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Avatar m tn I have had skin burning sensation in my upper back, neck, and sometimes upper arms. The burning sensation is intermittent, it is not always present,. i have been with lots of stress. I would like to know if this skin burning sensation in that area can be realted to ARS? or could it be realted to anxiety? I read peripheral nervous symptoms occur with ARS, that is why I am afraid. It is not always present, it is intermittent. PLease help because anxiety is coming back.
Avatar m tn It is a sensation that feels like the flesh inside the body is burning. There is no other symptoms on the skin. When it happens although the skin is like burning inside the skin temperature on touch is normal. The symptoms come unexpectantly and disappear for some time. I am not on contraceptives or any other drugs. Please help.
Avatar f tn This feeling remains till now and has spread to my arms, fingers, back, neck and my legs. I feel the burning sometimes under the skin and sometimes on the skin. I wake up every day with redness around my neck and red dots. Can this be anxiety?
Avatar m tn when i move from a cold place to hot place i feel skin burning sensation for a while. i don't what is the cause for this? when i searched about this some forums said it is because of anxiety but i am not convinced about it. Can any one help me please. my age is 23.
Avatar n tn ) I'm feeling quite better right now (although anxiety and excessive worry is still present non-stop)I've been experiencing burning skin sensations for a long time now. It almost feels like I have sun burns but my skin looks perfectly normal and its predominantly in my back and my stomach. Does this sound familiar to anybody? Is this anxiety or something else. I know you guys are not fortune tellers but I'm curious to see what you think. Thanks. All best.
Avatar n tn It's now been over one year and I still have a burning sensation on the skin of my penis, genitals and anus area. I've refrained from intercourse because I'm afraid of spreading something to a partner. When I masterbate, the skin on my penis burns even more. In general I have times of significant discomfort even sitting on the couch, and feel some burning discomfort to some degree on a daily basis. This is impacting greatly my quality of life and I would like to get this resolved.
Avatar m tn Dear Hypomess, welcome to the medhelp forum. This burning sensation over upper back, upper arm and forearm could be anxiety related. Benicar or olmesartan can cause muscle spasms and cramps as side effects. You should consult a neurologist for assessing the spine for evidence of cervical degenerative disc disease causing nerve compression.
Avatar n tn Since these trauma, i have experienced off/on symptoms of burning sensation internally... nothing you can visually see or feel, just pain! From the top of my head at times, my face, arms, legs and bottom of feet. I saw a neurologist and rheumatologist earlier to no avail. I have been told i may have fibromyalgia, but no luck in finding a doctor to treat me for that -- or even one that understands what the disease is or how to treat it. I feel like everyone thinks i am crazy or something!
Avatar f tn I am also facing almost the same symptoms(hypothyroidism and burning sensation).Could you please let me know your doctor's reference where you treated successfully finally. Please reply .
Avatar n tn Hello and hope you are doing well. Hope diabetes has been ruled out. As your symptoms could be due to Small fiber sensory neuropathy (SFSN), which is a disorder in which only the small sensory cutaneous nerves are affected and is often due to diabetes or impaired glucose metabolism (i.e. early or pre-diabetic state) and may progress to typical diabetic polyneuropathy. This is usually not detected by nerve conduction studies and needs a skin biopsy to make a diagnosis.
Avatar n tn However, I will try to describe some conditions which cause burning and tingling. The cause of burning and tingling symptoms depends largely on their distribution: what parts of the body they occur in. (1) symptoms worst in the hands and feet: this can be caused by a process called a neuropathy. There are 2 types of nerves that provide sensation to the feet, large nerves and small nerves. A problem with either of these could lead to burning and tingling.
Avatar f tn Hello I was wondering if fibromyalgia causes burning skin sensation on chest shoulders neck and armpits Could it also cause rashes that come and go on neck when sweating for example?
Avatar n tn I love the Anxiety Center. Marilyn is AWESOME! I have had burning skin for years. I know some of it is anxiety but some maybe not. Thanks for sharing the links.
Avatar f tn I have had burning sensations on my skin for 8 years now. I am not diagnosed with anything yet, my neuro feels that its postviral or small fiber neuropathy. I have had 3 brain MRIs in the last 8 years, a c-spine, and also a lumbar. Tons of bloodwork. I don't know where to turn to next. Neuro says no MS. I have no numbness, no weakness, bowel/bladder is fine, vision alright except before a migraine,. I am not affected by heat, in fact it makes me feel better. What could this be?
Avatar n tn Yes, burning sensation of the skin, legs or any part of your body is one symptom of anxiety. You can go to and look for anxiety symptoms. Hope this can help you.
Avatar n tn Has anyone ever experienced a burning sensation in the upper back when withdrawing from ms contin and Percoset? The dr thinks it's anxiety and perscribed zanax(sp?
Avatar m tn Could this be the initial outbreak of genital herpes? I've found some sites that list burning skin sensation as a symptom but that isn't mentioned everywhere. If not herpes, is there any other STD which might have this symptom? Thank you, Doctor.
Avatar m tn I am curious if this skin burning sensation is due to the prostate infection or if it could be something else? I would appreciate any feedback to help ease my mind a little. I am a 30 year old male, less than average weight and I work a desk job as a web developer. Thanks again!
1076391 tn?1258415841 Searching for answers for 10 years for internal burning that is intense in chest and upper back upon awakening from sleep. I mean I am on fire but my skin is only cool or's all internal and never have a fever, sublevel temp. at best. Why doesn't anyone know what the heck this is since there are so many people who report feeling it. It's terrifying really, feels like sunstroke on the inside!
Avatar m tn Dear Doc, I have a burning sensation that gives me chills all over my body, it started from my arm pits, than arms than thighs and legs and so on. The thing is that i had exposure of HIV due to unprotected sex and i have become extremely anxious even though my first 4 week test has come back as negative.
Avatar m tn *continuing from what I previously said because it wouldn't let me finish the rest* Anyways, I have three questions. 1. Does anxiety cause a burning sensation throughout your body? 2. Can regular blood tests tell if you have diabetes? I even was checked for billirubin *which is about the liver* and they told me everything was fine and I think your liver would be messed up if you had diabetes right? 3. Does anyone here that has anxiety attacks ever feel extremely weird and not real?
Avatar f tn Burning? Burning where? On the tongue, the skin, in your tummy or throat maybe? I'm not teasing you - I really am wondering more what it is, exactly, that seems to be burning. Whatever it is, there is no reason to think that because your shrink suspects anxiety rather than meds that the conversation is by any means over. Keep track of when it intensifies and lessens and try to pin it down as much as you can, and continue to present it to the shrink if you're not happy with the answers.
Avatar n tn I was careful to make sure the condom didn't roll up and tried not to thrust all the way to minimize skin to skin contact. For the past 20 hours I feel a sensation on the top of my penis below the head. Burning is probably too strong a word but its like I am very aware of that spot. I have anxiety and I know it is likely the cause of the 'awareness' but is this something I should be concerned about? There is no redness or bumps. Thank you.
Avatar f tn I hate going to the doctor because I'm aware of the anxiety and I always question myself if this is again anxiety and I hate wasting my time and a slot for another patient the may need it more then me. I was pretty sure this was anxiety but had never had the burning sensation hence why I wrote. Also, sometimes just writing it down and knowning someone may read it helps reduce the anxiety. birdie0907 I'll read the suggested board a little later. Thanks.
Avatar m tn Hello Doctor, I recently had an event with a sex worker and shortly afterwards I developed a mild but noticeable burning sensation on the skin of my penis. Doctor Handsfield did not think it was an STD based on the lack of any other symptoms other than the burning sensation on the outside of my penis. The sensation seems to come and go at different times of the day. I also noticed it seems worse if I did not get a good nights sleep and better if I did sleep well.
Avatar n tn I just need to know if these are symptoms of ARS. 1. 2 cold sores in mouth 2. Burning/Tingling sensation on right foot,neck, and back 3. White spots on hands with some peeling 4. Stomach ache HIV risk 5 weeks ago although it was oral. (I know a lot of people say it's zero risk but that is not true. It's just extrememly low risk) I'm not making these symptoms up and I can't stop stressing. Any help?
Avatar n tn Burning is a symptom of herpes only because herpes causes sores that are acutely painful, tender, and, well, burning. A burning sensation in the skin, without blisters or sores, does not suggest herpes. I'm not sure what's going on here, but sensations like this -- unexplained burning, tingling, itching (without rash), or similar sensations of the genitals -- are among the most common symptoms that people ask about on this forum. All I can say is that no STD causes such symptoms.
Avatar n tn I noticed two razor burn like lesions on my inner thigh (where groin and thighs meet) after a week of the burning sensation started in my foreskin. They were on the skin folds. They were small and burnt when came in contact with water. one was slightly bumpy the other was flat and they both were small. I put coconut oil on it and they cleared in a day. There is no visible scar left. They were not itchy and almost felt like chaffing.