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Avatar f tn It also reduces the immune over-reactivity seen with anxiety disorders. White tea contains a flavonoid called epigallocatechin gallate. This flavonoid has been shown to calm the brain and reduce anxiety. It works by activating the organ’s most protective system against anxiety the gammaaminobutyric acid (GABA) receptor. This aids sleep as well. White tea has a higher level of this flavonoid and much less fluoride than green tea.
Avatar f tn 6weeks.32yo. have moderate to severe anxiety. Any tips on Natural anxiety relief. Any tried n true on medication. .but would like to take t least medication that i can..
Avatar f tn Go out into nature where its green or around water (proven to cause stress relief.) Drink chamomile tea. Disconnect from electronics, noise, people. Yoga. Sleep enough. Deep breathing. Listen to soft music. Read books on anxiety and self affirmations. Good luck!
Avatar f tn -) I'm by far 100% but I do feel much better about myself know that I am not on drugs and have no desire to be. I still have alot of anxiety and still can't sleep much but I don't hurt near as bad and still have little 'stomach issues'. I know I still a long road ahead of me but it's def. doable! This IS doable!
634745 tn?1256847910 i have polycystic ovarian syndrome and i have loads of cysts on both ovaries, i dont like taking pain killers because i dont agree with taking medication, other than anti-biotics, well i just dont like taking pain killers. does anyone know any ideas of natural pain relief from cysts because they are painfull all the time, im constantly going to hospital cause of the pain but they say there is nothing they can do other than pain killers, ive tried hot water bottles but it dont help much!
Avatar f tn That's they only change i've made besides not drinking coffee and instead drinking Green Tea.... They do say it's anxiety- (The Dr's) but i just don't understand how it affects my heart like this.... I am a big "Why" and "How" question person...
Avatar f tn Anxiety can cause all kinds of feelings, and numbness is certainly one of them. If your doctor is aware of your anxiety and he says it is nothing, then I would try not to worry too much about it. However, if he is NOT aware of your anxiety condition, then I would tell him about it and how it seems to correlate with your being anxious. Just another thougth, have you seen a chiropractor for this?
6579347 tn?1388505968 My ortho gave me an Rx for gabapentin (neurontin), and said I might find some relief by trying flaxseed oil and green tea extract. I had gone weeks without any anxiety blips. I've noticed that in the last 3 days I've had some instances of mild palpitations, and my system flirting with anxiety. To be clear, I've also been working anywhere from 10-12 hour days more often than not, so I'm more tired than usual. Could be a factor, too. What do you think - ditch the green tea extract?
Avatar f tn I drink Kava tea when needed. I'm not sure if they make capsules anymore. Yogi Tea makes a stress relief tea with Kava in it. Tastes good too. In the midst of a slight panic attack...I say "slight" because they are nowhere near as bad as they were years ago. In fact, I should probably call them anxiety attacks. Anyhow, I make a cup of tea and allow it to steep for ten minutes. Worked just like a lorezapam for me.
Avatar f tn buy poppy seeds, put about a lb(one full jar) in a water bottle with hot water, not boiling just hot, then shake shake shake for 3-5 minutes, take a coffee filter and filter out the seeds, and drink like tea. the tea should look either yellowish, brown or even dark dark brown. poppy seeds are a natural opiate and will help alot!! Also my biggest problem is not being able to sleep, so go to the drug store and load up on sleep aids and benadryl!! they will knock you right out.
Avatar n tn Oxycotin is supposed to be used in cases where the patient needs to take it for long term use, it is not recommended for post-op pain relief, despite this many doctors still do perscribe it for pos-op pain relief. If your brother tells the doctor that the percocet is not lasting the full four hours maybe he will either switch him over or tell him to take the percocet every 3 hours instead, after my first surgery i was taking percocet 2 tabs every 3 hours for months.
9880688 tn?1414119247 Chamomile Tea, Melatonin, Sundown Super Melatonin (has Valerian, Passion Flower and other items good for sleep and anxiety). You can go the Valium route IF your doctor prescribes and you would only want to use it for maybe 7 days because you don't want to wind up addicted to benzo's. Vitamins: Cal-Mag-Zinc 3in1, Good Multi-Vitamin, Super B Complex, Amino Acids, B-12 injection or sublingual (this is for after the insomnia part of WD is over) for energy. Try to get these items at Walmart...
Avatar f tn (Updated 10/5/14) This is not a recipe...this is a guide using suggestions from members who have been through the process. Some things will work for one person but not for another. Please listen to what is said to you in your posts. If someone has used the same DOC (drug of choice) as you follow their lead. ****PLEASE NOTE: Before using any of the vitamins, medications or supplements mentioned in this list please consult with your doctor.
Avatar m tn Hi everyone.....what is best herbal medicine for anxiety....please only advise if you have used it....
Avatar n tn I would have periods where I wouldn't wanna eat and eventually I started having anxiety attacks. After a period of anxiety and depression and stomach issues and nausea, ( my parents were going through an awful divorce) I finally decided to see a doctor. I had an x ray done and I was diagnosed with acid reflux. He said while i was drinking the chalk, it would go back up my esophogus before it went down to my stomach. I was put on nexium and prevacid and zantac and it seemed to subside.
4626633 tn?1382600722 Hello . . .so you had to c/t from 3 a day for 3 years to zero? That is awful; I know benzo w/d is ugly. About 5 years ago I had been taking Klonipin for awhile (probably about 2 years); not every single day. But still, when I decided to quit taking them I did get some w/d's, and they were BAD, even quitting from non-everyday use. Ofcorse I was heavy on the opiates still, so who knows . . . Anyway, I'm sure have heard of the Ashton Manual? This Dr.
Avatar n tn I had been diag w depression and anxiety since 92 way before diag of HepC. I took zoloft,serzone even tried prozac [talk about a kick in the head] took zanax for anxiety, stopped taking all of it 3 years ago mainly because I decided I wanted to be a big girl & face life without "buffers" The HepC diag [found out last month] was a definite "downer" and I would think make even a "happy" folk depressed, worried and scared to frickin death.
Avatar n tn itself will cause the anxiety. This would be something you should talk to your GP about. I have anxiety that comes and goes and i too start feeling really sick when i go to leave my house, shaking, nausea, lightheaded, ect...i've had anxiety on and off since my teens but never this bad so i too am looking for some advice and talking to my dr about it.
2118271 tn?1337466704 I am currently on a prescription and had heard about an herb called Schizandra which is a berry that you can dry out and make into a tea. It is a chinese herbal remedy. I am not thinking of stopping my medicine, but am looking for something to help my body relax while it heals physically and emotionally from panic and anxiety issues. Anybody use Schizandra or anything like it and did it help?
Avatar n tn It is likely that the throat cancer was caused by the smoking and not the reflux. If he is depressed or having anxiety, he should consult a psychothereapist. There are safe medications that could make a world of difference to his quality of life.
3060903 tn?1398568723 Exercise regularly Exercise is a natural and effective anti-anxiety treatment. For maximum relief for generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), try to get at least 30 minutes of aerobic activity on most days. Aerobic exercise relieves tension and stress, boosts physical and mental energy, and enhances well-being through the release of endorphins, the brain’s feel-good chemicals.
Avatar m tn Of course there were measures that relieved it all- warm packs to the belly, warm baths, and drinking tea- by the way does anyone else have an intolerance to cold liquids and need to drink warm or at the very least room temp liquids? It seems like after my mom died I became super aware of my body. Very VERY anxious (I have anxiety disorder). In March of 2013 I saw a doc to vent about all these worries. She tested me for H-Pylori because of the nausea and wouldn't you know it was positive.
1348686 tn?1310657843 I am trying to find an alternative to medication to help deal with the anxiety and attacks. I just started taking a multi vitamin and I love chamomile tea but I am so afraid to drink the tea if i took the vitamin in fear of interactions. Crazy???? I also heard that lavendar oil in baths is good. Can anyone offer any insight to alternatives to anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds????
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Avatar f tn Let's start with the pre panic tips. A rubber band around the wrist can help if you use it before the anxiety turns into an anxiety attack. As soon as you start to feel weird you snap the rubber band onto your wrist. For some people, this can "snap" (pun intended) them out of going into the anxiety or panic attack. When you start to feel the anxiety coming on, think of the most odd thoughts you possibly can. Wonder what a star would look like if it were really a circle in disquise.
Avatar f tn I've lost a little weight during this time (which is not a terrible thing, as I am overweight) but my main concern is the fatigue, temporary loss of appetite (I need to eat with my pills), and anxiety. Could anxiety be the main culprit behind all this? Am I still healing and need all this rest? Do I need to change my diet? I have an appointment to see a doctor on 2 February, but if anyone has any ideas I am very open to suggestions.
Avatar n tn One bout lasted over two hours, another over an hour. They are so scary they cause more anxiety and I'm now getting scared about getting palpitations on top of all the other stress. I had anaemia last year and was checked out by a cardiologist (I had been suffering similar style symptoms). I was given the all clear, just told to relax a bit. The problem is, that I now appear to have developed a conditioned fear of work.