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Avatar n tn What ECN said. Fatigue is a symptom of anxiety, when my anxiety gets going I feel run down all the time.
Avatar m tn It could be a combination of anxiety and mono. But yes, these symptoms are very common. Anxiety can also make these things seem worse than they actually are because a person will constantly think about how bad they feel. If it gets too unbearable then you should see a counsellor of some sort to talk about the underlying issue.
Avatar f tn Hi, you have not mentioned why you are experiencing fatigue? The symptoms you experienced could be due to a prodromal phase of an infection, before the actual signs are evident. They could also be due some metabolic disorders like diabetes mellitus or thyroid disorders. Sometimes anxiety or stress can cause similar effects. Only a consultation with your primary care physician can help diagnose. Take care. Regards.
968560 tn?1307455098 Sometimes fatigue is just fatigue. You mentioned panic attacks but nothing about depression.
Avatar f tn Magnesium supplements are helpful, or a nice warm bath with Epsom salts (which are magnesium, absorbed through the skin) can be VERY helpful. Don't. Worry. (but I know that anxiety and worry are symptoms of Lyme ... it's a biochemical side effect of the infection. some have it worse than others; I never felt any worse on treatment than I did before treatment, and I'm a real lightweight when it comes to reactions.) Don't. Worry.
Avatar n tn the other symptoms sound as if they are all stress related. whether it be a form of anxiety or possibly mild depression. after having kids, our bodies can change so much (hormonally) from having different periods to hormonal imbalances causing all kinds of various symptoms (such as the ones you described).
Avatar m tn I believe I'm still healing in a sense after being off for 2 years. Anxiety is Adrenaline. Simple. Symptoms we feel are effects of Adrenaline. Simple. Once we acknowledge these symptoms, these feelings... and just FLOAT with them... LET TIME PASS... They will end. They have to. :) FACE, ACCEPT, FLOAT, LET TIME PASS. It's simple. If you do this, you will recover. Even without meds. It may be uncomfortable, but it will pass eventually. I suffered for 7 or 8 days SOLID.
Avatar n tn It could be your anxiety or your medication, contact you doctor and let him know how you are feeling. Take care.
Avatar m tn Does anybody else get fatigue with their anxiety? My typical pattern is for really bad anxiety first thing in the morning, which lessens as the day goes on. But this is often replaced with extreme fatigue and drowsiness. I think the two are connected in some way, as I was far less drowsy when I took lorazepam first thing in the morning for a few months last year. Although I go through periods of poor sleep, the drowsiness can be there even after a good nights sleep.
Avatar n tn Hey there, The fact that you so freaked out is a good sign that your feelings are symptoms of anxiety. Plus, anxiety and fatigue often go hand in hand. that's why so many people with anxiety also describe mild depression. Lung cancer? Unlikely. Hypochondria. Probably. Check out this link: I think it will sound familiar!
206710 tn?1269316459 there is no question that high anxiety, and prolonged worry and anxiety, can cause fatigue. Your doctor might be more willing to prescribe klonopin, which is like xanax, but longer lasting and less addictive... Ask her re that, and do what you need to do to get your perspective are lost in the interior of your mind which creates all sorts of scary scenarios...get back to your basic reality where perspective exists....and deal with whatever it is you have to do, or accept.
Avatar m tn If you're suffering with anxiety because you think that you are getting too much adrenalin, which is anxiety in itself, you can find ways to balance the amount of cortisol you are getting to a more balanced adrenalin release. I too, thought I was getting too much adrenalin, as I was so anxious and in fight or flight mode all day long.
Avatar f tn Not ruling out anxiety. But thinking maybe Chronic Fatigue? Not sure if you could look up the symptoms of that anywhere. They are a bit similar. Did read somewhere that calcium, for about 3 or 4 days, can stop the twitching. No idea if this is true or not. As it is not a problem I have myself. Others might have better knowledge on this matter. I am just the first to see it. So wait a few hours and you might get better answers.
Avatar f tn Sometimes anxiety can lead to physical symptoms for sure. Sometimes people have health anxiety and begin to feel and notice all sorts of things in their body. This is common, I've noticed, with heart health anxiety and infectious disease anxiety such as HIV.
Avatar f tn ( BTW this Doctor refused to take any money from me) Prayers, affirmations, breathing exercises and numerous other suggestions, which not only helped me overcome my anxiety symptoms, but also helped shape my life forever! Enough about myself, this post is about you. Were there any events prior to the onset of your panic attacks and you other symptoms, which may have a connection to all this?
Avatar f tn That must be terrifying in the time you are having these symptoms. I do think that these are things that can be symptoms of anxiety and am sorry you are having them. Let me ask you, since medical professionals twice have told you this is likely linked to anxiety, have you followed up with that? Is seeking treatment for anxiety something you'd consider? Anxiety IS treatable! The best combination is talk therapy and medication added to help someone overcome the anxiety.
Avatar m tn Is it possible for anxiety to induce ARS symptoms such as flu and fatigue? I've been deemed to have no exposure and even then the non existent exposure was only at least 7 days ago.
Avatar m tn Is it possible for anxiety to induce ARS symptoms such as flu and fatigue? I've been deemed to have no exposure and even then the non existent exposure was only at least 7 days ago.
Avatar n tn i had protected vaginal sex, and unprocted oral sex (i licked her vagina) with a 35 year old female nurse . Two to three days days later i develovped symptoms of rhinorrhea, fatigue, ear block and pain, and sore throught but no fever, rash, night sweats, nor any other symptoms. the symptoms lasted for 4-5 days and were not severe. i'm just wondering how seriouse is the risk of me being HIV positive, and do i have to wait for 3 months to get tested?
Avatar m tn Can Anxiety cause diarrhea, fatigue, canker sores? If it can, how common does this occur among people, that worry about getting these symptoms? for example, if you worry about getting diarrhea, or becoming very tired, is it fairly likely that you can receive those symptoms?
Avatar n tn Difficulty concentrating Fatigue Irritability Problems falling or staying asleep, and sleep that is often restless and unsatisfying Restlessness, and often becoming startled very easily Along with the worries and anxieties, a number of physical symptoms may also be present, including muscle tension (shakiness, headaches) and stomach problems, such as nausea or diarrhea.
Avatar m tn Anxiety can lead to infinite kind of symptoms
Avatar f tn What are your doses of Synthroid and Armour? Do you have other thyroid symptoms? Insomnia or fatigue? Constipation or diarrhea? Lowered/elevated HR and/or BP? Weight gain/loss? Hair loss?
Avatar f tn -Sore throat -White bumps on the back of my tongue -Aching muscles -Dizziness -Exhaustion No diarrhea, no night sweats and no fever. I've read on the forums about oral not being a risk, but all of these symptoms happened 2-3 weeks after which matches acute HIV timing. I've never had unprotected anal intercourse and have never used drugs. Please advise if there is any chance of HIV, if I should get tested or any STD. Thank you.
Avatar n tn are you having stress/fear/tension , if yes then anxiety is possible and with anxiety you can feel all the symptoms what you said in your post. if your doctor suggested anti anxiety dose then its ok , else dont start of your own.
1362507 tn?1277733908 during the day im very tired very low mood due to this, i go see my doctor and they just prescribe anti depressents which make me worse! is this anxiety or something else?