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1118884 tn?1338596450 Actual pain in the face or Jaw isn't normally a sign of anxiety. Although you say you wake with this pain in your jaw, is there a chance that while your asleep you are clenching your teeth together? as this would sure make your jaw muscles sore. But it wouldn't cause swollen glands. Maybe you have an infection of somekind that is causing all ur symptoms.....???
Avatar n tn Is one of the symptoms of an anxiety disorder a nervous chest? I constantly get butterflies in my stomach and chest, I have had heart tests and everything is fine. I am on Paxil 20 mg that cleared up the insomnia, crying spells, trouble swallowing na d dizziness (for the most part). It is my busy season at work and I am getting the chest nervousness and discomfort as well as neck aches. Is this common with anxiety? Even though I am on 20 mg Paxil? Thanks.
Avatar m tn Yes, anxiety can cause all sorts of symptoms. Stomach problems are high on the list and so are muscles aches. If we think about these symptoms they can feel worse because we do have anxiety. Hopefully the endoscopy will give you some answers as to what's going on with your stomach. If it is GERD that can cause the weird feelings in your throat.
Avatar m tn Hi! Are you currently taking any medication for your anxiety? I'm curious because I am having a time with my jaw being really tight and having pain and soreness! I am on 75 mg of Zoloft and I don't recall it starting until I started on medication, but I know clenching in general from anxiety or from anti-depressants can cause clenching of teeth, which can cause the jaw pain. I also have the exact same thing with my arms. I have, too, been afraid of it being heart related.
Avatar f tn and then I diagnose myself with 100 different diseases bc I cant believe the symptoms can really be i also have anxiety about my health!
Avatar f tn Does anyone else get this weird feeling in the chest, have had 2 exrays done and about 5 ecgs done one 24 hour monitor all the bloodworks done everything comes back normal I,m so fed up i feel like i've a ballon in my chest but that sensation makes it worse along with the left side of my face feeling numb and tingly and i get this bout of sour taste in my mouth at time when my face and bottom left jaw ache mildly doc says it's all in my head please anyone help.thanks.
1969702 tn?1325741516 I am due to get a gastroscopy and Colonoscopy and will see a Neurologist in the next few months, The issue I have with being told i have anxiety, is that the symptoms regular and un like Anxiety where it comes and goes, mine stays. I've even started to go to church and my Pasture thinks I may need God ??
Avatar n tn While walking on my treadmill the other day after almost an hour, I experienced a "popping or clicking" sensation around my jaw. I also felt dizzy, nausaus and my heart rate started to elevate a bit. I immediately slowed the speed down and the heart rate immediately started to go down. As usual, I checked my blood pressure after the work out and it seemed to be normal (105/58). My blood pressure has pretty much been normal.
901807 tn?1287019388 I had a terrible time back in Feb-April of 2010 with weird symptoms, dizziness, anxiety, forgetfulness, brian fog, twitching, jaw pain, slurrred speech, etc, etc. I had dozens of tests, including a lyme ELISA test...all normal. I was told it was stress, that I had a somatization disorder, and told to go on Prozac and seek therapy. I"m only 35! I then found another doctor who happened to be an ILADS trained LLMD (Lyme Literate MD).
Avatar n tn Question #1:If angina presents as jaw pain with no chest pain, what, typically, is the nature of the pain? Diffuse? One-sided? Squeezing? Including the neck too? I have a mild discomfort only in one particular quarter size area of my jaw, just to the left of my chin that comes and goes. It can last a few minutes or a couple hours. Exertion does seem to bring it on, but I also sometimes have it at rest with a heart rate about 75.
Avatar f tn I have been diagnoised with anxiety/panic attack for 12 years now. Got a lot better for a couple years and then came back. I swear I have every sympton known to man but I recently starting having chattering of my mouth, not real bad but can notice it and its annoying. My friend that is a nurse said that it can be from stress. If I knew that it was nothing to worry about then I would be ok. I started taking Lexapro in November. Anyone else had this sympton?
Avatar f tn All anxiety symptoms. Have you tried xanax? Your body is reacting to stress, If you dont want to try meds, you will need to learn to calm yourself down. I know its easier said than done, but you have to train yourself to get through the actual panic or worry. You are so young, and shouldnt have to live like this. So many people suffer from it, but dont talk about it. This is a perfect place for you to see other people are exactly the same. Good Luck & feel better.
1969702 tn?1325741516 I am due to get a gastroscopy and Colonoscopy and will see a Neurologist in the next few months, The issue I have with being told i have anxiety, is that the symptoms regular and un like Anxiety where it comes and goes, mine stays. I've even started to go to church and my Pasture thinks I may need God ??
Avatar f tn Ive illness phobia.So I used to be worry in simple harm. If I suffer from headache. I think it is because of brain tumer. If I suffer from abdominal pain I think it was because of ulcer. If there will be muscle pain I think its blood clot. Anxiety is ruling over my mind. Im not myself now. Watching my condition and my behavior Im depressed. I feel guilty. Why do i google and trust too much. Why do I didnt find such site at first.mess with my life. My poor decision making and worry kills me.
Avatar n tn Alright, so pretty much everyday I have tightness in my jaw, pain and tightness in my left shoulder blade that runs down my left arm, occassional chest pain, occassional heart palpitations (feels like my heart is skipping a beat), nausea and shortness of breath. I am always really nervous that something terrible will happen such as my heart will stop beating and/or I will have a heart attack. All of this started the day after I was involved in a bad car accident.
358304 tn?1409713092 Also can wisdom teeth impact your neck by your jaw and ear? or below your jaw by your lymph node? I dont have any tooth aches or tooth pain... but I do have all 4 of my wisdom teeth pretty much in.
20467483 tn?1498601854 Can anxiety really display heart attack symptoms, pain all over the body, jaw included and such. And I read that when you have anxiety your brain focuses on small pains that you normally wouldn't notice and you overexagurate then in a way. Thanks for reading this if you did I am really new to this whole thing and I just feel like I need answers and help othewise I wont get anywhere. I have this constant dread of death over me and it's honestly ruining my life atm.
Avatar f tn Hi every thing you are experiencing are classic signs of anxiety,most of us if not all have had these symptoms that you are suffering at the mo. the aimis to try to deal with these feelings,and try not to over analyse them because that will make you feel ten times worse,try going out for a walk or do a crossword,when you feel anxious,go see a friend,anything that will you help you forget you symptoms.
Avatar m tn Have been under immense amount of stress and anxiety since middle of october and symptoms are freaking me out, please advise.
186166 tn?1385262982 Body (anxiety symptoms commonly associated with the body in general): Allergy problems, increase in allergies (number, sensitivity, reactions, lengthier reactions) Back pain, stiffness, tension, pressure, soreness, spasms, immobility in the back or back muscles Blanching (looking pale, loss of color in the face or skin) Blushing, turning red, flushed face, flushed skin, blushing, red face or skin Body aches, parts of or your entire body feels sore and achy, feels like your body and muscle
Avatar f tn Have you had anxiety issues in the past? Are you currently under a lot of stress? Anxiety and panic can cause all sorts of symptoms which can be scary and confusing in the beginning, but it can be dealt with quite effectively in my opinion.
Avatar m tn The amount of testing i have been through would have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars had I not had insurance. The symptoms are, left chest pain, left arm pain, left jaw pain, sometimes left temporal pain, always at rest, sometimes when asleep, and never during stressful situations.. The problem is that i thought fibromyalgia affected several parts of the body, and not a small area confined to the left chest/neck/arm area exclusively.
Avatar m tn Recognizing that the symptoms that you are experiencing are due to anxiety rather than HIV is a first step in getting better. Below is a list of common symptoms of anxiety. More detailed information can be found in the link to the source page:
Avatar m tn Hello, my symptoms are as follows, Dry Mouth(especially early in the morning) but definitely producing significantly less saliva than usual, maybe 40 to 50 percent less for last 6 weeks. White Coating on tongueTongue tie, not sure whether it is thrush or not for 5 weeks. Ranula cyst on floor of the mouth. And palpable tender submandibular on right side of jaw for last week.
Avatar m tn I feel the jaw pain all over my jaw like underneath my chin, not just by the joint.
Avatar f tn Ok i woke up this morning i recieved bad news my son was in a accident he is ok,but im having anxiety and jaw pain and shoulder pain makes me think im having a heart attack I also stopped 10 mg of celexa 2 days ago after being on it 14 days............and im on ativan....will bad anxiety cause odd pains and wierd feelings?