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Avatar n tn I know it can be very distressing to feel like something is wrong, but the doctor tell you that you are just fine. Sounds like your symptoms are from anxiety. I have dealt with anxiety for a long time ( I am 34 years old) and over time it has gotten better and then sometimes it gets worse during stressful times in life. What I can recommend is a book that I bought recently. It is called "Hope and Help for your nerves" by Claire Weekes. You can buy it at for $ 6.
100019 tn?1335923317 In the last 2 or 3 weeks I've started experiencing anxiety. It's not everyday and it's not depression. It's that fear thing and feels like my body has kicked into high gear. If I remember correctly from school the fight or flight response has do with your adrenaline, doesn't it? Has anyone else experienced this and what do you do/take for it? I have an apt with doc but not till the 13th.
1423357 tn?1511089042 is remarkable, especially since he is speech delayed) This is not the first time I've witnessed this sudden burst of violence (not anger) before, but never thought of the possibility that it could be his expression of anxiety to a siutuation. Could this be the case?
365714 tn?1292202708 Okay I see this is a different test than the one I orginally took. Sorry about that. For those who want a shorter test try this one:
Avatar n tn This doesn't necessarily mean the test-taker has gotten less intelligent, it simply means they aren't able to work out the problem at that moment. Think of it like this; a sharpshooter gets stung by a bee right before he takes a shot. He probably will miss - it doesn't make him any less a sharp shooter though. Even a severely depressed person can have good days. Even if still feeling down, they can concentrate during the test better one day than another, for instance.
459210 tn?1237385203 its more like your waiting for test result to come back. i can't stand it, i want it to go away. what works without medicne from a doctor. any holistic stuff. vitamin something. help. what have you tired and what works......
252492 tn?1205612898 On 8/15 I had two rapid oraquick fingerstick tests (the test taker took two at the same time) the guy I slept with also took a test, and it was negative. This was 6 weeks after we'd had sex and probably two months after he'd had sex with anyone else. Because my tonsils were so enlarged for no reason, I had them removed for biopsy, which was non cancerous. On Sept 6th I had another rapid blood test done (11 weeks past) and it was negative.
Avatar n tn I am now suffering from an anxiety disorder which I take 10mg of Citalopram daily for plus attend CBT sessions. My anxiety has settled but after a visit to the doctors complaining of my hair loss they decided to do some blood tests. Most came back normal except my liver enzymes. AST, ALT, ALP & GGT were all slightly elevated. They repeated test and still the ALP & GGT were slightly elevated. Hepatitis tests were Negative.
Avatar f tn He can memorize very easily but he is a terrible test taker because the test questions aren't presented the way he learned the material. He can't understand card games where decisions need to be made to win. He takes conversations very literally and doesn't understand puns or plays on words at all. He doesn't notice things that an average person notices. He has good coordination but he talks slow and many times monotone.
Avatar f tn Hi Dr, I am hoping you can help, I made the biggest mistake of my life 28 days ago and need some advice as my life is now consumed with guilt and extreme anxiety that I may have caught a STD or HIV. After a heavy night drinking on way home I stupidly and completely out of character accepted a blow-job from a street prostitute who I believe was a drug taker. To the best of my memory (which is extremely hazy) she did use a condom but I was so drunk and am not positive, around 80%.
Avatar m tn I concur with your doctor and don't think you need to test. What I was saying is if the anxiety from your experience becomes too overwhelming then get tested. The results will be definitive and you can move on with your life.
Avatar m tn Good Afternoon all, I initially came to this site like a lot of people with an Anxiety over HIV Exposures. After talking to a few people on this site, and going into details of my exposures, and being reassured by Rocket27Rocket who has been amazing, I am still concnered/worried about getting tested and my results. Long story short, the exposures I had were mostly oral (I was the giver) with no ejaculation and condom protected sex, I was the taker.
212161 tn?1537898045 ok i have a question, starting in end feb my mom was sick had to have surgery but we had to go through lots test it went into may, they found out she had cancer , at the same time as all that going on i started haveing pac had them 9 weeks everyday all day long , my dr changed my meds which really stressed me out than ended up putting me back on my old med , so i was stressed from my mom not knowing if she was going to live or die ( which she is cancer free now ,plus they live with me so i was
Avatar n tn How can anxiety cause all of these sensations, and why if its anxiety don't they go away, mine are here everyday, have been for 6 years. I know what you are going through, its awful. Good luck!!!
Avatar f tn The lexapro has really kicked in, and is helping with anxiety its been about 4 weeks on it now...for the anxiety, but the palps continue. I feel them. I dont have them constantly...but specially around the supper hour to bedtime they are bad. One time I counted 64 in ONE minute. Thats my question.HOW MANY IS TOO MANY? Sometimes its only about 6 a min..but that time I had 64...I was scared to death! I shouldnt take my pulse, right? But yet..i know whats happening in my chest....and It scares me.
Avatar m tn i have heart palpitation problem since 7 years but it getting worse since last two years each time i visited doctor they did my all test but every thing was normal then they suugested could have been anxiety or stress which sounds kind of correct to me i have taken so many antanxiety (ssri) anti depression medication still i am taking xanax but it doesnt help completely.
1139187 tn?1355710247 But i cant tell if im hypo or hyper. I want to make it to 6 or 7 weeks before i test. Right now im right at 4 weeks of the tiny increase. So since each is so closely related in symptoms, how can i tell which is which ? or can I? labs only?
Avatar n tn It is kind of like little twinges. They are very scary and I sometimes then have an anxiety attack. This includes pounding heart, sweating, nausea, diahrrea, SOB, inability to swallow, total PANIC. I have Xanax but don't like using it and when I do use it I take a miniscule dose. It does help, at least with the anxiety symptoms. I have had EKG, echocardiogram, stress test. All is normal. The only ting mentioned was some mild tricuspid regurgitation.
Avatar n tn I was told when it feels like your heart is racing, but it's not, it is prob. anxiety. It sounds like you have a bit of anxiety going on. You should exercise, it is good for stress and I actually feel better when I exercise. Your heart naturally is faster when you first get up and going upstairs, too. Stop taking your pulse it is only going to keep you in your cycle of anxiety. You had the event monitor and the echos, relax. I hope I have been of some help and comfort to you.
Avatar f tn About six weeks after starting Synthroid, I simply did not feel like myself anymore. My hair was falling out, and I had anxiety I'd never had before. (I'm one of the most patient, laid back people you'll ever meet. OR was.) My mind has repetitive thoughts... and I feel like the everyready bunny unable to slow my mind. Also, palpitations began. Nothing that worried me too much since it was brief episodes.
1343239 tn?1276228946 I went to the hospital and got a blood and urine test.. all came back normal. And the doctor said he does think it's anxiety and depression. It's just hell when the symptoms hit.. they actually have been getting better the past few days.. but still come at random times.. it's so annoying, but I'm trying to deal with them as much as I can Thank y'all for the opinions so much. And tomorrow I'm going to my doctor to get a regular exam just to be sure of everything.
Avatar f tn Carbimazole adjusted a few times along the way depending on blood test results. I thought I had got so used to thyroid disease I now new before what blood results would be due to how well/unwell I was feeling. Until now I have been right every time. Had a 3 month wait between appointments this time...felt bad, original symptoms back, hairloss,eczema on scalp & depression. The depression real bad worse its been.
Avatar m tn Throughout the years I've seen specialist and had test to check for all sorts of diseases and cancers, all negative. All that was ever found is that I have a rare benign condition, however recently it was linked to pancreatic cancer. After reading the article I have become obsessed with dying of pancreatic cancer. My doctors and gastro doctor all tell me that pancrease is fine, CT 2.5 year ago and MRI confirmed it recently.
Avatar m tn I use the CPAP but to be told I don't have sleep apnea. I went and took stress test, it shows to be normal One doctor believes that I have a small vain blockage in my heart but my primary care taker said I do not. I have a high degrees of anxiety and stress, but so far there is no help or diagnose for my problem.
Avatar f tn The uncertainty of a firm diagnosis and watching doctors guess and try this and try that did not help. I'm on anti-anxiety meds to control ...anxiety, but my nerves have been getting a good work-out anyway. I've been having a lot of trouble making decisions. I get confused easily and forget things, so I am often uncertain if my decisions are good ones or not. I guess that must be what it feels like to become senile. Not so self-assured as I used to be. Ain't this Thyroid stuff fun???
200220 tn?1361955154 The lack of control over what is going on. Your anxiety issues would be better if you took the anxiety meds three times a day. I know you don't want to depend on them, but it sounds like right now you need to. At least you have a therapist to talk to. Although it sounds like right now that is part of the problem. What is being done about your thyroid hormones? Until you can get your TSH and T4 where they need to be you are going to feel this way. And then for another month or more.
Avatar m tn however, I've learned with my HIV anxiety to not look through all the posts- as it really throws off one's psyche (in my opinion). Anyway, I was getting ready to move out of town to begin a new job and having a going-away party to celebrate. I'm really not the kind of person to take ANY kind of risky behaviors- never had unprotected sex, never done any drugs (other than marijuana probably 5 times ever) (I'm 22 btw).
Avatar m tn It's a good thing if the test is rerun, I suppose, but at what point in the process is the test taker informed that something seem to be amiss in the first test? Ever? An apology to the original poster, do not intend to hijack the thread, just ask out of curiosity.
Avatar f tn I took Prozac when my thyroid was totally out of wack and I was having anxiety also. They gave me lorazapam also for the anxiety. I took it for approximately 5 months until the numbers on my thyroid started coming down. I have been off of it for 2 months. I was afraid when I went off, which the doctor did slowly - it took 2 weeks. He cut the dosage in half and then quit. I don't really know what it did for me but I am assuming that it did something.
Avatar m tn it seems so impossible for me to do. I just finished my last pill this morning like the dr said. So the test comes to get through the day, the evening, the night, the morning. It seems so hard i get so much anxiety, but for the health of my baby, I must do it because she matters. I think once the pills get out of my system, my other bipolar meds will start to work.