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Avatar n tn Spent the next day riddled with guilt (as this person was obviously not my gf), but pretty sure I wont have caught anything...paranoia kicked in when I saw what was I think irritated tasted buds at the tip of my tongue, went to the doctor - virtually no chance ive got something...not really convinced next day I woke up with sores at the sides of my tongue...panicked and went down to std specialist - throughly checked, probably stress, no signs of infection...
Avatar n tn You had protected everything genitally, so your genital symptoms are probably anxiety. The chances of you getting an oral std from giving a woman oral sex is really next to nil. You've had an std specialist tell you it was nothing - it doesn't get much better than that. If your symptoms persist, see your doctor. It could be too much acid from the cranberry juice causing sores in your mouth.
Avatar f tn yes to anxiety and yes to your symptoms I hear voices three of them you probably going to have to trust other men first before you are near them ok :)
Avatar m tn I even thought the depression I was having was because of HIV, then it went to MONO or LYME disease after reading more symptoms online. Stay off GOOGLE for symptoms and believe the tests. Hope my post helps someone else here suffering from the same condition. Best wishes and hang in there. Picturing positive things is key, remember it took your mind months to get here and it will take that long or longer to get back to your normal life.
Avatar n tn I have a family member that has extreme anxiety and paranoia -- this also leads to depression. He has had this problem for over 30 years. I would like to try to help him and understand what are some natural ways from him to address this problem. He has tried drugs (for four months) but believes they cause other side effects Some exactly of the problems he has. He is a US citizen but refuses to go back to his home country because he thinks that US will not let him back him.
Avatar n tn you have experienced in your stomach could all be due to anxiety, which you already know you have and which could be added to by your concern over your possible exposure. Your symptoms do not match up with the symptoms of early HIV infections very well at all.
Avatar m tn Well it is an odd example to be described as just a syptom of anxiety. Paranoia with anxiety to me would be the mind wondering are others talking about me. Do they know what is up with me. That sort of stuff. You are taking that one step further in my opinion. A wider scope of things your mind is wondering about. But your anxiety could be drug related. Or a fear of drugs. Fear of medication. Then I would say it is normal to have such thoughts with your anxiety. It is just another symptom.
Avatar f tn I have had some weird problems lately, I don't think any of them are linked together but I have severe anxiety so I am very paranoid. I had a problem where I had a constant urge to urinate, I was tested negative for UTI, but I drank a whole jug of cranberry juice and the next day I felt perfect.
Avatar n tn it is much more fear of being hurt or losing something or something bad happening to you, and that is much more an expression of anxiety than the paranoid form of anxiety. Remember, paranoia is only a special form of anxiety. Seeing a therapist and starting Buspar sounds like a good plan to me.
Avatar f tn I seen a doctor about the cysts and he didn't seem too confident in knowing what they were he said they could be glands or cysts but didn't really seem like herpes I also seen a doc about the eczema and she was happy it was that due to warm climate, sun from holiday etc does all that sound right ?
Avatar f tn Yes, I have felt this way, and I too was treated awful at the beginning of this, not believed, and passed off for crazy! I supose my 15 year history of being on SSRI's and anxiety meds didn't help me convince them!! LOL!!!! But I knew that I wasn't crazy, and I knew my own body and I knew that something was teribally wrong with me, so I just kept on pushing! I am still stuck between ADEM and MS, and I have no clue for how long, it has already been two years.
Avatar n tn Hi, Posting a question here as paranoia and anxiety regarding herpes is killing me. I am 24 years old and have been in a relationship for 4 years. I recently went away on a holiday with 3 other friends and got really drunk one night and had sex with a girl i met out there. I wore a condom so was protected. But i feel absolutely terrible and guilty as I've never done anything like this before.
Avatar m tn Transmission of rabies virus usually begins when infected saliva of a host is passed to an uninfected animal and the most common mode is through the bite and virus-containing saliva of an infected host. Indeed, not recalling what happened causes a great deal of anxiety. However, if it has been almost three weeks since (with no symptoms), then there is nothing to be worried about. Take care and regards.
Avatar n tn It's nice to find a forum like this that doesn't just list the same generic symptoms that throw everyone into anxiety attacks. Feel free to lambast me if you find my question/situation ridiculous. I could probably use it considering my current psychological state. Thanks!
Avatar n tn For 6-7 days I have noticed itching, burning, and sensations of rawness on my penis, but there have been no blisters. The symptoms seem to get worse when I think about it, but they still don't go away if I don't. I saw my doctor 3 days ago, who prescribed acyclovir 400mg x 3 daily and said to return if I got blisters. I have not noticed a significant change in symptoms since taking the medication. I'm noticing the rawness/sensitivity more versus the itching/burning last week.
Avatar m tn Thank you very much, just to let you know when i was narrating the encounter to my doc my pulse rate was very fast. It was like more than 100, and my doc was surprised. I said i am very anxious at the moment. Just one more thing, how long should we wait before taking swab test from urethra. As i was tested just after three days, it is not reliable enough to conclude something.
1269044 tn?1393193503 For him, I believe it is more the history of methamphetamine use that has caused this horrible paranoia. Now, I have had increased anxiety, and maybe even slight paranoia (thinking people are upset with me when they aren't, etc.but generally just more 'nervousness') since quitting opiates, but it is nothing compared to this guy. That kind of 'everyone's out to get me' and 'conspiracy/spy' paranoia seems to be very common with people on meth and even ex-methamphetamine users.
Avatar n tn Everyone feels a certain amount of guilt and paranoia after an incident like this. If you have an anxiety disorder, it just makes it worse. Use this as motivation to quit binge drinking in such large quantities. Tell yourself "I never want to be out of control again". This type of thing can help you if you use it correctly. If there was a horrific crime, I think you would have heard about it by now. After 20 drinks, I think that most people would be 3 sheets to the wind.
Avatar m tn Then he just gave me a urine alkalizer and said to come back after a few days if symptoms become worse. I couldn't resist and went to a urologist 5 days after that (all this while the symptoms were the same) although the sensation would completely disappear for hours and sometimes there wouldn't even be that little pinch on the left side before peeing.
Avatar n tn Now 4 months wart free and nearing that ever unattainable 6 month mark, I've succumbed to the paranoia and picking at the slightest bumps repeatedly. I'm also using Aldara and recently, I picked at three small bumps until they became irritated and bled or became very red and then slathered them with Aldara. One of these was visible to me, the others weren't (due to the angle).
Avatar f tn I feel the exact same way!! Once then paranoia sets in, I know I'm headed for a manic or psychotic episode. Luckily, my symptoms can be easily stopped with medication, but it sure is no fun while it is happening!
Avatar m tn I still might have a deadly disease and I'm scared so my anxiety for the past couple of months have been TERRIBLE! I swear I be thinking I have symptoms of stuff and I Google everything then get new symptoms.... It's ridiculous! I think the ecstasy had something to do with it since I already had slight anxiety and a little depression before. Idk I hope you feel better... We're in the same boat.
Avatar f tn All of the symptoms you mention are quite typical of anxiety disorder. They can be symptoms of other ailments as well therefore you should get a good physical exam and discuss all these symptoms with your doctor. Anxiety does some pretty frightening and unbelievable things to us. Our nervous systems are quite complex and when not operating properly it can effect us in countless ways. It is very treatable however if properly diagnosed by the right doctor.
Avatar m tn in your opinion are thes symptoms related to the stress and anxiety or hereps. should i follow up with another igg test. the reason i ask is me and my ex are trying to patch things up and i dont want to pass anything to her as i couldnt live with myself for having done that for a mistake on my part when we were on a break.