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700966 tn?1228665531 Yes, this is an anxiety symptom but it's always best to see your Dr to find out for sure. He/she will look at your throat to see if anything is going on. You need to have the lump in your cheek looked at also. I hope you feel better. Take care.
560272 tn?1311353893 Could my severe anxiety be making my throat feel worse than what it really does? Like I have this fear of it closing or me choking, ESPECIALLY when it's irritated by allergies or post nasal drip. It's like I have this mild sore throat, feels a little swollen, drainage in my throat, with sneezing, and burning eyes.......but then my anxiety takes over and makes me feel like I'm going to choke or my throat is going to swell shut.
Avatar m tn Yes, anxiety can cause all sorts of symptoms. Stomach problems are high on the list and so are muscles aches. If we think about these symptoms they can feel worse because we do have anxiety. Hopefully the endoscopy will give you some answers as to what's going on with your stomach. If it is GERD that can cause the weird feelings in your throat.
Avatar f tn So basically I have anxiety nearly everyday some days better than others, but the past three days I've had a a feeling of a swollen neck and my ears are also effected I can't seem to find any swollen glands but I've a little pain on my right side right under my jaw if I press down on it hard enough I also feel my throat closing in.
Avatar f tn Can symptoms of anxiety, such as tightness in chest and throat last all day? These symptoms never seem to go away.
784382 tn?1376934640 please tell me your anxiety symptoms...... i feel like im constantly dizzy/lightheaded, sweaty palms and feet, seems like im ALWAYS thinking about how i feel or what symptom im having are these all related to anxiety?.........
Avatar f tn Well now i have new syntoms an i am not sure if its from anxiety . I Feel like my throat gets tight , and i have chest tightness. I dont know if its assoicated with the anxiety. I hope it is i feel like something is wrong with my heart.I Just dont feel right.its worser at nights. I wanna say its from anxiety but then again i dont believe it is. I just dont know what to think. Has anyone else been through this? Im just so tired of feeling like this?
Avatar f tn i have muccos coming out from my throat stuff like yellow,white, black like ash from my throat i cough and let it out yellow muccos and black stuff come out i have put it in a clear bottle to see for myself what it looks like i feel sometimes that iam choking and it feels like its constanly their something is their and it doesnt want to come out i have seen DR and had a chest and lungs ct scan and everything was clear i have stopped smoking for two yrs yesterday which was on the 2nd of Nov 201
Avatar f tn First, stress isn't the same as anxiety. Second, some of those things can be caused by anxiety or stress, some probably not. If you've gotten all these things at once I hope you've scheduled a doctor's appointment.
Avatar n tn Is one of the symptoms of an anxiety disorder a nervous chest? I constantly get butterflies in my stomach and chest, I have had heart tests and everything is fine. I am on Paxil 20 mg that cleared up the insomnia, crying spells, trouble swallowing na d dizziness (for the most part). It is my busy season at work and I am getting the chest nervousness and discomfort as well as neck aches. Is this common with anxiety? Even though I am on 20 mg Paxil? Thanks.
Avatar m tn I still might have a deadly disease and I'm scared so my anxiety for the past couple of months have been TERRIBLE! I swear I be thinking I have symptoms of stuff and I Google everything then get new symptoms.... It's ridiculous! I think the ecstasy had something to do with it since I already had slight anxiety and a little depression before. Idk I hope you feel better... We're in the same boat.
Avatar n tn Hi. I am a 23 yr. old female looking for some advice on concerning symptoms. I am a law student, extremely stressed most of the time and have suffered anxiety all of my life. I have always thought I was sick since I was 8 yrs. old i would constantly take my temp., etc. When I was 5 I was actually hospitalized because they thought I had cancer, turned out to be stress from my parents divorce.
Avatar n tn When I was very stressed ( a really traumatic event was happening in my life and I tried to minimize it and so the stress was building up because I wasn't dealing with it) I got really sick with stress and anxiety and then depression followed.
Avatar n tn For so long I was CONVINCED that my doctors were missing something as I have health anxiety and I read too much into my anxiety symptoms. Once I did accept it as anxiety I began to research symptoms of anxiety and found that IBS and burning sensations are common symptoms. What I feel in my mouth is a cross between and electric shock feeling, and a sun burn.
Avatar n tn Yes that is an anxiety symptom, what other symptoms are you having? I would go to the doctors and make sure it's nothing physical first. There could be loads of reason for your throat being tight but as i said before that is a major symptom people have with anxiety. Good luck!!
Avatar m tn Is it possible to get a sore throat purely from anxiety? I have been having terrible anxiety during the last three weeks related to a possible (but low-risk) HIV exposure. I have been dreading the idea that "symptoms" like a sore throat are going to appear — and last night I suddenly came down with a sore throat.
Avatar f tn Two nights ago, I had a night of insomnia and anxiety but I've been find since then except for a feeling of sore throat/throat tightness. Anyone know what's going on? Is this just a symptom of having my dose increased? Any help would be appreciated.
1855970 tn?1325827213 well my doctor said 'anxiety' without looking in my ears or throat, so im not convinced
Avatar n tn However check with your doctor first.I have experienced these symptoms myself on a daily basis,and they were anxiety related.I had trouble swallowing and always felt like a lump in the throat feeling.This is what is known as "globus hystericus".It is generally an anxiety related phenomenon.I was also unable to take a full breath.Again anxiety related.But please check with your DOCTOR first just to be safe.I am sure the smoking is not helping you either.Good luck, Dimi.
Avatar f tn Can anxiety cause a lump feeling in your throat. I had this lump sensation in my throat for months then it went away. Now I have persistent mild nausea everyday for pass 7-8 weeks. My knee hurts too and it's been hurting go two weeks now. I worry alot like everyday. I went to doc for my throat and they mentioned it was related to anxiety. I'm getting blood done and don't what's with my stomach. What comes to mind is std, ulcer, cancer.
Avatar m tn Hi,i dont know blood test for allergies for anxiety,but you should get a blood test for your thyroid because an overactive thyroid can cause alot of symptoms that mimic anxiety/panic attacks.Hope it helps.
Avatar n tn Sometimes is is a tightness that my doctors have told me accompanies anxiety and at other times it feels sore or like there is mucus in the back of my throat. I've also seen an ear, nose and throat doctor who told me that my airway, sinuses and throat appear to be fine. Could the sensation I feel still be related to anxiety?
Avatar f tn My jaw becomes tense and it affects my throat and swallowing when I am having anxiety issues. Klpnopin really helped me.
Avatar f tn when someone has swollen lymph nodes due to ars, the swollen lymph nodes are not localized to one area (groin) best advice i can give you is to GET OFF HIV SITES AND STOP LOOKING FOR SYMPTOMS. anxiety can and does create very real physical symptoms. test at the appropriate time to know your status.
Avatar f tn I was on propanolol and codamol two weeks ago for treatment of sore throat and hoarse voice. i had t o discontinue because i was feeling funny with headaches,pumping heart pain in lower chest and dizziness and faintness. So i discontinued and was ok for some time unless if i got hungry. Now i have pressure in the head and upper throat ans if i have got flu and tightness in the collarbone on my left side .
Avatar f tn Tingling in ur tongue and roof of ur mouth is a symptom of anxiety as is lump in ur throat. Trust me I am 62 years old and have been through it all with body symptoms connected to anxiety. Don't worry u are fine.
Avatar f tn Hello everyone I'm new here and every since my panic attack last Monday I've been suffering. Anxiety. I even went to a cardilogist yesterday. They did a EKG and NOTHING was found. I still wasn't happy so now I have a sonogram on December 18th. Here are my symptoms. Left arm aching pain and tingly, this started yesterday. I have been laying odly on my left on my bed so that may be causing that. Some chest discomfort, worse when I panic. Headaches. Pounding heart Worrying.
Avatar m tn Anxiety can lead to infinite kind of symptoms