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5536886 tn?1455827346 There is some really cool stuff going on at UMPC Childrens Hospital in Pittsburgh- they have some advances in a gene therapy study that they think will make some head way in possibly curing diabetes. You can check out the details here- What do you think, could this be the signs of a cure on the horizons?
Avatar f tn The comment about Pittsburgh was meant to be a joke, sweetie. I live near there, and was hinting you could come and clean my house for me! :0) Well, obviously, this is affecting your daily life. You need to seek some professional help for this! Please let us know how you're doing!
Avatar m tn She was always talking about her ex sex partners and I would feel like I was always in competition. We had gone to a therapy session in July and the same day she was talking to a guy she had met online. I confronted her about it and she changed her phone number and I was in otal shock. Two week later on Aug 12 th she called me back and said she missed me and loved me and I took her back like a fool. We had gotten along for two weeks and she wanted to go on a road trip so I agreed.
Avatar f tn s Senior Care Center, I made an appointment immediately. UPMC (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center) has a reputation for being among the better medical centers in the country. I thought that I would be in good hands. I was wrong. The doctor I saw initially raised my dosage of both MS Contin and morphine sulfate IR . I don't remember much about the month which followed. I slept through most of it. Every time I took one of the MS Contin tablets, I fell asleep.
723488 tn?1278339300 We started physical therapy for his legs due to tight post capsules (hamstrings) in both legs when he was a year old. As he grew older, he started developing other problems. Bladder issues (enuresis), bowel problems (im still bowel training at age 11!), Scoliosis, plantar fibromatosis in both feet. He also has issues with motor developement - hard for him to write and button clothes, tie shoes ect. He now has to wear metal Dynasplint leg braces.
Avatar f tn I am 20 weeks and 3 days pregnant with a baby boy. I have from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
1436330 tn?1284666036 FInding that I have so much anxiety that buils up all day and that exercise in my new best friend, just like it used to be before my unhealthy love affair with opiates.
Avatar f tn I want to get back into therapy and NOT be on medication again. Just wondering if a Psychologist or Psychiatrist would be better.