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Avatar f tn Just wondered does anyone else suffer from free floating anxiety its terrible just so anxious all the time, everywhere and anywhere, no where is safe to me, i refused medication because of my fear of the side effects, it makes me so depressed and scared all the time, i feel dizzy alot sick, scared, shaky numbness in my hands and feet, sensitive ears, nosie really hurts them, saw my psychiatrist on Friday and he said this is what it is, i have had anxiety for 18yrs but was able to manage it but 5
Avatar f tn Two weeks after all that I went to bed and woke up completely anxiety free and never had any anxiety again and im now convinced that theres nothing wrong with me I just cant stop thinking what caused me to have constant anxiety for three months and wake up anxiety free I mean I never had a stress problem or any stress, a history of anxiety nor does any one in my family have anxiety has this ever happend to any of you before???
Avatar f tn from there its a free or all as to what or where is going to feel weird. Tonight however my chest has gotten cool and tight, like I can't breathe even though i can and my heart is racing. what can i do to get this calm enough to at least rest?
Avatar n tn Hello- I recently saw my PCP about anxiety and had my TSH tested. My first test came back with a TSH level of 0.91 which was low but normal. A month later I was retested: TSH 0.80, T4 0.9, T3 3.0. None of these are classified as abnormal but my results continue to be on the low side of what is considered normal. Since then, I've been put on .5mg of Zoloft daily as well as .5mg of xanax as needed for the anxiety for the past 6 weeks. Unfortunatley, the zoloft doesn't seem to be helping.
781069 tn?1236003891 I don't know why this is, can anyone tell me if increasing the T4 would give me anxiety attacks? My last blood test revealed I have low free T4 but high free T3 that why he tweaked my meds. My TSH was 0.8. Will this initial anxiety stage calm down?
Avatar m tn What else besides anxiety can cause internal shaking , anxiety and brain fog? This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Undiagnosed-Symptoms/internal-tremor-and-palpitations/show/1674294">internal tremor and palpitations</a>.
Avatar m tn what if something like adrenal fatigue is causing my anxiety and I take anti anxiety medications that raise the serotonin levels in your brain !? I have many thoughts in my mind , I am getting crazy Has anyone had any experience like this before ? sorry for my bad English .
Avatar m tn Testing at 4-6 weeks post exposure will give you a good indication of your status, follow up at 3 months for a conclusive result. Do ever go by symptoms, stress and anxiety can be the cause as well...
Avatar m tn i made the guy who blew me go take a test, he took a test 8-9 weeks after he had oral sex with me, it came back negative, everyone i have had sex with before him are hiv free and i always use a condom when i have anal sex with them. i dont use a condom when they blow me. the thing is, even though i know none of my partners have hiv i have swollen lymph nodes in the neck and i had a sore throat for 2-2,5 weeks wich ended today. is this because of my anxiety?
Avatar f tn He said he would do the dexamethasone test instead of the 24 hour urine test (I suspect he thinks it'll be difficult for me because I pee anywhere from 15-20 times a day lol) but if this comes back normal I'm going to press him to do the urine test in a few weeks anyways.
263988 tn?1281957896 Your body doesn't like Cytomel, it seems. End of story, other than now your Free T3 is even lower. You might ask for a test for reverse T3, but the situation will probably resolve itself. And the treatment for reverse T3 is...Cytomel. And the easiest way to raise your T3...Cytomel. I think you will need to let your body sort this out.
Avatar m tn You don't need testing on account of this event. But of course feel free to get tested if this reassurance doesn't completely settle your fears. If you'll sleep better knowing you have a negative test result, get tested in about 6 weeks. (This is not "code" to mean I really think there was some risk. I do not.) I hope this helps.
Avatar m tn Dear Dr, I have booked an appr with a councellor who specializes in health anxiety. Can i ask you a last question pls and feel free to end this thread and ignore me after this. I am under the impression that there was a faint line on the antogen part of my rapid test (85 days) After this test i had 4 negative duos Can i assume that if there was a faint line is indeed false since no lab duo identified any infection? Do i have to take a pcr to confirm?
1348686 tn?1310657843 I have been dealing with anxiety for years but now I am so exhaused and itchy....I don't really remember being so tired and I have been itchy before but not like this. I am itchy all over....I will get an itch on my head then my side...etc....I don't know if it is the anxiety causing it because that is all I think about or if there is something else going on. Of course having health anxiety doesn't help. All I can think about is that I have some kind of cancer or something.
Avatar f tn hello, over the last 2 years i have had a serious problem with anxiety. it has gotten to the point where i lose sleep and cannot focus on daily activities. i even get to the point where i make myself sick because i stress myself out. i see a therapist once a week and it helps but i've regressed in my treatment. it initially started out because my ex told me he had HIV as a joke because he wanted to freak me out since he knows i'm a worrier.
Avatar m tn I am experiencing alot of weird things with my health and i am only 20 years old and im experiencing tingling and crawling feelings in my legs and arms and also have little chest pain and doctor ran an ekg and said everything was okay. I dont know if this is hiv anxiety because i had protected sex with this girl and these symptoms have continued since then but my hiv test were all negative and the hiv forum said i had no risk at all. I would appreciate any help. Can this all be anxiety related?
Avatar m tn But, also, I did NOT get a glucose tolerance test done, because the doctor told me that sometimes the when you do the test you won't see any issues, because when you take that test you are sitting around doing nothing and not stressed or moving. Also, my fasting numbers are normal in the morning. During the day when i use up my energy (I am an avid swimmer and work in aquatics) that's when I have symptoms if I don't follow what I posted above.
Avatar m tn Anyway when everyone left I felt very down and depressed and all of a sudden i felt like I was going to pass out. This time I went to doctors. I have had every test I think possible. Let it be known that I can not run or workout like I use to which scares that **** out of me. I go to gym still by the intensity level changes per day. I have had my heart checked (echo and ekg) I have gone to a cardiologist whom says IM NOT A HEART patient. Through out this whole exp.
Avatar f tn I have the shortness of breath. Basically, my anxiety makes my whole thorax contract like with stress. It causes pain up the back of my head, and all the muscles to cramp up in my ribs and between my shoulder blades. With all those muscles out of control it messes with my breathing. Sometimes, it hurts so bad that I'll go ahead and take an Ativan. It relaxes all those muscles, and I can breath better, but I try not to since it's so addictive.
Avatar f tn I suffer from anxiety have for years now. If you have questions about anxiety I probally have an answer or know where to find it just drop me a note. I also suffer from PTSD. which in turn affects anxiety. please don't be afraid to ask me questions. I am a mother of a 5 year old and one on the way. My husband is in the military and is gone for up to 6 months at a time out of the year. Its hard but I manage.
1191246 tn?1346893258 I am pill free since August 21st and it definately got better. I still have anxiety sometimes but not nearly as bad. My husband and son are away in Fl. for a football game till wednesday so being along was a real test and I'm doing ok. If I feel anxious I take 1/2 zanax and that takes the edge off. I will be checking this off and on all weekend.
Avatar f tn I posted a web address before if you look above this posts and if you would read that book “it’s free” it’s not a book I wrote or any crap like that, you can just copy and paste the address and it will come up as a PDF so you don’t even have to go out to get it, it just explains what the hell is going on with you if what you have is anxiety, I almost drove myself crazy running from doctor to doctor, test after test and nothing, if you are having anxiety attacks then you should really read this
4221476 tn?1351269931 Nightly, he wakes up coughing up junk (he does this all day as well, he has been tested for allergies, and he elevated numbers showing he has an allergy, but we have been unable to identify what it is, so they are going to test him for cystic fibrosis) but after he is awake from coughing, or going pee, or whatever it is that wakes him, he has a terrible time going back to sleep.
Avatar n tn 1st week 3th gen ELISA combo ag/ab negative 3th week 4th gen ELISA combo ag/ab test negative 3th week PCR HIV test negative 4th week 4th gen ELISA combo ag/ab test negative 8th week HIV ANTIGEN test negative 8th week HIV ANTIBODY test negative the doc said i am fine and need to move on with my life...But i have some rash on my neck and chest and my neck is stiff and the glands sometimes are painfull... this is going on for about 5 weeks now..
Avatar n tn hello, i failed my stress test went into v-tach. rushed to cardiac icu (4 days) then ambulanced to clev clinic.(3 days) went through all the tests to find out i have just v tach strictly electrical. Was put on sotalol and flecaidine. i still was getting "thumps" every couple of days. So i wore a event monitor for 31 days. It caught what my cardio guy calls a few extra beats, I call annoying all day long, am i going to die beats. taking ativan its helping a bit.
1969702 tn?1325741516 I am due to get a gastroscopy and Colonoscopy and will see a Neurologist in the next few months, The issue I have with being told i have anxiety, is that the symptoms regular and un like Anxiety where it comes and goes, mine stays. I've even started to go to church and my Pasture thinks I may need God ??
Avatar f tn Ahhh man wish the test here were free!!! Well at the present i am feeling a lil better besides have a lil sore throat, Ya know it may be a muscle over my chest cause I pulled it earlier, and it hurt like you know what, I took an advil and put ice on it, My throat I have been pressing on it so much that is probally why it is sore cause I went through a phase of thinking I had throat cancer so I would press on my neck...
Avatar n tn So it was originally a panic attack that caused my symptoms, and because I got so freaked out about it, I now notice every PVC I get and have to live with the chest pains. They are gradually getting better as I learn to cope with the anxiety. Feel free to email me if you want.