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1742254 tn?1311094432 Martin Rossman and it is a guided imagery CD. It helps you relax. But if you have severe anxiety you may need meds but these help too. I hope they find out what is going on. Try to think and/or write positive thoughts a couple times a day like I am a good person, I am loved you know affirmations, it is good to bring your mind into a positve place.
1116669 tn?1269146866 Be aware of what's going on within your mind and body and reach out to your doc if you feel you need additional drugs whether it be for sleep, anxiety, depression, rash, unusual anal sensations, etc. I am sure we will need all of our strength and the support of family and good friends to get through this. 48 weeks is a very, very long haul. But since this could be our last chance, I am determined to make it at all costs. For me not working is simply not an option cause me is all I got.
4865450 tn?1361298133 Hi, such a relief. HIV 1 & 2 ....... non reactive (0.115) it explains a bit " cutoff rate is.......1.0 (test performed by ECLIA) pLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS A SCREENING TEST FOR hiv COMBI (COMBINATION OF HIV p24 and anti HIV antibody 1&2) performed on fourth generation ECLIA cobas 6000 (e601) utilising e;ectrochimi uminescence immunoassay. thats all it says. I want to know what 0.115 means. I dont bleed heavily, I use to take iron tablets for 2 years 2 years ago.