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Avatar n tn I have been taking vicodin for about 11 years- Starting out as directed, and needed for pain I was able to have corrective surgery and omg I was getting prescribed 80 and 90 W/ refills for 9 months and I was increasing my dosage because "as Prescribed" wasn't cutting it anymore and I didn't realize I was "hooked" until the first time I was out .I did not let that last long. OMG I fell in love .
Avatar m tn It helps when I have someone riding with me so I can talk with them. I did not understand my anxiety until I went to therapy. Therapy has really made me get a better understanding of my anxiety world. I just keep getting in the car and driving except in bad weather conditions then I just want to be grounded. Good luck to you. Let us know how it goes.
Avatar n tn I ask because I am bipolar and I take 2 meds to be stable .Anxiety was one of my many problems but the meds and therapy and exercise have gotten under control.Its taken awhile but it can be managed. you can come here and post anytime .The forum is great and it so helps to be able to talk with others that are going through this as well.
Avatar f tn My partner is a 71 year old male who has struggled with bouts of deep, disabling despression and panic anxiety attacks since his early 20's. He didn't really understand what was happening and pretty much kept it to himself, fearing that he was going crazy and that it was a secret he had to hide from the world. He was married for 27 years and had a strong marriage, sadly, his wife died in 1998, six weeks after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. This, understandably, shattered his world.
55646 tn?1263664409 After years of nothing much new in the genital herpes treatment scene, we have three exciting new prospects for treating this challenging STD.
Avatar n tn org for the number and other information about herpes). Also see the excellent information available at the website run by the Portland (Oregon) Westover Heights Clinic ( To answer your questions briefly: 1) Between outbreaks, the virus is just sitting in the nerve, inactive, doing nothing (or replicating itself only very slowly) and causes no symptoms. The medical term is "latent" infection. 2,3) Actually, your assumption probably is wrong.
Avatar f tn Maine. Portland Maine, a much more rugged culture.And maybe less progressive. . . I have been reading "Zen Recovery" by Mel Ash, who seems to merge this thought with AA. He was in both simulantaniously. I would like to "get off the world'' for a month and pursue these avenues, become completely committed, but jesus, X Christ-- I just got a pay cut yesterday, which is equivalant to my therapy sessions for a month, which are really important, since, (oh No!
Avatar f tn Try not to let your anxiety get the better of you. This is a fearful business and anxiety is the HepC patient's worst enemy at times. It can propel people to take actions or refrain from actions that history proves are regrettable. Best of luck to you.
Avatar n tn That same morning I made an appointment with my primary physician who agreed that this was an extreme muscle spasm, and sent me home with pain medicine, a muscle relaxer, and a Rx for physical therapy. The following day I was in excruciating pain and saw a physical therapist.
Avatar n tn I’m willing to fly to get further help. We live in Portland, Oregon, and our last shot here was at the teaching hospital, OHSU, where I received this latest depressing information. Thank you for your time, C. F.
748543 tn?1463449675 Forward to November 2003 and I developed serious TMD, with the right masseter in spasm as well as headaches and facial pain. I saw a local (Portland Oregon) neuromuscular dentist who set me up with a really good TMJ massage therapist to help my jaw movement. Then he put me in a flat plane splint that he would periodically adjust a little bit and in a few months I was pain free.
Avatar f tn On the other hand, Vance and my docs have told me no chance based on exposure. I went to Terry Warren in Portland Oregon the other day and she said no chance. I honestly felt better after that and didn't feel the groin thing as much. I am at a slow moment at work and got on medhelp for first time in a day and a half and I have to admit my groin hurts more. That's an argument in favor of anxiety, huh? I wish you the best. I don't think you have anything, buddy. Gotta let it go. Like me.
Avatar n tn Everytime I need him to help me because I am sick or had surgery or whatever, he gets anoyed about it, like I am such a royal pain and why can't I get my own puke bucket? To top it off, my best friend of 20 years is moving to 3,000 miles away to Portland Oregon in a few weeks...I am not having a good week! It was good to find your post and know that all the little things that plague me day to day are not just me...
Avatar n tn More and more shelters are going no-kill and keeping the animals for as long as they possibly can. Anyway, I feel like ****, I have no energy and it's cold outside. I live in Portland, Oregon and love it here but I sure could use a nice eighty-degree day for a change. Peace and love to all of you wonderful people.
Avatar f tn I lived up by Portland for the past two years and just recently moved back to Ohio. I love Oregon. Great people.
Avatar m tn I am always afraid of imposing too much on a help-giver's time. Luckily the weather is superb right now (Portland, Oregon), so my daughter and I have just spent 4 hours getting a lot of exercise cleaning out 10 years of accumulated junk (including tearing down a storage shed) in and around my house, and we worked outside in the sunshine a lot. But she now has her own things to attend to, so I won't see her again until late tomorrow.
Avatar n tn So you are saying that to say what...that we shouldn't take the doctor's word for it and just accept that these stupid skips, couplets, nsvt, etc. are going to kill us? There are lots of afraid people here, and I'm one of them. My life has been literally RUINED - it is a shambles right now because of PACs and PVCs.
209591 tn?1267418314 For you all what has been the most helpful treatment (exercise, therapy or medication) for your fatigue? All of my medicines cause fatigue and so do all 8 to 10 diagnoses I currently have...Thanks so much for your help.
Avatar f tn I don't believe this is so but don't understand why the clinic is not prescribing Sovaldi yet. Has anyone else heard of this? I am in Portland, Oregon. Also, when I went to the Sovaldi site to register, I received a message that said they are not taking applications from anyone on any kind of government assisted plan such as Medicare or Medicaid. I am very frustrated.
Avatar n tn My symptoms often accompany a Migraine, and they would not even treat that. Emanuel Hospital in Portland Oregon. NEVER go there if you want help.
Avatar n tn I am concerned however about your "shot gun in the mouth" comment. Didn't you mention previously that depression and suicidal thoughts were one of the reasons they wanted you to wait before you treat? Were these thoughts ever related to alcohol consumption? In any event I forgot if you're on ADs or in talk therapy but both can help. All the best.
1750760 tn?1411486076 Besides Matthew Dolan's book which I got yesterday are there any others you recommend ? Is anyone familiar with hepatologists in Portland Oregon ? I am pretty confident in my current gastro guy, but have wanted a second opinion regarding the specifics and the administration of the 3 drug treatment. If this my best shot, then I want the best I can find. Any recommendations ?
Avatar n tn I'm excieted at teh very thought of learnig something, anything to help me deal with this very painful thing I have. I lived in Portland Oregon a few years ago and the pain did not seem to make me stay in bed. Is anyone out there from Oregon? If so, how is your pain level? We have had such stormy weather this year and I can tell that a storm is coming even when the sky is blue adn not a cloud in the sky. Our summers are normally very hot 100+ and i hate it.
Avatar f tn I know when i do that type of relaxation and breathing technique at my therapists and she talks and plays soft music through it, it sure does help with anxiety and i think something like that would be good to go to sleep too also. I am so down right now because of my Mom. I know she isn't herself, but it still hurts that she is mad at me. I found out from the nurse today that the psych doc did tell her his diagnosis, alzheimers. She told him, so you think i'm crazy?