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Avatar f tn Where in chicago could I get help or medications for anxiety and severe panic disorders?
Avatar m tn Hi everyone.....what is best herbal medicine for anxiety....please only advise if you have used it....
Avatar m tn In such cases, if you are committed to many goals or targets if they are not fulfilled then the person develops anxiety which can lead to disturbance in the sleep. As for the mass below the chin is concerned, thyroid is unlikely, it may be benign skin growth for which get evaluated by surgeon. Your personality traits are inflexible and not adapting properly across a wide range of situations that may cause significant impairment and distress leading to spurting of anger.
Avatar n tn I am suffering from true health anxiety and I am hoping that some of you may have been in my shoes and can help. My fears all stem from perceived heart disease risk. I am a 38 year old female, 2 small kids. For years I have had high chol and bp issues (now on meds), but I have always been upset about this b/c I knew of no one else my age who had these problems in their 20s or 30s. I fear that because these things appeared at a young age, that I will die at a young age.
Avatar n tn Celexa does not do anything for anxiety, and one of the sx's listed on label, is ANXIETY.. The drug they recommended, and Rx'ed for me was Effexor. This is for anxiety and depression. Seems to work, but as far as anxiety, nothing like a good old Zanax, or two, or three, damn, lost count.. kidding!! Good luck, and talk to your Dr.
Avatar n tn I suggest you have a consultation with a therapist, and secondarily address whether medication or therapy is best for you....good therapy can help you get out of this cycle.
Avatar n tn I dont think that any narcotic drug is a good choice, simply because you get addicted to taking them, then when you stop, the anxiety will be three times worse. The therapy and self help are always good choices. I know that alot of the anxiety I had was simply caused by my depression, and the fact that I had learned how to be an excessive worrier. Worrying is a choice, not an illness. Anxiety on the other hand can be an illness.
Avatar n tn But after she said this, I started to worry and become concerned. I've been having random anxiety things tonight. For no reason at all, I've been feeling really anxious. I wasn't doing anything other than watching TV, and all the sudden, my heart started to go. I don't really have much stress in my life.. I just moved from Chicago where I have lived my entire life to California with my boyfriend. Neither of us have family here, so I'm wondering if maybe that has something to do with it.
Avatar m tn I dont feel depressed or anxiety at all! I stopped taking xanax. I went out of town last week to chicago and the whole wee i was up there i didnt have these symptoms at all. Why not? I have horrible posture. Could it be a pinched nerve?
Avatar m tn I have a bad posture and when I commute to work on a 5 hour flight to Chicago all my back problems get really bad. Also when I have panic attacks my back kills me. Could that high levels of anxiety cause my back problems and cause pinched nerves? Am taking Lodine, Lyrica, Flexeril and Xanax to sleep (thats the only medication that make me sleep). Also I started today physical therapy.
Avatar m tn Wilson, PhD, neuropsychologist at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. But Wilson and his team have made a discovery that links depression as a major risk factor for Alzheimer's. They found that higher levels of depression accounted for 4.4 percent of the difference in decline that could not be attributed to damage caused by Alzheimer's disease. Plus, the more depressed individuals had more rapid decline in thinking and memory skills.
Avatar n tn You sound very anxious--and your doctor even diagnosed your symptoms as anxiety related. Did s/he give you any meds, or suggest therapy? If not, go back and discuss that possibility with him/her.
Avatar f tn I am concerned as to whether I should get therapy counciling for her or should i take her to a nutritionist to help her get back to the right way of eating and at a safe pace. Also should she be excercising right away or should she wait a bit to begin? She is anxious to excersice but i have heard that she shouldnt start right away. I am looking for any advice or input that anyone might have. I dont want to steer her in the wrong direction.
Avatar n tn These are not the typical symptoms of ms, but they are the typical symptoms of anxiety, so that is what I would focus on if I were you to get the best relief. A trial of antianxiety medications would help with both relief and diagnosis. ASk your doctor about klonopin.
Avatar f tn Her organs started shutting down and she was checked into an eating disorder clinic in chicago. After spending a few months there she seemed healthy for about two years. This is so strange and I hope someone out there might have an answer. These episodes of shaking and stomach clenching are effecting her daily life. She can't drive anymore until someone can figure out whats causing her to lose control of her body.
Avatar n tn Based on the pain description (sharp or burning) the Urologist believed that I may have a neuropathy of some sort and she referred me to a physical therapist specializing in pelvic floor therapy. After an internal examination she determined that I had a very high level of pelvic tone and we committed to a multi-modality therapy including internal trigger point massage, stretching and water walking.
535294 tn?1219933712 Its the first and biggest step along the way to gaining some control back in your life which anxiety seems to take away. I started therapy 2 weeks ago, and am amazed to have clicked with the lady I've chosen straight away. No problems opening up, and she is getting a hell of a lot of deep routed memories out of me that feel like a weight lifted off.
Avatar m tn Hi guys I would like to know if you think my symptoms might be that of Panic Disorder. I am 19 years and currently attend college near my home in Chicago. Ever since about 3 months ago, I have been abnormally anxious. The trigger was a CPR class that I took (forced to as part of work) when I had a panic attack, after watching a movie about a person having a heart attack.
1057595 tn?1257901938 My daughter (aged 25) is having her study and ablation procedure tomorrow at Northwestern in Chicago. She has idiopathic pvcs at 30,000 per 24 hour period and NO tachy. They started 8 weeks ago out of the blue. Beta blocker therapy did not work and she was referred for an ablation almost immediately. The cardiologist stated that without the ablation, she would most likely develop cardiomyopothy (sp) within a year.
Avatar m tn You say that you tried antidepressants, but have you tried therapy along with the antidepressants. If you live in the Chicago area, I am sure that if you do a search or call your Illinois Mental Health Association, they certainly can put you in touch with either a sliding scale therapy or a free group that meets with regular sessions. I am unsure of your area, but the free anonymous programs abound all over the world.
Avatar m tn But ocd is when you have a low self astime and you just want to swallow to calm your anxiety. I wish there was something else other than swallowing. I hate it. I once thought of suicide, but I prayed. God is my cure right now.I sometimes cry at night because I just wish I could be normal. I loved my old life, and I want it back. I cant say that god isn't answering my prayers, because I know that he is always there for me, but thats what it seems like.
Avatar n tn My panic attacks on board are more frequent and the anxiety pre-flight is worse too. My doctor and I are trying to find medicine(s) to help me. I really would like to take something when I get on board and then wake up 7 hours later to find we've landed at Heathrow. So far I've tried (on seperate occasions) Xanax (can't remember the dosage), 2mg Ativan, 10mg Valium for anxiety with no real results. So we tried sedatives (again on seperate occasions) 8mg Rozerem, 3mg Lunesta, and 10mg Ambien.
Avatar n tn I am new to the Chicago area and am looking for an internist that can prescribe Suboxone. I have been on and off Sub for almost 2 years now...with two periods of abstinence of about 3 months. The pain, depression, and fatigue made it impossible for me to stay off the drug...according to my current doctor. I was advised to start taking the Suboxone again to cure the discomfort I continuously felt. (didnt start taking pain pills again...
147426 tn?1317269232 I have already loaded new HPs on Spinal Cord Lesions The different kinds of lesions in MS Urinary System Neurology Incontinence Physical Therapy and I finally made a formal Health Page on "The Importance of Preparing a Timeline" with some examples. I would like to add links to Timelines that some of you have already made that your neurologists have been pleased about. I will include those links in the HP so that newcomers can see several examples. So please contact me.
Avatar n tn We live in a Chicago suburb. She has never been a good sleeper. As a toddler she would be very scared coming out of naps (always short ones). Night time was worse. Our doctors suggested we let her cry to sleep but she would get so worked up she would vomit. She also got a lot of ear infections and was constantly congested. She had tubes put in and adnoids out at 3. On top of these problems she developed sleep apnea and had tonsils out at 4.
Avatar n tn My primary care thinks that medicine and pills won't help me and that I should go into therapy. Someone else has recommended a rehabilitation institute. No one has gotten rid of the pain in my head though. Find a specialist. Find a nuerologist who specializes in headaches. There is a place called Diamond Clinic in Chicago that is well known for helping headaches. I have been to other clinics and so I have not been there. Try a variety of techniques.
Avatar m tn And If so, should we go straight to the Western Blot to avoid this scenario of anxiety from a possible false-positive? I don't want to cause her the extreme anxiety I was feeling if it is unnecessary. I know that several years ago she ended a relationship with someone she really liked because he was HSV2 positive. They were never physically involved. She is very concerned about STDs, and I know that it will be an intense process for her to go through testing.
Avatar f tn Hi, So as I am daily struggling with panic attacks and anxiety attacks that have me on the verge of going to the ER a few times a week, I have been forced to rely on benzos almost every day. I have been suffering from panic disorder for at least 17 years and it is so bad right now I am becoming agoraphobic. Over the years, I have only taken xanax when i was on the verge of an attack-- about .25 to .75 and that would normally help. Never used them daily.
Avatar m tn The symptoms you describe are suggestive of a problem called epididymitis which can be due to any number of different bacteria (including chlamydia and gonorrhea) and require aggressive antibiotic therapy. It would be rather unusual to have gotten chlamydia which took 15 months to become symptomatic but bacterial acquired at the time of oral sex could be causing this. Please go see a doctor for this sooner than later.