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Avatar m tn does anyone ever get some left arm pain with anxiety? when i get real stressed my arm will start bothering me. I have had a check up on my heart and everything is fine on that just curious if anyone else has had problems?
Avatar n tn My chronic daily anxiety gives me pain from my left shoulder down my left arm, and from my left hip down to my left foot. When it really flares up, it's like I can't feel my foot and as a result, don't walk right. Then, once my anxiety level lowers, the symptoms subside. Anyone have any suggestions?
580667 tn?1234584552 I'm having symptoms of feeling like my head is heavy (almost as if my neck cannot support it) and my left arm feeling heavy (almost as if it's being weighed down by something). I can't help but think these symptoms are stemming from something other than my anxiety--something more serious. They make me feel really uneasy and I start to obsess over every pain/discomfort I have during the day. Is this typical of an anxiety disorder? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!!
Avatar n tn My fiancé is experiencing left arm & neck pain as well as feeling hot & dizzy does anyone know if these symptoms could be associated with the fact that he has anxiety?
Avatar f tn chest tightness and sharp stabbing pains mainly on the left, achey and tingly and numb left arm, headaches, back aches, heart palps, poor sleep, extreme fear of my heart, blurred vision, cold sweats and an extremely cold left hand and feet.These symptoms are sending me over the edge with worry!! I've had 4 ECG's and about 5 check ups with my GP and they claim my heart is fine… I've got blood tests and an X-ray next week. Is this just anxiety?
Avatar f tn I have anxiety and with my anxitey i get all these wierd symptoms including the feeling of having a heart attack. I have been to my doctors were they did some test on me. i came out fine in all areas. but iam noticing that i am feeling new symptoms and i want to know if anyone has experienced these before : numbness of only one side of face ears feel like they are clogged headaches left arm hurts and feels sore my chest feels sore too and also a burning sensation in my face.
Avatar n tn When I get anxious or mad or upset, my left arm and left leg ache and get really tight. Does this indicate a problem in my spine or mind? And, is there anything that I can do about it?
Avatar f tn Anxiety can lead to a number of psychomotor symptoms and may or may not be the cause of your symptoms. Your description of the pain worsening when you push on it would suggest more of a musculoskeletal etiology. However, like you said, it is impossible to make an accurate diagnosis over the internet. However, having a negative cardiac work-up in the past is more reassuring that if these symptoms were experienced previously were not cardiac in origin.
7251241 tn?1389567812 I get pins and needles in my left arm everyday, it started at the wrist and over 12 months it has spread up my arm. Ive had 2 X ECK, 2 x rays and bloods in ER and my doctor order some and everything is coming back normal. What could be causing this? I do have neck stiffness everyday and finding it increasingly hard to raise my shoulder. Doctors have said it isn't heart related as it would of happened by now.....
Avatar n tn I know that I do have a lot of the anxiety symptoms and I tend to worry about health stuff but I have never heard of related stress problems being on one side of the body. I also get a goosebump feeling on the same side as the other symptoms. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.
Avatar f tn I have anything from headaches, to muscle aches, difficulty breathing and swallowing, pins and needles in my left arm and leg (not from hyperventilatng though) etc? I have read quite a lot about anxiety, panic attacks, etc, and I still have a hard time accepting the fact that this is whatis wrong with me, but I also know I am facing quite a challenge in terms of overcoming tese symptoms which are quite possibly in myhead.
Avatar f tn That must be terrifying in the time you are having these symptoms. I do think that these are things that can be symptoms of anxiety and am sorry you are having them. Let me ask you, since medical professionals twice have told you this is likely linked to anxiety, have you followed up with that? Is seeking treatment for anxiety something you'd consider? Anxiety IS treatable! The best combination is talk therapy and medication added to help someone overcome the anxiety.
Avatar f tn Hi I'm 23 years old female Ive been suffering from anxiety from last past year My main concern is my heart...n since last 3 days I m suffering from left arm pain n OFTen not all d time goes in to top of my left breast I ve been to ER so many times had ECG done n one ECG with cardiologist and had echocardiogram but vent had d result yet, the doc Gave me some date in july to show me the result n check up? I'm getting so scare of this pain Its constant n very sharp...
Avatar m tn anyone ever have their left arm go numb or hurt a bit when stressed or having anxiety?
Avatar m tn For the last few months I have been having a slight amount of pain in left arm (which I believe is related to stress), in my upper back under the shoulder blade and strange but not painful feelings in my chest near my sternum on the left right side. I have anxiety/panic attacks slightly and do concern myself with every pain that I experience and my fears do consume me.
1167342 tn?1265468084 I thought I would share my experience, which is similar to yours. I'm a 54 Y/O male. I suffer from anxiety and it has manifested as left arm pain for many years. I also have CAD. My father died of an MI at 62 and my older brother has had triple CABG, so there's family history. Frankly, I don't believe the answer is as cut and dried as suggested by the first response. Some points to ponder: 1. One can be anxious AND have coronary artery disease. I do. My father did. My brother does. 2.
Avatar n tn When I was very stressed ( a really traumatic event was happening in my life and I tried to minimize it and so the stress was building up because I wasn't dealing with it) I got really sick with stress and anxiety and then depression followed.
Avatar m tn My symptoms include constant pain in left shoulder blade like there is something stuck under the shoulderblade, numbness in left arm, cramping in left chest sometimes, pain in left armpit. it's scary It has caused me to get several tests ran including many EKGS, BP checks, stress tests, etc. All of these tests indicate that I have a healthy heart. I have had doctor after doctor after doctor tell me that it's not my heart causing this problem. What else can it be?
Avatar f tn I get this weird pain in my upper left arm...most times it feels like a tight muscle or pinch or squeeze, sometimes I get a burning sensation or tingling, but I basically always feel it. It doesn't 'hurt', but it is very uncomfortable and bothersome...I always think there is something majorly wrong with me, and overthinking the arm pain gives me anxiety! And that doesn't help, cause then I feel it more! It's a vicious cycle.
Avatar n tn Hyperventilating from anxiety or muscle pain from injury or spasm. But it should be checked out anyway as if it is heart related it should be investigated. Good luck to you or whoever.
Avatar n tn An achy left arm and numbness in my hand were my symptoms. Because of a family history of heart problems, the Dr. ordered a nuclear stress test which indicated a possible blockage. A cath confirmed and I was in for bypass surgery the next day. I was 47 at the time, a smoker, and a heart attack waiting to happen according to the Cardiologist. You should have it checked out.
Avatar f tn Hi. I'm a 30-year-old woman. My left arm/hand suddenly started shaking about a month ago. It would come and go with occasional pain in the left arm around the elbow. The tremor comes usually when I'm doing something -- like working on the computer. My right arm is fine. I haven't had any serious disease before. I've had shaky hands before temporarily when I felt really hungry or had a lot of coffee, but nothing like this.
Avatar f tn By the time I was done, an itch in my left toes had transformed into full numbness in my left arm, numbness in the left side of my lower lip, sharps pains in my left leg, etc. etc. We are tricking ourselves into having this symptoms because we are looking for them! A "normal" person would have shrugged it off as an itchy toe, but we end up in the E.R. because we just can't leave it at that. We think there has to be some fatal root cause for the "itchy toe".
Avatar f tn I still wasn't happy so now I have a sonogram on December 18th. Here are my symptoms. Left arm aching pain and tingly, this started yesterday. I have been laying odly on my left on my bed so that may be causing that. Some chest discomfort, worse when I panic. Headaches. Pounding heart Worrying. I'm always worrying if I'm having a heart attack. Throat gets tight as well. I'm never been diagnosed with any heart problems nor have I ever had a heart attack.
Avatar n tn Anxiety can cause all kinds of numbness specialy on your left side hand,arm,fingers the last two, leg one side of your face it can be all from anxiety you're not having a stroke you'll be fine exercise is important.
Avatar n tn it can be all related to anxiety,and the fact you are stressed could delay your period,try to calm down,if you havent had your period in the next couple of days go to the doctors and do a sample,also explain about you arm and leg,try not to let these symptoms get to you coz anxiety is not a nice thing to deal with,get your issues sorted now so you can get back to a normal way of thinking.
Avatar n tn A radiculopathy is caused by compression of a nerve root as it exits the spinal column, which causes pain/numbness/tingling in the distribution of the nerve affected and eventually weakness/atrophy if long standing or severe. The mostly sensory symptoms that you have in your arm is consitent with a C5/C6 lesion (the index finger is supplied by the radial nerve with nerve roots in the C5/C6 roots), and the purely sensory sensation in your foot is also consistent with L5/S1 radiculopathy.
Avatar m tn Growing pressure in left chest that travelled down left arm causing numbness Cramping pain in left shoulder that radiated to left elbow Tight, stabbing pain in the upper left chest Numb lips Extremely warm without sweating Pounding and racing chest My baseline blood pressure was 156/89. My peak exercise blood pressure was 172/79. Cardiomediastinal silhouette is within normal limits. Trachea is midline. Pleural space are clear. Bones are unremarkable. Lungs are clear.
2003325 tn?1327583828 i m dealing with anxiety past 10 years now before 2 days i felt my left arm hand and shoulder numbness but my heart medical test and my cat scan, E E G also clear. so whats wrong with me. please tell me anyone. i m worried. not feel all the day numbness but some time in the day and feel also vomiting.
Avatar m tn About a week or so after that I ended up in the emergency room with chest pain and a numb feeling in my left arm and pins and needles in my left hand and a numbess in my left cheek. In which I went through all the same tests and was told I was ok and that I had anxiety, I went to the doctors after that and got a referral to see a Neurologist, in where I got a MRI done on my brain and neck to see if there was anything going on up there, but again the test came back clear.