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Avatar f tn I have had a CAT scan at the onset of these symptoms and it turned out fine. But, could it not have been obvious then? Could it something worse than vertigo or anxiety? I am just at a loss. I am happy, I enjoy people's company, so I don't know if this could really be just anxiety. I have tried physical therapy, massage therapy, ear candling, accupuncture, saw an ENT, and every medicine under the sun. Any suggestions, feedback or comments? Can I be the only one feeling like this?
Avatar f tn 0) Did you ever go to doctor when you experienced the ear pain with the vertigo? Problems in your ears will cause veritgo. Is Vertigo your main symptoms that is bothering you? Have you seen a neurologist? Or, have you addressed these symptoms with your primary doctor? Nice to meet you, I don't think I have talked with you on here yet.
Avatar f tn Your symptoms are quite common in anxiety disorder. Make an appointment with a psychiatrist and discus your symptoms and how it's effecting your life. There is good treatment for this disorder and the psych will direct you on the appropriate treatment methods. Check out the anxiety forum for more info.
Avatar n tn Last month I experience my first introducion to Anxiety - I actually had not a clue what was happening. This is common with people who have vertigo seemily. I have got the anxiety under control with help from a therapist. Overall this year as been pretty hard. Has anyone any similar storys to mine? Im just hoping my ENT gives me a diagnosis and I can treat whatever it is.
Avatar n tn Physiologic vertigo results from unfamiliar head movement (seasickness) or a mismatch between visual-propioceptive-vestibular system inputs (height vertigo, visual vertigo). True vertigo almost never occurs as a pre-syncopal symptom. Pathologic vertigo may be caused by a peripheral (labyrinth or eighth nerve). Distinguishing between these causes is the essential first step in diagnosis or central CNS lesion. What is the direction of associated nystagmus?
2015596 tn?1329217952 Inner ear causes of vertigo most commonly include benign positional vertigo (BPPV), which is due to small particle in the inner ear that moves out of place, and can be repositioned with simple head maneuvers. The symptoms often include vertigo that occurs with turning of the head, often while turning over in bed. Another cause, if your symptoms are associated with tinnitus (ear ringing) and hearing loss is called Meniere’s disease and can be treated with medications and sometimes surgery.
957507 tn?1251597807 Hi i dont know if i posted this at a relevant forum, but I cant seem to find the vertigo forum in this site. But anyway, I am a 20y/o male. average built and in a normal condition til a few weeks ago, I felt dizziness and a sense of unbalanceness. Like when I bent down my head then suddenly bring it up in an upward position I feel that everything aorund me is moving, although I dont feel passing out (fainting).
Avatar n tn Can you try and explain this vertigo (severe dizziness) to me?...i have had several episodes over the last 15 years or so and i just can't seem to get a straight answer.The severe symptoms seem to last 2 days or so and then lingering not so severe symptoms (ie bending over,looking up spinning sensations)seem to dissapate over a couple of weeks.I am a 38/M and in good health.Thanks for any helpful input.
209591 tn?1267418314 He was also hoping that this was a possible cause, but since stopping that Therapy, the symptoms are still persistent. How long does Vertigo normally last, and is hospitalization and IV therapy effective? Is Physical Therapy effective for this at all?
Avatar n tn I went to the dr today and he said it was vertigo. He had me do a series of motor skills tests and I did fine. I am not experiencing nausea or headaches, but this happens at least once a year. Last year it was due to ear wax pressing against my ear drum. I also found out that my dad has vertigo too. Anyways I am very scared that I have acoustic neuroma. I don't know if this is caused by stress or not. I've had a lot of anxiety lately cause I'm going through a divorce.
209591 tn?1267418314 I am 27 and have been experiencing Neurological symptoms for a little over three years now. I started seeing a Neurologist three years ago, actually today, and he has been NO GOOD. MATTER OF FACT JUST A YEAR AGO HE STARTED TREATING THE MIGRAINES HE KNEW I HAD, FROM DAY ONE. My first symptoms were numbness and tingling in my extremities that appeared in my left leg, but slowly spread to the rest of my body.
921053 tn?1245184395 I too have been told that my chiari is not causing any symptoms. I dont get the headaches but I do get vertigo, blurry vision in my right eye. I have a problem with my right inner ear and I did some vestibular rehab which really didn't help my symptoms but I have other issues that could contribute to that. I also have a problem with sinus swelling on one side. Do you get that? I personally feel you should get a 2nd opinion. Have you had a Cine study done?
209591 tn?1267418314 It is often performed by a doctor or physiotherapist, but you may also perform this at home to decrease vertigo symptoms. Please consult with your treating doctor in this regard. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn id=6043241 I don't have the spinning vertigo as others describe. Janet J's vertigo symptoms of feeling as if she's on a boat or floating mirrors my experience. I just got back from a week long process workshop in Mesa AZ and each day was torturous. I tried not to panic when the motion I felt sitting in a conference room all week just would not ease up. I could really feel every "bob and dip" movement - fortunately I was able to get up often to take breaks.
Avatar n tn Also sometimes my ears feel as if they are underwater and my hearing fluctuates. Are any of these symptoms related to vertigo?
1175033 tn?1492204828 I told my friend while my eyes were closed, I just had vertigo. I was sitting still and everything was spinning for only a few moments but it was scary and I dont feel well at all. Im not sure if I should go to the hospital or not. I feel very shaky and my neck and head hurt. Arms feel weak, and I have had two small bouts of vertigo since the first so total that is four. My eyes hurt and are tired. I just dont feel right at all.
Avatar f tn Anxiety can cause these symptoms, but you need to be thoroughly worked up by a doctor. Don't know how long you have been taking meds but there can be some side effects to the Cymbalta that are similar to those you explain.
Avatar m tn but also because your mind and body are freaking out! Symptoms of anxiety can be very physical. For example when I get anxiety I get wildly nauseous, shakey, my arms/legs go numb, I get hot flashes, and I get vertigo as well. A lot of people describe when they freak out "the walls are closing in on them". Its just your brain freaking out. On another note, you could be experiencing allergies. I get vertigo for fall allergies.
1282565 tn?1271448444 Should i get another MRI done? Why do the doctors blame all my symptoms on Anxiety? Is that even possible it could just be anxiety? Im so confused and lost...I just want my normal life back. Its impossible to function like a normal human being when I feel like this and drs just wanna throw drugs at me, becasue as so many have told me "Your only 23 years old i doubt its serious" Who CARES how old you are?? Just bc your young doesnt mean anything. I need some advice.
Avatar n tn Dear Dizzy Folks, A relative of mine has vertigo. Anxiety and depression accompany this, because vertigo in and of itself is scary, plus it keeps a person from doing regular stuff. I found it most interesting that two posters here mentioned neck or head injury perhaps contributing to vertigo. My relative got a crick in his neck, that's when the vertigo started, and ten years later, still a painful neck and still the vertigo.
Avatar n tn Since I've realized that most of my symptoms are anxiety related, I actually have reduced anxiety since I know it's not some terminal illness ! However, recently I had two "spells", that certainly feel physical and not mental. These spells are different, because it happens out of the blue and in non-anxious situations. Yesterday sitting at work, I had this very intense, sudden, onset of severe vertigo. The room started spinning dramatically.
Avatar m tn I have vertigo from time to time too. Apparently it is due to some neck problem. Its strange because I dont really feel anything in my neck but when I move my head woosh the whole world moves. You may want to look up a condition called BPPV, it has to do with little calcium rocks in the ear that make you dizzy when you move your head. Good luck. I know how you feel, vertigo is not a thing just ''to live with''.
Avatar m tn yes i have had these symptoms...which causes me to hae even more anxiety...but im still worried im getting vertigo or i have BPPV or something.....which makes me worried about it which could be casuing the symptoms...very bad cycle to be on...i hope it goes away for you...mine started out b.c i had little fluid in my ear and then i started to dwelll on it and i thk i caused myself to think that soemthing else is wrong...its really hard...i hope you get better....
Avatar f tn Try to not get all caught up in your symptoms, because that tends to make things worse. Instead, go after the anxiety. If you succeed, the symptoms should lessen or go away entirely.
1211508 tn?1343083205 The idea behind treating the vertigo to decrease the anxiety is not a bad one, however, if the vertigo is solely a symptom of the anxiety...treating the ANXIETY would get rid of the vertigo, not the other way around. See what I mean? Your way of thinking is to treat the anxiety symtpom seperately, in theory it's not a bad idea, but I truly think that if it is caused by the anxiety, addressing the anxiety is the best approach. Not to say you couldn't give it a try.
398624 tn?1266273049 Does anybody think that anxiety could present itself with same symptoms as Meniere's Disease? Doctor diagnosed me with Meniere's, but after I had normal ENG, he now knows it's not Menieres.
1005315 tn?1255703805 I stopped going because these feelings made me feel real panicky which bought on another load of symptoms! I went to see my GP who thought I was suffering from anxiety and prescribed anti-depressants. I took two tablets and then stopped as these made me feel much worse. I tried to do some yoga today as my neck and shoulders are really stiff and I have a headache. As soon as I did, back came the funny feelings. did a Google search and I think I might have chronic cervical vertigo.