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1063332 tn?1254754634 Is there another forum that deals more with phobias and the anxiety/panic they cause? I have a severe fear of vomit and all that has to do with it. Whether it be me vomiting, my family, or witnessing it anywhere. I panic every morning I take my children to school wondering if this will be the day they get sick. I hate it. Therapy has never helped this issue as exposure therapy is NOT an option with this one. I can't even watch it in moves.
1211508 tn?1343083205 You can't keep researching ways to treat your anxiety and it's symptoms if you've never tried the LAST suggestion. Ya know? Pick something, and try it...THEN you can move on if it doesn't work. Let us know how you're doing.
3060903 tn?1398568723 But, when fears become so severe that they cause tremendous anxiety and interfere with your normal life, they’re called phobias. The good news is that phobias can be managed and cured. Self-help strategies and therapy can help you overcome your fears and start living the life you want. IN THIS ARTICLE: What is a phobia? Normal fear vs.
1092880 tn?1273978625 I just wanted to know if any of you guys developed phobias or fears they NEVER had before until anxiety came in to your life and hit you like a ton of bricks. For instance, I have a gigantic fear of spiders now when I was never ever afraid of them before. I use to make fun of my younger brother and uncle because they are afraid of them and I picked up a spider, would throw it on them and laugh when they screamed like little girls and
215461 tn?1331866365 I have faith that your surgery will be a huge step in the right direction and will help with your physical symptoms a lot. That will, in turn help with the anxiety level. We're always here for you...don't feel alone. We may all be people on the internet, but we do really care. Come back, vent...ask questions...whatever you need to do. I promise there WILL be better days ahead for you. I know that seems impossible, but it WILL happen, it's just going to take some time.
Avatar n tn However, if you can't do this (whether for emotional or physical reasons), you may have vaginismus. That's an involuntary tightening of the muscles in your vagina, a physical response to anxiety. Check out, and if the symptoms resonate for you, you might pick up the book "Private Pain", by Katz and Tabisel. Treatment usually involves a combination of sex therapy and physical therapy.
Avatar n tn The underlying tension in your mind expresses itself in all the symptoms you described, its that tension you have to resolve to get rid of all of the symptoms and get your life back.
230890 tn?1197651614 GAD affects the way a person thinks, but the anxiety can lead to physical symptoms, as well.
Avatar f tn how do i approach a 9 year old boy who has behavioral symptoms of anxiety? what questions should i ask to get at the root of his behavior. i am his grandmother and in care of him. your recent answer to his nibbling on clothing and nail biting revealed that anxiety.
Avatar m tn Im a 28 yr old male and im curious if anyone has felt these symptoms before. Ive been dealing with anxiety for many years now and within the past couple of months I get a feeling like my heart isnt beating fast enough. I dont know if im holding my breath or what but when this happens if I breath more it seems to beat faster. Usually with anxiety I thought your heart rate rises but with me it seems to slow. Ive been to a cardio and had every test done and the only thing found was benign pvc's.
Avatar n tn Hello. I am a 22 year old male. I am in very good health (I think because I feel) but I have racing heart when I am at the doctor's office (140!) and a very high bp there as well, in fact the nurse got scared. But as soon as I left (left before seeing the doctor because I got too nervous) HR went down to around 64 (average for me) and BP down to 118-65 (average for me). Now on to the real concern for me. Since about 7-8 months, I've been feeling a strong heartbeat.
Avatar f tn Severe anxiety and panic attacks will trigger tachycardia and palpitations in those who, absent such anxiety, would not experience nor notice such symptoms. It will also lead to non-heart related chest pain. So the problem in some is anxiety and not caused by arrhythmias/heart problems per se. 2.
Avatar m tn If I wrote that I can't excersise or have pain in my chest and have weird pulse rate and palpitations when I do something stupid physical stuff like taking my shower it's because it's true and whatever what I will do or think and whatever the thoughts I have before and after, even if I try to think about something funny, even if I think about anything else than anxiety and symptoms, I have those ******* symptoms!!!
Avatar n tn Anything related to your heart can be very disconcerting. Anxiety only creates more problems. There is peace in knowing your anxiety symptoms are shared by others and you are not going crazy. My father has been almost incapacitated by his fear of cancer and heart attack. Head to you local library/bookstore or even a site like and find some books to help you.
1211508 tn?1343083205 Hi. I think I may be experience symptoms of hypoglycemia. I once felt this way in the fall of 2009 as well, but it eventually subsided. Let me start by saying I exercise regularly and am otherwise healthy (as far as I know). Very few diabetic in my family (my aunt had it but she was overweight for years). So til recently I've been able to eat anything. But I tend to eat fairly well. I could go hours without eating, then crush a huge meal and have no symptoms.
Avatar f tn Because Effexor does target serotonin, it can help with the symptoms of anxiety, but because the other neurotransmitter it targets is quite stimulating, on purpose, it's not a first choice anxiety drug.
1211508 tn?1343083205 Hi. I think I may be experience symptoms of hypoglycemia. I once felt this way in the fall of 2009 as well, but it eventually subsided. Let me start by saying I exercise regularly and am otherwise healthy (as far as I know). Very few diabetic in my family (my aunt had it but she was overweight for years). So til recently I've been able to eat anything. But I tend to eat fairly well. I could go hours without eating, then crush a huge meal and have no symptoms.
Avatar n tn I feel stressed alot and sometimes so badly that i wanna cry. Ive had problems with phobias and anxiety all my life altho im lots better now. Could all these things be connected? on the surface im an intelligent outgoing sociable woman, if a little weird but inside i feel all wrong! any idea what any of it is?
Avatar n tn Shortly after this, he began showing anxiety symptoms. If he knows that I am getting ready to leave the house, he begins whimpering and shivering. He has always responded to "go to bed" by happily getting into his crate and laying down without any problems. But since his "anxiety" started, he pants and whimpers in his crate as soon as my husband and I turn off our light to go to sleep. The only way to get him to stop and relax is to move his bed into our bedroom.
Avatar m tn Hi guys, i am new to medhelp and think its a great, anyway the reason that i am starting this thread is to discuss hiv related anxiety. i am aware that medhelp has a "anxiety section" but over the last 5 days i have read and re-read many posts from people whom are or have experienced/experiancing hiv anxiety so i thought this would be the best place to put this thread.
Avatar m tn I think my fear of contracting hiv at the dentist is very irrational considering my anxiety background...only one known case of transmission this way ever. I suppose it is just the symptoms which make the experience all the more real. Nice to see that today scientists managed to completely destroy HIV in infected blood through the use of RIT. As you can obsession has led to checking hiv news etc etc .
Avatar f tn When you look back, you see the signs it was coming but because most people have some anxiety and some phobias, when it breaks out full bore it is pretty jarring. In your case, because it's accompanied by this appetite thing, though, it does sound a bit different. I'm wondering if something traumatic happened just before this started?
Avatar f tn You have to see doc about the pain if you are worried, because I can't diagnose you. However if you look at other threads on this forum, you will see lots of people diagnosed with with severe anxiety that provide a list of "symptoms" that docs say are just anxiety related and are not diseases or conditions. In other words, for these people if they can get rid of the anxiety the pains will disappear.
Avatar n tn I have been diagnosed with GAD and health anxiety. Apparently the health anxiety is an OCD because of the constant worry and preoccupation of dying from a cardiovascular event and worrying about my blood pressure. I got a scare a few years back too, high blood pressure spikes and vertigo. I have a fear of dying and apparently is it normal when you are faced by a crisis because it really shakes you up and makes you come to terms with your own mortality.
Avatar f tn As to your med question, given what you say, if you want to try a med you might want to look into beta blockers -- they're specific for heart palps and are used for social anxiety and certain specific phobias sometimes, and are said to be easier to quit than benzos, which are addictive, and antidepressants, which may as well be considered addictive. If the gentler stuff doesn't work, the meds will still be there for later -- they aren't going anywhere. Good luck to you.
Avatar m tn Relax and take some deep breaths. Sounds like your feel anxiety about anxiety. Make an appointment to have a complete physical. You don't know what exactly is causing this. But there is medication for anxiety that can really help you. First go find out it's not something else. People don't normally feel this way. When you go to the ER they do tell you to see your doctor for follow up. What are you waiting for.
967168 tn?1477588089 Polymorphic Ventricular Tachycardia _____ Dryness of eyes and/or mouth - 2009 _____ Increased thirst - 2004 _____ Symptoms worsened by temperature changes - 2009 _____ Symptoms worsened by stress – 2004 _____ Swelling in feet, legs, hands & abdomen – off/on since 1997 – extreme in 2010 _____ Headache – dx - complex cluster migraines in my early 20’s (worsened 2010-2011) _____ Tender points or trigger points – 2004 _____ Muscle weakness – extreme 2009 _____ Paralysis or severe weakness of an