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Avatar f tn Anyone else get like a hot flash on your face? ! My face randomly gets warm. I'm 37 weeks just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if there's anything to be worried about? ! My bp was fine today.
Avatar f tn I have never had hot flashes. If it is a hot flash, I read that anti-depressants can trigger hotflashes on one article but then on others I read they help with hot flashes. Was this a hot flash? I know for sure whatever it is , it came from the Lexapro.
Avatar f tn I finally figured out the source of my anxiety - hormonal fluctuations. My anxiety was always followed by a hot flash. The more intense the feeling of anxiety - which is that physical feeling in the lower chest area - the more intense the hot flash. Sometimes it feels like the incidents come rapidly, one after the other. Sometimes it's only every so often. I just have to remind myself that it is a hormone issue, but it can be exhausting.
Avatar m tn I think the waiting for the results will make the situation worse for me as I say there was little to no risk etc and hardly any real symptoms apart from the ones I was making up in my head and trying to find the anxiety I suspect magnifying them.
Avatar n tn Likewise, is there also a possibility of menopausal condition at the age of 42? Based on my researches, when hot flash occurs, it is usually felt all over the body and usually comes to women above 50. Also, how frequent hot flashes attack?
Avatar f tn I seem to get strong hot flashes early in the afternoon and I stay hot until early evening. It isn't a flash, it's a constant thing. Does anyone have anything similar to this or any advise? It's kind of embarrassing at work. Thank you!
Avatar f tn I have also had some lightheadedness just prior to a hot flash. Also had my heart race until it subsides. I'd be willing to bet that your menopausal hot flashes and your anxiety/panic disorder are going hand in hand.
Avatar m tn ve had a few anxiety attacks that kind of felt like a hot flash, then a feeling of being unsure.... Stress can certainly cause anxiety, I'd guess. Sure did with me... Go see the doc and put the worries to bed.
Avatar m tn just curious if masturbation can cause lower abdomen discomfort and like a hot flash in your chest and legs? ive experienced this only 1 time.
Avatar f tn Thanks for the answer i actually had panic attacks 4 months ago with palpitations, but now i only have hot flashes no fast heart rate etc. Also im 21 years old and its bad for my health anxiety one more symptom in the basket. I hope its just the psycological torture gone physical and its not sth nasty.
2090601 tn?1334515062 Taking a Tylenol did not have an effect on the heat I feel in my head or the sounds I get in my ears. I don't get a full body hot flash or sweat, it is really just my face, scalp & the back of my head. Even my husband feels the heat (which is amazing since he tends to downplay stuff like that so I don't freak out). I have taken my vitals a couple of times when this happened since I wondered if it could be related to blood pressure. It doesn't seem to be.
Avatar f tn feeling on the bottoms of my feet, sometimes following a hot flash and my feet also become cold and clammy. Sometimes get this feeling in my hands and also a little on my tongue and the roof of my mouth. When I get the "pins and needles" on my tongue it really freaks me out. I have also been experiencing some anxiety and when I get this feeling on my tongue I start to think my throat is going to close up and I will stop breathing or something. I'm in tears almost everyday.
Avatar f tn closed throat, fast heart beat, anxiety, ongoing hot flash, waking up at night by twitching, restless leg syndrome, weak knees, blurred vision vertigo, no appetite, ongoing hot flash, confusion, nausea, and trouble breathing.
Avatar f tn ve been told never to do but I did each time I would I would get this anxious feel that would take over and it seem like another symptom would happen Ive had burning sensation like a hot flash feel over my body numbness in hands a chill and hot spell that would happen that would really freak me out this had been going on since the beginning of October and has since lasted I have a major fear of it being worst then herpes even tho I been tested its still been a thought that I have been able to ge
Avatar m tn Was on 2mg Klonzapam for Anxiety for six years and stopped cold turkey four months ago with very little if any withdrawal symptoms 14. Last two months have not left house due to fatigue. 15. Insomnia. 16. Hot Flashes so hard that my heart feels heavy, drenching clothing eight plus times a day, four to five during the night ( my husband thinks I am trying to make snow in the home). 17. Sore neck, joints, bones. 18. Swollen abdomin, eating anymore than two cups of food is painful. 19.
Avatar f tn t get it. 2 nights ago I had a hot flash on the COUCH, in the middle of the day. I also began experiencing anxiety and dizziness and lightheadedness. I went to the doctor yesterday, and he suggested I was dehydrated (which I didn't argue with, I did just return from a HOT 10 days off work, def drank less water and more booze than normal), then LAST NIGHT I pretty much had one giant hot flash, and more dizziness. I did call doc back again and waiting to hear what he says.
Avatar n tn by the way me and my sister have been researching for the symptoms of hot flast, and the symptoms for it do not restrict the hot/burning feeling at the back of the body alone. although she is already 42, hot flashes include sweating after feeling so hot all over the body which oftens times is followed by chilling. We and our friends are wondering why it is concentrated only at her back and the feeling is like my sister is exposed to a burning fire.
Avatar m tn I have been on HRT (cream) for five months & I am STILL getting hotflashes. Doc has upped dosage but . . . .what is going on? She gave me oral hrt, but two days on that, I was an emotional weepy mess. This journey started 5 yrs. ago & I really want a full night's sleep without a flash. I'm 55, healthy, active, yoga, dance, hike, eat smart. Tried Black Cohosh, Motherwort tincture & every naturopathic remedy/idea there is. Help!
Avatar n tn 00 in the morning because I just woke up to what I guess was an anxiety attack/hot flash. The weird thing is is that since I started having anxiety issues about a month ago I never had one like this. My face became really hot and sweaty (not sure if it was red or not because it was dark) and obviously I became quite scared and panicky. This all lasted about a good 10-15 minutes then subsided.
487689 tn?1234079834 Your symptoms point a lot toward anxiety. I, too, have bad anxiety, and I will get hot flash feeling that starts at my feet and works its way up to your face, it is horrendous, I liken it to if you where on a plane and the pilot said to get ready for an emergency landing. I get the palps, fast heart rate, light headedness, and elevated blood pressure, usually mine is low, but, let me get anxious and up it goes. Like I said, all your symptoms point to anxiety.
Avatar f tn Your hypothalamus if it senses your body is too hot, will send the hot flash to cool you down (the sweating and whatnot that happens with it). However, there could be other things involved such as hypertension, diabetes and anxiety. When is the last time you had a physical?
581954 tn?1223391496 m on my 5th day of lexapro and have experienced hot flashes or what I think a hot flash is. It starts with sharp pains in my heart and then I will get a burning hot sensation across my whole body, kinda like a big heart beat. I have never experienced this before and kind of concerned. This has happened about 3 to 4 times today. I'm hoping this is a side effect or Anxiety??