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Avatar m tn I dont feel depressed or anxiety at all! I stopped taking xanax. I went out of town last week to chicago and the whole wee i was up there i didnt have these symptoms at all. Why not? I have horrible posture. Could it be a pinched nerve?
Avatar f tn Does anyone know of or have you had or considered going to Mexico for stem cell therapy?
Avatar m tn I have a bad posture and when I commute to work on a 5 hour flight to Chicago all my back problems get really bad. Also when I have panic attacks my back kills me. Could that high levels of anxiety cause my back problems and cause pinched nerves? Am taking Lodine, Lyrica, Flexeril and Xanax to sleep (thats the only medication that make me sleep). Also I started today physical therapy.
Avatar f tn Anyone from Chicago on here? ! If so do you know of any mommy groups!?
272338 tn?1252280404 So sorry you are feeling poorly, I wanted to let you know that I will come to Chicago, if just to meet you, and of course the others, I remember one nurses convention I went to, years ago, there were 7 of us in one room, I slept in the bathtub, 2 sleeping bags , a pillow and some wine and I slept well.
564735 tn?1263943526 Just wanted to wish everyone a safe trip to Chicago. Stay healthy and Have a blast !!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn I want to get back into therapy and NOT be on medication again. Just wondering if a Psychologist or Psychiatrist would be better.
535294 tn?1219930112 Just need to vent......I have been doing really well for a couple of weeks now. My husband has been home and everything is going well, haven't needed any Xanax much lately. I just found out yesterday that he is leaving for South Korea on Sunday for a couple of weeks for work. I'm a wreck now and he hasn't even left yet. I keep trying to tell myself to stop thinking about it and focus on enjoying the next 3 days that we have together, but it's not working.
Avatar m tn How does therapy help anxiety? Is that really any different than talking to a friend or family member?
3547166 tn?1347814000 I'm not sure when it will start but I am eventually going to have to go to therapy for my Anxiety and Depression. I've never gone to therapy before. What is it like? The thought scares me a little. I would appreciate any input.
1842266 tn?1318860459 well i am presently in therapy for panic disorder and I take meds and do therapy it depends on the individual. Depends on how severe your anxiety may in fact be. Some people have to use both meds and therapy-like myself. But don't think about anyone else situation besides yours. You are different and your triggers are different. Go to it and if you realise that it is not working I am certain your therapist will realise it and then probably choose another course of treatment.
Avatar f tn I guess this answers the question I asked in your first post. Yes, therapy makes us nervous. It's supposed to -- if the therapist specializes in anxiety treatment, you will be pushed gently to face the things you're afraid of so you can learn to stop thinking fearful thoughts. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. But it's always uncomfortable, as you're there to work on what's making you uncomfortable outside the office.
Avatar f tn I had my family doctor remove my stitches so I didn't have to drive back to Chicago which is 4 hrs away from me and I told him how I can move my neck really well to the right, and some up and down now, but not at all to the left. I don't mean I can't move it because it hurts, It just really won't go.
336415 tn?1212359542 hello everyone has anyone tried any therapy for your anxiety? if so does it work? i really want to get my life back to normal!
Avatar m tn Tomorrow I am going to Chicago with my friend. We are taking the train up and are spending the dya there. I am very excited but also very nervous due to anxiety. I don't suffer from it all teh time, but I have a feeling it will creep up tomorrow. Can anyone please give some tips on how I can handle this so it doesn't come up on me.
Avatar f tn this time, but the person I am using has worked with anxiety ridden patients in hospitals, is working on her PhD, and teaches at a local college with issues that relate to me. Personally, I have only had one appointment with her so far, but the main thing is I feel comfortable with her, and I can see that she genuinely cares, and even though I am struggling right now, I am going to give it some time.
Avatar m tn Hi everyone.....what is best herbal medicine for anxiety....please only advise if you have used it....
Avatar f tn These can improve mood and relieve anxiety short-term making them a useful tool in therapy. Antidepressants on the other hand, like SSRI's require a minimum of 6 months of daily use.
776095 tn?1243146888 s to do to put me in control of my anxiety instead of it controlling me. I would highly, highly recommend THERAPY!!! (i'm pretty sure anyone else would too. :-]) I just have to say that I went bowling today with my boyfriend for the first time since last may!! I am so proud of myself. I was able to keep my anxiety under control. and I acctually enjoyed myself. To everyone out there.....THErE IS A LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL!!!!!!
Avatar f tn Lynda I agree with Hector and would only add that, next to disease, the anxiety around this particular infection is often the HepC patient's worst enemy. Anxiety can cause people to not be able to think straight, to act out of panic or fail to act when all systems say "go", to make poor provider decisions and/or treatment decisions, to become forgetful (eg. forgetting what we have already read about, forgetting to take meds timely), to not notice material in their readings, etc.
535882 tn?1396576685 Medication along with talk therapy works. Even though medication is needed there are still coping issues worth talking about. However, if you are interested in specifically targeting behaviors that set off anxiety attacks then you might be more interested in cognitive behavioral therapy. Sometimes both can be of value. It depends on the individual person.