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1717715 tn?1318297295 hey guys, I am currently looking for a therapist in the NYC area for my anxiety/panic attacks. now this panic/anxiety disorder gives me a lot of physical symptoms and the panic attacks come completely out of the blue. I know CBT is the way to go, but should I go the psychiatrist route? or the psychologist route? I know the main differences, and i think both have their pros and cons concerning therapy. have any of you had either success or failure with either of the two?
Avatar f tn I am really concerned about what might happen if I do not get the proper help soon and would like to know what avenues are available for me in NYC to receive this therapy since my insurance is through medicaid?
Avatar n tn I had a mole pimple removed from my pubic area male,doc was not concerned but NYC had problems with lab, what is the normal time to get a biophy back?
Avatar m tn On October 27, I received an oral from a Stripper in NYC. After been diagnosed with mono I did an Elisa Repid test (Dermatology Health Center in NYC) on March 10 (4 month after the incident) and It was negative. After that I was diagnosed with thyrode cancer. Today, a year later I developed a sore troath for over a month, I did my 6 mnth check up and I have 5 larger than usual lymph nodes on the neck, a canker soar and dry mouth.
1302779 tn?1287405029 Im fairly new to anxiety after a tough year learning how to deal with chronic migraine. I guess i never wanted to accept that I have a "chronic condition". After moving here to florida from nyc last Christmas and coming down with this migraine situation I recently realized it spun me into a depression/anxious state of being. II am seeing a therapist now for 3 weeks and started lexapro about 3 weeks ago so i am doing what is needed for myself to heal.
Avatar f tn The diagnostic was H pylori but the test was undetermined. Just moved to Austin from NYC, I saw a gastroenterologist and took the tri-therapy of antibiotics and after 10 days I was back to normal! But since then I still have nausea/ abdominal pain on a regular basis but very supportable, it's just annoying. No fever or no other symptoms. I can eat normally. I did blood/urine/stool tests and abdomen ultrasound that were both normal.
Avatar n tn I believe for stage 1C and above, standard treatment is usually suggested. 6 rounds of carbo/taxol. What does the doctor suggest?
248167 tn?1220363690 Yes, there are a lot of self help groups but I havent found any groups here in NYC for anxiety/panic disorder. Nobody else has responded so I dont know how well its going to turn out. But can I add you to the list?
Avatar f tn Where in NYC is this happening??? I know someone doing a trial out of NYU....let me know and I will try to put the two of you in contact.
Avatar f tn I want to get back into therapy and NOT be on medication again. Just wondering if a Psychologist or Psychiatrist would be better.
Avatar f tn It is a form of HRT....Hormone Replacement Therapy....there are those that believe that bioidentical is better for you then synthenic hormones....personal choice.
Avatar m tn chest xrays (normal), ekg, cbc, liver and pancreas enzyme blood tests (all normal), upper gi series (showed some thickening of rugal folds), upper endoscopy with biopsy (mild gastritis and gerd, negative on celiac and h pylori), gallbladder ultrasound (normal), ct scan of abdomen and pelvis with contrast (normal), colonoscopy (normal) and hida scan with cck (normal). I do have health anxietys and am currently in therapy and taking vybrid for anxiety.
Avatar m tn How does therapy help anxiety? Is that really any different than talking to a friend or family member?
559410 tn?1233500529 Is it clear if her disappointment in therapy is because the therapy was not very good or if she is re-experiencing the life pattern of not being treated well in the therapy? Meds can work for anxiety, depression, and psychotic thinking. They may be useful for her, but the best treatment for abuse involves confronting it, not suppressing it.
3547166 tn?1347814000 I'm not sure when it will start but I am eventually going to have to go to therapy for my Anxiety and Depression. I've never gone to therapy before. What is it like? The thought scares me a little. I would appreciate any input.
1842266 tn?1318860459 well i am presently in therapy for panic disorder and I take meds and do therapy it depends on the individual. Depends on how severe your anxiety may in fact be. Some people have to use both meds and therapy-like myself. But don't think about anyone else situation besides yours. You are different and your triggers are different. Go to it and if you realise that it is not working I am certain your therapist will realise it and then probably choose another course of treatment.
Avatar f tn I guess this answers the question I asked in your first post. Yes, therapy makes us nervous. It's supposed to -- if the therapist specializes in anxiety treatment, you will be pushed gently to face the things you're afraid of so you can learn to stop thinking fearful thoughts. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. But it's always uncomfortable, as you're there to work on what's making you uncomfortable outside the office.
Avatar f tn also, i wanted to know if alternative therapy such as reiki or yoga or meditation and such helps? i believe it does but does anyone know of such a case where this has helped? please do let me know. wishing everyone who reads this, a healthy/happy life. best, arpana. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/489868'>Is chemo the only answer to decrease CA 125 count</a>.
Avatar m tn Possible exposure (protected but drunk) during last week December to first week January 2010 (by 10th?). Oral swab test on 1/29/10 in NYC clinic was negative. Subsequent NYC Elisa testing with my doctor on 2/2 (Neg on all STD's, HIV, Hep), 2/16 (Neg on HIV), 3/2 (Neg on all STD's, HIV, Hep). Will see Doc on 3/9 but test then or when??
Avatar f tn I have been sick on and off since 2003. All really weird symptoms and never any explaination found. I have had Brain/spine/abdominal MRI's Ct scans of the brain/pelvis /ear and abdomen...tons of bloodwork and everthing comes up neg. I have had ear infections, urinary retantion, gastroparesis, GERD etc. I just started on a sm dose of prozac as my doc and I am at a loss..... We've ruled out autoimmune stuff as well....Is this anxiety. I had been very "keyed up" after 9/11..
336415 tn?1212359542 hello everyone has anyone tried any therapy for your anxiety? if so does it work? i really want to get my life back to normal!
Avatar f tn I am a 33 year old woman who suffers from depression, anxiety and panic attacks. I take 100mg of Zoloft daily and 0.5-1mg Ativan as needed. I've been on these medications for a little over 2 years. I see a psychiatrist every 2 months. I have an intense and irrational fear of being alone. I'm afraid something is going to happen to me. For example, there is a conference I would like to attend later this month that is in New York City.
Avatar f tn this time, but the person I am using has worked with anxiety ridden patients in hospitals, is working on her PhD, and teaches at a local college with issues that relate to me. Personally, I have only had one appointment with her so far, but the main thing is I feel comfortable with her, and I can see that she genuinely cares, and even though I am struggling right now, I am going to give it some time.
Avatar m tn Jim you had posted a link to nymark (for which I did not want to intrude on his thread) about the possibility of doing a Pulse Therapy in hopes to knock down the remaining viral load, are there any studies or research available on this subject at the present time other than the link that was posted?
Avatar m tn Hi, I was tested for the third time through a finger ***** rapid test at 90 days and it came back negative the only other potential exposures I could have had during the window period was blood testing for syphillis. I had this done twice in NYC free health clinic. I did not notice if the needles were new I assume since this is run by the health department of NYS that they would not do it any other way. I also had blood drawn at labcorp for serology for HSV1.
979080 tn?1323433639 Had IBS starting in Jan09 saw 5 docs until doc #6 gave me the news last month. Have discomfort burning sometimes stabbing in the liver region, sleep problems. Take herbs ,changed to organic high antioxidant diet (fruits/veggies) symptoms got better especially sleep , burning or awareness feeling comes and goes. Her is my profile: - geno type 4a,c - VL 38,466 I.U./ml - ALT 65 (<40) - G-GTP 60 (7-51) All other lab work incl. ferritin in normal range.
Avatar f tn These can improve mood and relieve anxiety short-term making them a useful tool in therapy. Antidepressants on the other hand, like SSRI's require a minimum of 6 months of daily use.