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Avatar n tn I know that sounds stupid but can you experience Anxiety symptoms even at a time when you are not in a situation that you are anxious about. I have been worrying about my health for a while now and seem to have anxiety symptoms all the time even when i am not worrying.
Avatar m tn Symptoms of anxiety/panic can vary greatly from person to person, but below is a list of some of the more common (and accepted) manifestations: Overwhelming fear of impending doom Chest pains Shortness of breath or feeling smothered Palpitations or increased heart rate Trembling/shaking Sweating A sensation of choking Nausea/stomache/diarrhea Feelings of "unreality," strangeness or detachment from the environment Numbness/tingling in hands or feet, or around mouth Chills or flushing F
Avatar m tn can I have these symptoms, and still be negative? all the forum comments have said I did not have a risk , which is good to hear but my symptoms are telling my brain I and ruined.
Avatar n tn Ordinarily I might say that this could be a cyst or Fibroadenoma since you say that it causes you pain. The other symptoms you describe would not be related to a breast cyst or any other abnormality of the breast however unless the sweating is caused by anxiety or reaction to the pain. Lump pain is very rarely (if ever) associated with breast cancer and the discomfort from a cyst or Fibroadenoma that small wouldn't ordinarily be that severe.
Avatar n tn I found out yesterday that I'm pregnant again =) I of course have the same fear but am trying not to let it over whelm me. I've been feeling really bloated and dull back cramps that are starting to worry me though...
Avatar n tn ZERO RISK as you've engaged in PROTECTED SEX. NO testing recommended from this activity. Regardless of what you've read,HIV can NOT be diagnosed by ANY symptoms. 'Window Girls" are licensed through the Health Ministry in Amsterdam.They are required to submit to periodic HIV tests regularly.
Avatar f tn Above all else, please try to relax. I understand the anxiety but sometimes the doctors don't and will use our visit nervousness to try and explain away symptoms. Whatever happens today, you will have advanced your journey to be your own health advocate. No one knows you better than you or can represent you better than yourself. Please let us know how it goes today. We have all been there - for better or worse.
Avatar n tn In mid December I had unprotected sex with a woman I have been having an on/off relationship with for the last couple of years. She is also in a long term relationship but I am not the only other that she has had sex with in the last year. She never uses protection. About two weeks later, while on holiday in Africa, my wife developed a gu problem. She went to the doctor and was told that she had a 'bladder infection' and thrush. She was given antibiotics and antifungal cream and pessaries.
Avatar m tn try getting a post 12 or 13 week test. maybe its just anxiety but better be sure.
Avatar f tn I went through the same thing. Try talking to your doctor about switching to an AM dose. The tough thing about this med is it has to build a tolerance in your system, which can take a few days. Anxiety may worsen until you get there. I know that just seems wrong - and it FEELS wrong! But hang in there - it does get better! I went through the same thing.
Avatar m tn Your tests have also confirmed your status so any symptoms you have are not HIV related. I wouldnt worry about the liver, im sure with all the stress you had you have probley drunk a little more booze than normal, but again nothing major to worry about. So buddy, although she did her best to shake you up, simple facts from tests have shown your fine and nothing to worry about. In the future, i would really recommend using condoms and then you can never have anything to worry about buddy.
Avatar f tn Surely if I had penetrated her she or I would have noticed, but I am not sure and am leaning towards me not penetrating her seeing as how my penis was exposed for only a few moments. Since then I have had a few questionable symptoms. Are canker sores related to initial infection? I have had two in the past 12 days separately. I have been having these odd aches across my body, especially in my hands and fingers. Is this sort of joint or muscle pain common in infection?
Avatar f tn Okay I have been on the same dose of Xanax for nine years now and my doctor doesn't want to up it because he doesn't want me taking more than that. But I feel anxious all the time and usually double up on it and always run out of my script ten or twelve days early. Does anyone have any suggestion on what I could take along with the Xanax or something different all together. Should I try a different doctor maybe a psychiatrist . Do you think they could understand this better.
Avatar n tn they are not. But still your risk for herpes from that relationship is extremely low. Even when condoms aren't used, when couples in which one person has HSV-2 and the other does not, who have unprotected vaginal sex 2-3 times per week, transmission occurs in only 5% (1 in 20) couples each year. Obviously the risk for any particular event is low. 2) I agree you don't need HSV testing.
Avatar f tn you wouldn't be having symptoms such as you've posted about now from a std contracted 3 years ago. bottom line is, if you are concerned and you aren't sure what all you were tested for at the time, repeat your std testing - gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, herpes, hiv and hepatitis. the peace of mind will be worth it if you are still worried about it 3 years later.
Avatar m tn make notes for yourself, try to stay focused, write things down, avoid really complicated projects that require concentration, have reminders around (ie like alarms to remember to take the pills), put all appointments on a calandar, keep an eye on whatt you are doing to be sure you are doing it correctly, and so forth. You are not alone in having these symptoms. Personally, I gave up on trying to read a book, write narratives, work on geneology, do research, tackle big projects, etc.
Avatar n tn He said it was unlikely to have gonorea as I was on antibiotics and only finished my course today, He said to ease my anxiety I should go and have a blood test to check for STDs but that was up to me. He also said the infection could be from all the antibiotics. I am absolutely so scared now. Please help. There is no pain when I urinate anymore. There is just a dull pain on the outside of my vagina like it feels bruised. Could this be an STD or just an infection from the antibiotics?
Avatar f tn My doctor has made me extremely paranoid about stds, which is only magnified by my anxiety issues. I am worried mostly about herpes because it is something my doctor brought up to me recently, and honestly, something I'd never given much thought to before. I am scared to have sex with anyone now, knowing that herpes can be spread through even protected sex.
Avatar f tn i have some concerns that my anxiety is not really anxiety. i have many symptoms of anxiety. tightness around the head tingling in the hands and feet electric shock feeling on the skin that tend to feel cold a feeling that a certain part of my body is cold/tingling bulging eyes numbness/weakness in limbs my concern is that these things arent anxiety because i get them when im not having a panic attack. i mean i worry about it when i feel it but i dont hyperventilate or anything.
580667 tn?1234584552 Has anyone experienced physical symptoms of anxiety even when they are NOT feeling particularly anxious? I feel like the pain in my arms and hands is pretty constant--even when I'm NOT feeling anxious or stressed. The pain is not severe and doesn't keep me from functioning normally, but that fact that it's there even when I'm not feeling anxious worries me. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!
Avatar f tn Thank you for these comforting answers. But could anxiety be the reasons for my symptoms. I'm already booked in the hospital to have HIV test, at three weeks of exposure. In normal circomstances how accurate to you consider the Elisa test after three weeks of exposure?
Avatar m tn Putting things in perspective, as Mistakeguy789 has done for me, I know my symptoms are very minor as compared to what could have been without protection. I should not be anxious about HIV or herpes. But my anxiety has not abated and I do not think it will until I become symptom free.
Avatar f tn Up until recently, I used to just experience the symptoms while in the anxious situation, but recently it's like during the stressful times my anxiety and the symptoms temporarily go away and when things calm down its like I get hit by a wave of all these sypmtoms. I think its my body's way of coping in the moment is to repress the anxiety, and once things calm down then all those anxious feelings come.
Avatar f tn I have driving anxiety, but its not constant. Its usually rather different than what I've read others from having. I have had driving anxiety since I was sixteen years old. Usually it is mainly triggered : if I have a passenger. If I am driving by myself I do just fine. Bridges, merges, and going left seem to do it, but usually always when I have a passenger. I can conquer it okay, but I've gotten to the point, where I avoid the highway at times.
Avatar f tn Once we learn how to break that cycle (again, with therapy while meds help control the symptoms)...we can move past that way of thinking. Once we manage that, our anxiety level diminishes greatly, and for some, goes away all together. If you haven't yet, see a psychiatrist who can properly assess and diagnose you, and then discuss with you the various treatments out there! Good luck...keep us updated!
Avatar n tn While I do not want to add to your anxiety, I must tell you that the symptoms that you mention are not anxiety symptoms. Anxiety feels like feeling shaky on the inside, feeling scared all the time but having no reason to feel it. Rapid heartbeat, sweaty palms, feeling that you are "losing it".(your mind) Feeling unreal, extremely anxious.