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Avatar n tn Yes, numbness and tingling are anxiety related. I get the numbness and tingling around my mouth and tongue at times, and sometimes in my hands. Go to and click on anxiety symptoms on the left of the homepage. It gives all symptoms of anxiety...Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn In transient ischemic attack too these kinds of symptoms are perceived by the patient. Anxiety is also associated and could be the cause.
1092880 tn?1273978625 I've been experiencing this numbness and tingling feeling off and on for the past week now. It always seems to start on my face. The cheek or chin/jaw. Very slowly, it starts to creep in to the arm as well. My face feels like it is drooping when it isn't. I can even feel a slight pressure and tingling on that side of my head as well and also, feels like there is something in my eye. Then, slowly starts to creep to my leg, all on the right side.
Avatar f tn My doctor thinks I have anxiety,because of all the test I have done is everything normal , but I have this numbness on my left chin that come and goes. Is this part of anxiety symptoms.
Avatar n tn Late stages, perhaps. Not early. Tingling of the hands and feet is a very common anxiety symptom. Or the symptom of perhaps a hundred other things.
Avatar n tn Your symptoms do sound like symptoms of anxiety. I have experienced tingling sensations on the side of my head, hands, and face at times. Not numbness though. However, there are lots of people on this site who have written similar symptoms as you.
Avatar n tn I am experiencing mild tingling on the head of my penis, I am nervous that I may have been exposed to herpes. I have been experiencing the tingling and mild numbness for about 3 days. I do not experience any pain while urinating. If I am going to develop blisters, should I already have? If not how many days will thing sensation go on before I see ulcers or blisters? Do you think this is herpes? Am I overreacting?
Avatar f tn Even when I have my shirt off. I do suffer from anxiety and take .5mg as needed. Are my symptoms something I should be really worried about?
Avatar n tn My primary care provider seems to think that it is anxiety and put me on anxiety medication but the symptoms have not subsided, in fact they have increased with the tingling and aches. My surgeon does not think the numbness has to do with the growth in the neck. Could this be stress related, side-effects from the CT Scan (I had an allergic reaction to the iodine contrast), or possibly a thyroid conditions?
Avatar f tn I read in this forum about a girl who has had tingling and numbness like mines and who is paralyzed now. The worse is that the doctors here dont know what to do and I am alone.
458072 tn?1291418786 I have tingling and numbness in my hands and feet since i diagnosed Hypothyroid because of autoimmunity . I feel better when my TSH level is around 1.0-1.5 . Recently also discover i am low in vitamin D (23) which is low , started taking 4000IU for last 1 month my level is now 37 (D2=12, D3=25) . I can tell you honestly i feel lot better , very less muscles pain /less joint pain , almost no tingling/very less numbness .
Avatar m tn Is this an every day thing? it could be signs of a mini stroke. It could also be panic attacks. I've suffered from panic attacks, and they can cause numbness, heavy breathing and tingling. See a doctor about it, they will probably offer some tests. When I had similar symptoms, they gave me a CT scan and discovered everything was normal. I was later diagnosed with panic disorder.
Avatar m tn Hello, I have been experiencing numbness in my upper arm that sometimes goes down to my hand but is mild and also occasional tingling and numbness in my leg that comes and goes? Any ideas on what could cause this, I have been to my doctor and he did a quick neurological exam to check balance and such which was fine and thought maybe all this was from postpartum anxiety. Please help!
Avatar n tn I tend not to ask for Reassurance, but here goes.. I SO want to believe that the tingling/numbness Insight feet is anxiety, but Dr Google got In the way. Went through a year of major major anxiety and now finally settling down, but for these dang feet. So, sensations started up several months into this miserable spiral and haven't let up, 10 months later. Blood tests show nothing wrong. Next is neurologist.
Avatar n tn but then i decieded to check my meds on the net because i had not had these symptoms b4 and it turns out it does casue tingling/numbness... but i diddnt find this on every site becasue it wasnt a major symptom or common.
Avatar f tn However, according to the infectious disease doctor I have been seeing for Lymes, the recent symptoms I have are not demylination type symptoms (so not MS). My symptoms are that this spring, I had tingling and numbness in the exact same spot on my hands - on the palms - and on the bottoms for both feet. I have been through numerous tests and to several doctors. I am still waiting as patiently as possible and simply want to know what the possibilities are.
Avatar m tn I do recall getting sicking sometime after having unprotected sex, but I can't exactly remember when. In May however I developed a numbness in my right foot and some tingling in my right hand. My doctor said it was an irritated vein. This is the symptom that absolutely freaks me out the most!!!!!!! Other than that, I've woken up a few times with a slight bit of oral thrush in my mouth. Again, I never gave much thought to this until reading the symptoms on Friday.
Avatar n tn However I will try to provide you with some useful information. It is difficult to say what the etiology of your symptoms is. One sided symptoms can be worrisome. They can be associated with stroke or multiple sclerosis. These would best be excluded by an MRI. However, less worrisome causes can produce one sided/limb symptoms such as peripheral nerve injury or anxiety. I agree you should have an MRI of the brain and cervical cord if the brain is unremarkable.
Avatar f tn Hi, Thank you for your question. Most likely your symptoms could be due to anxiety, injury to a nerve, pressure on spinal or peripheral nerves (neuropathy), vitamin deficiency, lack of blood supply due to cholesterol plaque from atherosclerosis in the extremities, viral infection and use of certain medications. In addition, atherosclerosis can also cause pain, numbness, and tingling while walking and they can also reduce blood supply and lead to numbness.
Avatar f tn I don't think you are going crazy and this is NOT any anxiety; definitely a Neuro problem. Hopefully you will get some answers from the MRI. Was the birth vaginal or a c-section?
Avatar m tn I am 32 years old and in pretty good shape . I have been having tingling and numbness in my left cheek and eye, left arm and hand, left shoulder blade and left leg and foot. The doctors have only done basic check ups on me. The minute they find out I have anxiety problems, they write it off due to that. I know my body and I feel that there is something wrong because it will not go away. Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn but over the last year i have been experiencing some slight tingling/numbness in the face, down the arm, either leg, etc. it goes away. my big toe, and occasionaly either of my thumbs have gotten a slight numb feeling that goes away. I have finally had so much anxiety about this that i made an appointment with a neurologist... The fear of going before, and hearing i have some sort of MS or worse, has prevented me from doing so.
Avatar f tn Over the past year, I have been experiencing periods where my left side of my face will become numb and tingly similar to when you get a novacaine shot at the dentist. Also my ear feels like there is something in there that is affecting my hearing.I had my sinuses checked and my ENT said they were fine. Recently the symptons have started to come more frequently. The new sympton is the tip of my nose gets really cold and sometimes my ear.
Avatar n tn It was mostly mild until now. This past month, the tingling and numbness has been severe. My arm goes numb almost every night (lying on it) and wakes me up. In general, my arms now "fall asleep" very easily, after leaning on it for only a few minutes! My leg now goes numb during/after jogging.
Avatar n tn Hi, My fiance has been experiencing numbness and tingling in his hands and feet. I am posting in this forum because he has a large family history related to arthritis, and because I have no Idea what the cause is. I hope you can help me put some ideas together what they may be from. My fiance is 24 years old he a healthy weight, doesn't smoke, doesn't excessively drink and does not use drugs.
1094370 tn?1317138425 Carrie, Perimenpause can cause a lot of very wierd symptoms . For me it includes anxiety, tingling, numbness, muscle pain and twitching as well as tachycarida, heart palps, insomnia, internal vibrations, nausea at times,the list goes on and on... It is great idea to have your hormones checked by and expert in the area of antiaging dr or gyn hormone specialist. If you are estrogen dominant ( as I was) and given estrogen it makes your issues much worse.
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm a 20 y/o female, I have a slight tingling/numbness on the left side of my face and recently my arm a little. I'm scared this could be brain damage... Over the past few years I've alternated between a normal weight, and getting quite thin for certain periods, maybe below 7st 7lbs (I'm between 5"6-7). I've had food problems on/off since about 14, at one point my period stopped for around 8 months because I was underweight, I never saw anyone about it. I gained weight later on though.