyone undergone this procedure and if it worked well, how did you feel afterwords? Could you go back to school? Did you have side effects? Please respond if you have had it recently (like in the last 10 years). Alot of horror ECT stories stem from the 60s, 70s and probably 80s.
398624 tn?1266273049 Xanax is designed for occasional use only and will cause the rebound anxiety that you're feeling which can be worse than the anxiety itself. I am locked in to taking Xanax at night, but if I have to take it during the day for some reason, when it wears off, the heart pounding comes back with a vengence.
Avatar n tn I am currently taking 150 zoloft, but I don't see any improvements or changes in my OCD feelings. I was wondering if, maybe for some people, there just isn't any medicine or therapy that can help. I have been told about behavior therapy, but it scares me too much to try it. Do you think that I am wasting my time with this medication? I have tried a few others in the past as well with no help, just side effects. Are there any other possibilities? Thank you very much for any responses.
3161914 tn?1344106218 i know there has been a lot of focus on the involvement of excess glutamate in the brain in relation to ocd and depression. So far i've tried 3 different anti depressants which have had negative results. I am not sold yet on the serotonin theory. I appreciate the reply.
12528541 tn?1425791763 I'm interested in alternative treatments to Lyme Disease/Bartonella Infection. I'm a 29 year old female diagnosed with chronic Lyme and Bartonella. I was on a course of antibiotics for 9 months straight, with little improvement, until I began a new, much more tough regimen. I'm currently on 3 antibiotics and 1 antifungal and a bunch of supplements and most of my symptoms have gone away. I feel significantly better, but I'm still not 100%, and I can't seem to lose weight while on antibiotics.
Avatar f tn So it's very important to keep a good line of communication open with your doctor so you can work together to find the best therapy or group of therapy options for you. Best of luck!
Avatar f tn (just curious) I know that sometimes these conditions have an effect on your hormones and I swear that this can contribute or even cause your anxiety issues. I never had anxiety until I had CFS. Some mornings I wake up restless but most mornings I am fine.... I have no clue why. So what are you thinking when you have panic attacks ? You may want to work with a therapist who can help you with exercises such as meditation and working on controlling your thoughts, etc.
Avatar n tn Ovarian cancer is genetic in my family, any one have suggestions for alternative treatments when the doctors have said they have done all they can do? At this point they are only trying to prolong life with another round of chemo. My mother died and my sister is now in stage 4 doctors have informed us of a no hope situtation.
Avatar m tn NurseGirl, I am an expat living in Thailand so therapy is quite difficult due to language barriers. I am seeing a psychiatrist for the medication, but it is not really like therapy. Like mentioned the first time I went to a different clinic and the combination with Lexapro and Alprazolam (only when the attacks kicked in) worked perfectly. Especially when I in the same time followed an intensive gym schedule.
Avatar n tn I have been on that combination for the last 4 years, and have been relatively stable with the anxiety being some what managable for the most part. Even so I am still dissatisfied with where I am right now, as I still show very many symptoms of OCD and anxiety.
798555 tn?1292791151 Regular skullcap can be useful with this as well. Homeopathic arnica montana can help. Lots of stuff to try. Physical therapy or sports therapy can help if it's an injury or overwork problem. Just a lot to try. Good luck.