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1280354 tn?1272581901 If anyone is aware of a good program in the Portland,Oregon area that is not faith based or judgmental would be appreciated. thanks.
1750760 tn?1411482476 AASLD is American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases. I punched in Oregon and it came up with a list. I hope this helps. Maybe some other Oregon folks might chime in by bumping up your post. Good luck! Trish
4624236 tn?1357891407 Anybody from Portland Oregon on here?! It'd be cool to meet new people from my city who are going through the same thing. I'm 18 and a soon to be single mommy!
Avatar n tn I have been taking vicodin for about 11 years- Starting out as directed, and needed for pain I was able to have corrective surgery and omg I was getting prescribed 80 and 90 W/ refills for 9 months and I was increasing my dosage because "as Prescribed" wasn't cutting it anymore and I didn't realize I was "hooked" until the first time I was out .I did not let that last long. OMG I fell in love .
1696793 tn?1306620198 I have state health care coverage in Portland, Oregon with only One Ortho Surgeon on the plan at OHSU. I have a bicep tear and a superspinatus retraction of 2 inches. My MRI also showed bone spurs on the underside of the clavical and they are bone on bone with my femur head. I am a bodybuilder wanting to do my first competition before I'm 50 (that's less than 2 years away). I am in good physical condition otherwise.
187666 tn?1331173345 Yeah, sorry about that. I wasn't sure how else to describe our state. We have it all here - mountains, oceans beaches, deserts. Great sites like Mt. Hood, Crater Lake (deepest lake in the US), Columbia gorge and river, even enjoy our neighbor's volcano (Mt. St. Helens) at times. Manmade goodies are Astoria column, Crown Point, Powell's City of Books. Then we have salmon, crabbing, hazelnuts and Moonstruck Chocolates. And no, Portland is not the state capitol; it's Salem.
Avatar m tn HI and welcome to the Chiari forum. We have a member in that area and I am sure she can give u some info on drs she has been in contact with. It is possible that u may want to travel to get to a chiari specialist. Dr Oro is in CO, but do look at our thread of drs that the members here have added their drs names to....and please research all drs u consider.
Avatar f tn ill be 5 weeks tomorrow.. my names brittney and im in portland oregon. 23 years old. Would love a friend on a similar timeline as me! Ive had cramping too.
1808884 tn?1324345703 Here I am still clean! A little tired, but I have been in the process of moving to Portland Oregon. I am here now. I've been here 2 days now. I am working on settling down. I feel kinda anxious. I am really focusing on a new me here. I lived in Oregon for almost 10years and I was high the whole time. Not anymore! This is gonna be a cool new chapter in my book!
793399 tn?1237048093 My 65 year old sister has just completed chemotherapy following a right breast lumpectomy (Stage IIA, no nodal involvement; high grade-rate of recurrence). She has an appointment on March 30 for a CT scan and preparation (alignment & marking) to begin radiation therapy within the next month or so. My question relates to another health issue she has and that is an abdominal aortic aneurysm. It was diagnosed a couple years ago and has continued to be monitored; so far the growth is minimal.
Avatar f tn Oregon is seriously amazing. Moved here in 92 from California. We have 4 seasons :-) it's great!! And not to expensive unless you are in Portland. Southern Oregon is peaceful tho.
Avatar f tn The mayor of Portland Oregon wants city employees to be able to have a sex change and insurance cover it.
1808884 tn?1324345703 Actually this is a little different anxiety. I am done with the "core of my chest" anxiety. If was anxiety about telling my significant other about me being on Suboxone. He lives in Oregon. I used to live with him, but I put him through hell with my addiction and didn't want to tell him about the suboxone. I am living with my brother in Virginia and I will be going back to Oregon, when I find a job there. I decided to tell him.
Avatar f tn Hello Dear, Here is the list of key opinion leaders who have done research on the management of CSF leaks Sood S, Gilmer-Hill H, Ham SD.Department of Neurosurgery, Wayne State University School of Medicine, Children's Hospital of Michigan, Detroit, Michigan Johnson F, Semaan MT, Megerian CA.
723341 tn?1232338253 I live in Portland, Oregon area and am wondering if anyone else on this list has a recommendation for a doctor in this area? I am looking for any doctors that specialize in mood disorders or bipolar disorder. I feel like I need both a psycho pharmacologist and psychologist. As an alternative, does anyone have a long distance (over the phone) relationship with a doctor?
Avatar f tn I am hypothyroid and live in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area. My current doctor looks only at TSH and as long as it is 'the normal range' he is satisfied. I'm still experiencing symptoms of low thyroid. So. I'm looking for a new doctor. Does anybody have any recommendations for doctors in this area?
Avatar n tn I have hepc and live in portland Oregon. Anyone have a doctor here they could recommend?