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4626633 tn?1382600722 And highly suicidal. I'm better now, as far as the actute wds, but still have the anxiety and panic attacks which put me on them to begin with. Not sure I want to find a new dr to start again. I want to try natural. Anyone with severe anxiety find anything OTC or herbal that truly helps? Or is it a lost cause? I would strongly suggest never using benzo's to help get off opiates. Not what I used them for, but I see people do.
Avatar f tn Hey Pip I had the same problem but what I did I got an app and there's tons of them that you DL & they're full of positive quotes & inspirational sayings that'll help a lot! I also go to psych/counselor and talk 1x every 2 weeks which helps a lot I wasn't a big believer at first but it does help to talk to someone who's knowledgeable in the med anxiety/panic field.
Avatar m tn So while the internet is good for some things, it isn't always great for people who are in the middle of an obsessive irrational thought process. What do you think is going to give you relief from these irrational thoughts? If you want to get tested just for peace of mind, even though you don't need to, you can get tested at 4 weeks post "exposure". Exposure is in quotes because in my mind you didn't have one. You don't want to do it sooner.
Avatar m tn this would be perfect time to do so (do it at 3 months post this incident that worries you)....and I only suggest that for anxiety relief and the fact that everyone should be tested at some point, if they are sexually active....not b/c what you describe warrants it. Take Care.
Avatar f tn It was a constant feeling. Most people with clinical anxiety or panic disorder usually have SOME period of relief or feeling okay. I did not. It was just the way every second of every day was. At first, I thought that I couldn't possibly be going through withdrawal from marijuana, because I had run out a few times in the past and been fine for weeks on end. So why, this one time, did my body change so drastically the very next day after not having any?
Avatar n tn I am now aware of every little sensation in my chest, which causes a rush of adrenaline and surge in anxiety. Mine were not caused initially by anxiety but it makes them worse. All I can say is that I have read a huge amount about pvcs - on forums and research articles - and everything suggests that they are benign in a structurally normal heart. If you have had appropriate testing, the best course is to try to relax and ignore them.
620004 tn?1227828906 I feel like I am going to throw up my food at any minute! I have anxiety disorder so this doesn't help of course! lol I was on Prilosec and it didn't seem to work completly so the Doc switched me to Protonix. It was a God send! It worked amazing! But after a few days I couldn't hold up my head it gave me such awful headaches so I had to stop! I am scheduled in next week FINALLY with a GI doc, what kind of tests will I have to go threw?
Avatar m tn I just need the support and perhaps maybe people who have gone through similar circumstances where they were so sure, but ended up getting a negative result. I am back on my antidepressants and anxiety meds, but still am getting burning sensations in my arms, legs, back, chest, etc. I just started taking them today. Please just give me some support, I am in dyer need. Thanks.
Avatar f tn Hey guys, I'm new to this forum because I haven't really had any help problems... until recently that is. So I guess I'll start from the beginning. A few weeks ago I started noticing "changes" in my body (I put "changes" in quotes because I'm not entirely sure if they are actually changes, or if I was just becoming more aware of things). I was experiencing things like muscle fasciculations, jaw pain when I woke up, and joint pain.
Avatar m tn hey i also feel that way, started in august too. They said it was anxiety. i dont know, seems hard to belive but im feeling little better now, Do u have any other symptoms????
Avatar m tn Hi there. You have given many indications that while you were drunk that evening, you do seem to remember what happened. I highly doubt you would not know if somebody attacked you AND you said your clothes were intact. The bottom line is that anal sex for someone who is not used to it would produce a lot of pain.
711224 tn?1344775287 I bought the book. Flipping through the book is a great comfort, totallost. Looks like good exercises, great quotes. I'm excited to read it. Thank you. Even owning it feels like a giant leap forward.
Avatar n tn As fearfactor, one of the posters here, has learned, getting help for your anxiety problems will definitely give you some major relief from your physical and emotional discomfort, and I hope you will actively seek it.
Avatar f tn My cath was good -- no blockages. One of my favorite quotes (can't remember the author) is "It is one thing to be afraid, quite another to let fear swing you around by the tail." If you're going to imagine an outcome, may as well imagine a good one like you said, knowing how good it will feel to have it over and know your heart is all right.
Avatar m tn If AACE/ATA guidelines were wrong why still its not abolished? Why your quotes statistics result doesn't able to do that?
Avatar n tn In the meantime, every little bump or lump or cough makes you search for that particular symptom, for weeks, months on end giving you intense anxiety! And when your partner coughs - well, your stomach just drops and you start looking at them for more symptoms like a crazyman and start searching the net even more. I've posted this - as I think, that if I searched and found this posting - it would have relaxed me a bit. And Im hoping it does so for others who find it.
Avatar n tn I'm very hopeful about the treatments and so far I think I've gotten some relief. It's good to finally have a doctor who looks at the body as a whole and is able to help me heal myself. Perhaps you can discuss alternative treatments with your current doctor? Good luck.
Avatar n tn I have both anxiety and depression. I also have panic attacks. Cymbalta is not good if you are prone to panic attacks. I've tried natural remedies for both including SAM-e, Anxiety Control which is comprised of several herbs and amino acids along with GABA, and 5-htp. The SAM-e worked for a while with depression, then it seemed to cause insomnia. I was probably on too high of a dose (400mg). I may try it again at a lower dose. Anxiety Control helps if you are willing to take 6 pills a day.
Avatar n tn She is under the care of a psychiatrist and has been evaluated by him, but he acknowledges she is perfectly sane and any anxiety and sleeplessness she experiences is strictly due to her extreme pain level and the inability of the medical community to identify the source of her problems. I have spent a couple of nights with her and have awakened myself due to the moaning and painful jerking that she undergoes while in deep sleep.
1073918 tn?1262804305 I kept a small book of inspiring quotes by my bed. Join netflix, watch movies. Go to the library. Read. Take walks. Exercise as much or as little as you are comfortably able to do. And yes indeed, come here and share.
Avatar m tn // -> the last few sentences of this really struck me: "Ignoring death leaves us with a false sense of life’s permanence and perhaps encourages us to lose ourselves in the minutiae of daily of life. Obsessive rumination on death, on the other hand, can lead us away from life.
Avatar n tn I wanted to make mention that you think anxiety is an issue, one of the symptoms of POTS is anxiety. I had been told I had anxiety issues for over fifteen years, the first time out of the blue and happened in connection with nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. You mentioned BP numbers what about pulses?
Avatar f tn For what it's worth......I have recently been diagnosed with "GENERALIZED ANXIETY" disorder......I had always had an underlying anxiety, but managed it by self medicating - smoking pot - Recently I started to abuse NORCO PAINKILLERS.....for about 3 months.....8-10 a day. Decided to get off the Drugs.......but was unprepared for the consequences. Apparently I had an "underlying anxiety" issue that, as I said above, I self medicated in order to cope.
Avatar n tn One foot in front of the other, boom da da boom da da boom and another day is notched in the health belt. What a relief once I got through the fear of starting(which is natural)-I no longer had to waste ENERGY worrying on my fears. Amazing I don't even worry a cr## anymore I had an 18ml viral load to start-that's not my job. I just take my meds, find reasons to smile, and plug away.
700067 tn?1332992883 - Topamax - Amitrityline - Physical therapy - Chiropractor - Massage therapy - Acupuncture - Maxalt (for the headaches) - Imitrex (for the headaches) - Celexa (for the anxiety-like symptoms) I also made dietary changes. I tried a gluten free diet for awhile as well as a dairy free diet. I can't do a vegetarian diet because I have tissue problems that require a lot of protein that can't be gained strictly from vitamins. I've also engaged in regular physical activity.
Avatar n tn Hi, I have Hashi's. I'm currently 33yrs old and a bloke. I was diagnosed about 3years ago with a tsh of 40. I had a very hard year or so of bursting into tears and feeling very depressed/ill and unable to function... things have been slightly more stable for the last year and looking back the period around diagnosis just seems like a blurr.. I'm now on 175mcgs of levothyroxine but I still feel only about 60%. I can honestly say I haven't felt really good and healthy for about 5years now.
Avatar f tn He said since they were level and I was still feeling bad, that we would try “Levoxyl 100 MCG” Well I have been on it for 3 months. At first I didnt feel much difference. I suddenly saw my anxiety pretty much go away and did not have chest pains or high heart rate after eating meals. I also noticed I could tolerate alcohol a lot better and would barely have hangovers. I also noticed that I did not have an increase in heart rate after eating meals. I did not have much of a dry mouth on levoxyl.
Avatar m tn However as of late as use increased and I honestly got no relief or feeling from taking them I realized this has got to stop. I have never been an angel but have never had a problem with anything else. When should I expect the worst to actually hit physically. Tomorrow am will be 48 hours.
Avatar n tn For those wanting relief from hypo symptoms, my own experience is that Armour is the best medication for relief of all symptoms. And with Armour, avoid dosing by the TSH. The normal feedback loop is broken with the introduction of oral thyroid hormone and the best therapeutic goal is to get ones Free T4 over the midpoint of the range and the Free T3 at the higher end of the range or slightly over. One should of course monitor temperature and pulse.