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Avatar n tn 's can not pinpoint the exact reason but is there a consensus on the main reason for PVC's and their erratic presence in some individuals. If anxiety is a main culprit is therapy the best way to go and have you seen sucess with this? Thank you.
947216 tn?1246409327 Health anxiety can really get in the mind and take over in my experience. My original source of anxiety came from concerns dealing with my heart. I did not believe the doctors and knew they must be missing something. I had chest pains, aches, name it I had it. With health anxiety, we often tend to become oversensitized and search/scan for symptoms that link us to our concerns.
Avatar f tn i have had a head ct scan,a chest xray,2back xrays,an upper abdominal ultra sound,a sigmoidoscopy,a left breast ultrasound,cbc and standard blood tests,urine test..i feel like a in cushion!!im findng that in developing some anxiety too ove rmy health,can someone please give me some help/advice...much appreciated.
1969702 tn?1325741516 Hi my doctor says I suffer from high anxiety, have been to a hear specialist, had a CT scan on the chest and a dozen blood tests done, I keep getting numbness,pins & needles, stabbing pain, burning on my LEFT arm, Left leg, Left feet with slight pains, neck and regular jaw ache and zaps in my head. all symptoms with regular chest pain some times where the hear is, some times near the sholder-chest and neck area, and some times towards the bottom of my rib cage lungs area.
Avatar n tn Has anyone tried cognitive therapy? I have battled with anxiety, panic attacks, and phobias for over 12 years. They say it is partially because I have problems with my thyroid, which I take synthroid for. I was on Paxil for awhile, then zoloft, I went off that for 2.5 years and now my PA's are back full time. I take 1 or 2 .25 xanax pills a day and I just started Lexapro.
Avatar n tn If you feel that something's not right, then don't hesitate to get a second opinion from a cardiologist. Anxiety and heart problems go hand-in-hand. Don't discount your symptoms, or fear embarrassment. Have confidence in yourself. Internists do NOT have the same clincal experience or education as specialists.
Avatar n tn The think is when I try to cope myself with the situation, I realise I can`t help thinking in the good old way, which gives my so much anxiety:( Please, help!
114870 tn?1210301946 I also recommend that you see a doctor to perhaps get a prescription for an anti-depressant. What you are experiencing is felt by many people in your shoes. All of us have to learn to work through our fears. Fiana, take care of you too through this. My daughter has had a difficult time dealing with all the emotions too. Your moods will stabilize, but not overnight. God will give you the ability to get through this, but not over it. You are in my prayers starting right now.
Avatar f tn Anxiety can cause all kinds of feelings, and numbness is certainly one of them. If your doctor is aware of your anxiety and he says it is nothing, then I would try not to worry too much about it. However, if he is NOT aware of your anxiety condition, then I would tell him about it and how it seems to correlate with your being anxious. Just another thougth, have you seen a chiropractor for this?
4341997 tn?1514592288 Breathing exercises will help with anxiety. Breathe in for five seconds and breathe out for ten seconds. Repeat five times. It will relax you as it really does work. So does meditation. And hot showers (yeah, you're probably tired of hearing that but we repeat it because it's also true). And valerian root works for some of us (me included). But don't take too much, it will upset your stomach big time.
Avatar f tn It is the magnz and such..It is in powder..Works great for Anxiety and Sleep..It is like a downer if you know what I mean.. Feel free to PM me if you want too Ok..I will see how u r doing..Get the Bs too..Talk to them and they can help you out. They have alot of good things and information on how and why to use the things to help...OK You are good to go.. OH Yes Thank You for saving alot of Homes and People in your days as a Fireman...Hats off to you.....
Avatar f tn Helen, I'm not supposed to drink, but filled the cooler with some wine coolers, downed a couple and even sat in the sun. I'll probably glow in the dark when I go for my treatment Tuesday, but I figured if I obey ALL the rules, then I'll miss out on half the fun. Dian, as a fellow comrade in the 1C category, I wish you continued good health and hope you NEVER have to look back at this;only ahead.
Avatar f tn I have heard that taking hormones can lead to a higher risk in getting breast cancer. How long in all have you taken hormones?
1895503 tn?1332376974 And I have ringing in my ears now, especially in the late afternoons and evening. I have anxiety in the mornings A LOT. It helps when I do a super structured activity. I have clonidine, and when I start to taper again, I will take it. I have .2 which I am suppose to take at night. i don't know if this is strong enough. I love hearing that your anxiety levels are lower OFF the med. This is my biggest desire. I so want peace!! I plan to be having peace in the next couple months.
Avatar m tn I also read a paper that says that CT angio is fairly sensitive and accurate and that a new machine launched by Toshiba and approved by US Govt. would give more accurate impressions. CT angio is done in people with family heart history and those having other risk factors. This helps in making an early assessment of the condition of vessels. Opinions are divided among specialists. Courage study done in the West shoes a considerable amount of debate and controversy.
Avatar n tn I read a post today where somebody was day 26 CT and I can't wait to be in their shoes. I applaud them!! Writing daily into this forum is a little bit like therapy to me so thanks for listening and good luck to all!
1458799 tn?1328761128 Our anxiety often has a root cause which is usually a traumatic event from our past which we never truly dealt with, it rears it's ugly head demanding to be dealt with in the form of anxiety and/or depression. Therapy is very helpful with this and can help you discover what that may have with it and move on. But therapy can be a lengthy process so often medication is needed to control the sympotms, just like any other medical condition.
Avatar n tn Three, you DID have an initial panic attack, which is usually the trigger for chronic anxiety in these kinds of cases. Four, anxiety DOES often present itself "out of the blue", so rather than that characteristic being evidence against anxiety, it is actually more telling of anxiety. I can't recall what you have done to start addressing the anxiety, if anything. If you haven't, then you need to start somewhere.
Avatar m tn And a LOT of distractions should help with the anxiety (movies, mindless TV, a walk outside in the fresh air) ANYTHING that keeps you from overthinking the anxiety will help. Lots of clean comfy clothes to change into if you experience the awful night sweats so many of us do (I did), clean linens on your bed if you end up spending a lot of time in bed the first few days (I did) and comfort food in the house will also help.
1066198 tn?1333312628 Therapy Session #2...New MD Visit #1 Oct 26, 2011 - 0 comments - (Public) New therapist- Vickie Lawrence ------fears: MUST BE FACED- first- IDENTIFY 1. abandonment 2. rejection 3. abuse 4. sexuality ??? ** Need to ask for copy of her notes-- I can't recall crap anymore. See Dr Nguyen Nov 17th. (meds chk) *will call for f/u therapy appt (practice moving- integrating with another. new MD- Lina Anaissie ---------- Full CPE/discuss DX, TX , A&P 1.
Avatar f tn I was on kolonopins just one month , now im 7 days clean off all benzos but i had to do it CT. The first few days i was sweating and very adgitated, i had a high heart beat and was very shaky and could not sleep at aLL.Now on day 7 i finally slept but when i woke up i do not feel like i got any eyes are wide awake, feel like im speeding.I also have this horrible taste in my mouth for 7days.....does anyone know when that will go away? not as shaky now..but still feel horrible...
Avatar f tn as a result she started having convulsions and bit her tongue off...she is now on life-support at UT medical center. She is the sister-in-law of a dear friend of mine. This is a tragedy and just goes to show how ignorance can have devastating consequences! Please pray for this girl's recovery! She has been locked in her parents house for 2 weeks and has been VERY VERY SICK, methadone wd's tend to be at their WORST on the 10-13th PROVEN in this case!
1701959 tn?1488555141 I believe that health anxiety is quite common here in this community. My original experience with anxiety and panic came from concerns over heart health. In my opinion, you are describing pretty much exactly 'to a t,' what we all initially go through with health anxiety. For example, with me, despite test after test showing my heart was good to go, I would not believe the docs. I felt every little pain, twinge, skipped heart beat, name it, I felt it.
Avatar f tn That's what makes it so hard to accept at times. But once we've ruled out all other causes, then we either have to rule anxiety in or out. See a psychiatrist for an evaluation and go from there. If you read past posts you will see that many anxiety sufferers experience the same symptoms as you. You can have anxiety without panic attacks...... one less thing to bring you down.
Avatar f tn My ekg, CT Scan, Blood Pressure were always normal. These deficiencies cause anxiety, depression, insomnia, headaches, body/bone pain, tight chest, brain fog, weakness, fatigue, dizziness, eye problems, internal tremors, muscle twitches, etc. You can buy supplements over the counter. Lab range for D3 is 30-100ng/mL. That starts too low. You need to be above 50ng/mL to be at a more optimal level. Anything under 50 isn't good. Magnesium citrate or glycinate are preferable.
Avatar m tn Ok I'm 27 male 140 62 inches , veteran Iraq/Afghanistan iv been there and seen it all.. I suffer from PTSD health anxiety GAD and panic disorder... My concern is every single day for three months I've had this extreme pressure in my face and head on my left side and right side never both it feels like someone is grabbing my nerves in my brain and squeezing and pulling..
Avatar m tn With all this, they only found that i have very rare PVC's and in one stress test i got quadregimeny (1 PVC in each 4 normal beats) in peak exercise. All other exams perfect. The problem is that i get very anxious about PVC even though i only have one or none per day... i am afraid of sudden death, dont's know why... This worsens my anxiety and i feel a lot of other anxiety symptoms.
1701959 tn?1488555141 My advice to you is to continue addressing the anxiety. Are you in therapy? If not, I would recommend that. A therapist can teach you ways to stop the cycle of worrying about your heart every time you feel that sensation.
Avatar m tn If your cardiologist is not concerned about your heart then you shouldn't be either. I would take his advice about the anxiety and see a psychiatrist. Anxiety comes in many forms. It sounds like you have had it to some degree for some time and see yourself as a 'type a' personality and always anxious. A psychiatrist can give you a specialist opinion on the matter and taking your other heath problems into consideration, give you some treatment options.
774736 tn?1311334985 jesus man, your taking the words right out of my mouth.. As a pre-med student myself, believe me, it makes hypochondriasis much worse. I was just prescribed lexapro by my pcp but have been too paranoid to take it, and yeah, i dont want any of the side affects or to become a walking zombie. i also want to talk to a therapist first.. it is crazy how "anxiety" can cause all these symptoms.. I think im still in denial that it's indeed anxiety.